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Paradox is the sixteenth episode of The Young Knight season 2.

Guest Stars

  • Lynn Whitfield as Amanda Waller
  • Joe Manganiello as Agent Vestin
  • Stephen Schetzer as Gideon Dobson
  • Sally Pressman as Anna Davison
  • Michael Bowen as Tobias Smith
  • ??? as Brian
  • ??? as Mr. Daniels
  • ??? as Det. Bobson



Bruce (voice): Previously on The Young Knight

(Cuts back to the scene back in Excalibur, as we see the masked man shooting at Victor; Victor drops to the ground. Flashes back to Aftershock to a scene we see Victor forewarning his security guard he’s going to find his attempted killer. Cuts to a scene back in Blackout as Victor discovering a message from L and then the intense scene between him and Anna. Flashes to a scene back in Open as Bruce meets up with Gideon and the board. Cuts back in a scene in Green, as we see Jason and Bruce flying in a jet as Jason tells Bruce he is flying in dangerous waters working with the board; Bruce feels there is nothing to hide. Cuts back a scene in Breach, we see Gideon and his men killing one of their own as he tries to keep a conspiracy away from everyone including Bruce. Flashes to a scene in Lowdown as Bruce and Julie kiss; then flashes back to moments between them from Green to Breach to Switch to Kinetic. Cuts to a scene as we see Bruce and Julie trying to reexamine their relationship; flashes to a scene back in Breach as Bruce discovers a letter with a green arrow on the back. As Alfred is coming, Bruce puts it inside the centerpiece drawer)

(Cuts to the black background)

  • Ext. Manor - Morning

(Cuts to the view of the Wayne Manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside to the foyer as we see Bruce coming from upstairs and notice where he last put the letter)

(He heads to the centerpiece and opens the drawer where the camera takes the view of the letter)

Bruce: (About to open it finally and wonder what is inside)

Voice: Hey man!

Bruce: (Noticing that voice, he quickly puts the unopened letter back in the drawer and closes it, but not entirely)

(The camera spots a crack in the drawer)

Bruce: (Turning around) Leo!

(Leo heading towards him)

Leo: What’s going on?

Bruce: I don’t know.

Leo: So what you saying our early meeting with Mr. Daniels is nothing.

Bruce: No! (Remembering) I totally forgot about that.

Leo: It’s okay. I think we still have an hour left.

Bruce: Good. I change up and I see back here in a few minutes. (He sprints upstairs to change)

Leo: (Seeing him going up, and then takes a notice at the centerpiece)

(The camera noticing the drawer still cracked open; Leo looks at it and opens the drawer to see the letter)

Leo: (Looking back upstairs wondering if Bruce or Alfred is there, but they are not; he grabs the letter and opens it)

(As he opens up the letter, he ponders what is with all the secrecy about the letter and then reads it. The camera shifts to the handwriting as Leo is reading it by himself)

Leo: “Dear Bruce, I know we haven’t met before, but I have found something about you that you really need to know. I uncovered that your father’s company, Wayne Industries, is hiding a conspiracy. If you are wondering how I uncovered this, you have to meet me at the location near Gotham’s Outer Limits. I want to explain everything, but you have to come to find out. Please Bruce, your life and your family legacy lies in the balance.” (He gets confused and instantly worried about what the letter said)

(He then notices the signature; the camera views a green arrow)

Leo: (Confused) Green arrow?

Bruce (voice): Hey man, I’m ready.

(Hearing Bruce’s voice, Leo puts the envelope back inside the drawer and closes it; he then puts the letter in his pocket)

(Shifts to Bruce coming downstairs well dressed and seeing Leo quite anxious about something)

Bruce: You’re okay?!

Leo: I’m fine! Let’s see Mr. Daniels before it’s too late.

Bruce: Yeah. (He heads out first)

Leo: (Don’t want Bruce to find out about the letter, he worries a bit and then follows Bruce out)

(Cuts off to a worried Leo as he and Bruce leaves the manor)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the company as we see Victor leaving the entrance and speaking to Bobson, his private investigator, on the phone)

Victor: How long does it take to find the creep who almost killed me?

Bobson (phone): Sorry Mr. Powers, but whoever he is quite well hidden. I’m doing my best investigating…

Victor: And is all for naught.

Bobson (phone): I promise sir, I will find him.

Victor: I hope you and your career is well suited, because if you don’t. You can watch your entire life flush down the toilet.

(Very bitter, Victor hangs up the phone and puts it back inside his business suit pocket and heads to his limo)

Limo Driver: (Covering his face with his hat while opening the door) Here you go, sir.

Victor: (Glancing at him)

  • Int. Victor’s Limo

(Cuts inside as we see Victor entering his limo; the driver closes the door and heads to the driver’s side set to leave)

Limo Driver: Where to sir?

Victor: I… (Feeling something is very wrong with the picture) Wait…

(The driver turns around)

Victor: (Not remembering the face) Who are you? You’re not Charles!

Limo Driver: Well said sir! (He then press a button)

(Shifts to see all the doors locked; Victor trying to open it, but to no advantage)

Victor: Let me out!

Limo Driver: No can do, sir. (He then presses another button)

(This time, fumes of gas flies out from the car roof and Victor tries to reach the front)

Victor: No, I said get me out!

(As he reaches to the front, it is too late as the driver raises the window up blocking Victor to get to the front)

Victor: (Suddenly breathing in the gas) I… I… I can’t breathe. (Trying to control his stance, but soon drops on the limo floor)

(Shifts back to the front as we see the limo driver smiling)

Limo Driver: Time for a little ride, Mr. Powers. (Smiling)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts back to the street as we see Victor’s limo leaving with him prisoner while unconscious and the mysterious driver kidnapping him to an undisclosed location)

(Cuts off as we see the limo driving away)
(Fades to credits) [Teaser ends]






[Act I]

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts inside a warehouse a few hours later as we see Victor, then we notice him waking up from his sudden slumber and notices where he is; he soon notices his hands are tied on both the chair’s arms)

Victor: Hello! (Trying to see if anyone is here) Anyone! Hello!!

(Trying to get loose from his restraints, Victor feels it's useless)

Voice: I’m right here.

Victor: (Trying to figure out who) Where?

Voice: Here!

Victor: (Turing his head right)

(Shifts to see it’s the limo driver)

Victor: You! Where’s my real driver, you creep!?

Man: Taking a very long vacation in the bottom of the river.

Victor: (Realizing the whacko killed his driver and assumed his identity) Why me?

Man: To finish the job!

Victor: What job?

Man: The job that I should have finished you months ago!

Victor: (Discovering he could be the shooter he was trying to find for ever) It was you!

Man: I had to keep my identity a secret.

Victor: Who protected you? Who helped you covered an attempting murder charge.

Man: That’s a need to know basis. (Smiling)

Victor: (Trying to bulge out of his hold) When I get my hands on you!

Man: You going to do what? Sic your guard dogs after me. (Smiling) You are an absolute joke, Victor.

Victor: Who the hell are you?

Man: That’s too a hush. I can’t tell you; in the matter of fact, I shouldn’t have abducted you. However, I been watching my eye over you; waiting your every moment; trying to get me.

Victor: (Wanting to kill him)

Man: I been waiting for my chance to complete my task given to me, and I promised you Victor, I will complete it!

Victor: (Can’t budge)

Man: But first… (He heads to Victor and duct tapes his mouth)

Victor: (Gaggling trying to scream and yell)

Man: I want to torture you; the same way you tortured me.

(Camera spots him pulling a knife out of his jacket)

Victor: (Wondering what he is about to do with the thing)

Man: I’m going to enjoy this!

(He soon slashes Victor with the knife across Victor’s chest)

Victor: (Screaming in pain, but we can’t hear him because of the duct tape)

Man: And this!

(He slashes again and again; and again and again)

Victor: (All he can do his muttered in agony)

Man: (Smiling) So much more, but I’ll be back. (He soon heads out for a breather)

(Shifts back to Victor)

Victor: (Still agonized)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Faldon Building

(Cuts to a view of a retro-like building)

  • Int. Mr. Daniels’ Office

(Cuts inside the office as we see Bruce and Leo entering; shifts to Mr. Daniels, a prosperous businessman, for their meeting)

Mr. Daniels: Welcome, Mr. Wayne and Mr.…

Leo: Mr. Foster, but call me Leo.

Bruce: (Smiling) Leo, he’s just introducing us out of respect.

Leo: Well I know that.

Mr. Daniels: (Smiling) Well if we are all acquainted, let’s get down to discussion.

Leo: And let so.

(They sit down and start discussing)

Mr. Daniels: So here at Faldon, we incorporate young business leaders like yourselves to take part of many opportunities.

Leo: I can agree to that.

Bruce: (Glancing at Leo and then back to Mr. Daniels)

Mr. Daniels: I’m here to encourage you guys to take these internships very seriously and put out the best 100% worth of respect, attitude, and leadership.

Bruce: Don’t forget about integrity, innovation, and competition.

Mr. Daniels: (Intrigued) I’m impressed, Mr. Wayne!

Leo: So when do you expect us to join.

Mr. Daniels: You can start today if you want.

Leo: Great.

(As Leo tries to get something out of his pocket, the letter from earlier drops out of his pocket and onto to the floor)

Bruce: (Noticing something drop out of Leo’s pocket, and he then notices the letter) What’s that?!

Leo: (Paying no attention at first, but when he glanced down on the floor he soon notices the letter) Oh!

(Before Leo can grab it, Bruce nab the letter first)

Leo: (Feeling upset for what he just done trying to hide the letter that was supposed to be for Bruce)

Bruce: (He looks at the letter and then noticing the green arrow signature and suddenly realizes this was the letter he was supposed to read when he hides it inside the centerpiece drawer)

Mr. Daniels: Is there a problem?

Bruce: Sorry Mr. Daniels, but I think I should cancel our meeting. (Getting up)

Mr. Daniels: I don’t understand?

Leo: I think I do.

Bruce: I can’t do this. (Looking at Leo feeling upset he lied to him; he soon leaves)

Leo: Bruce!

Mr. Daniels: (Don’t know what is going on)

Leo: Maybe we can reschedule the meeting.

Mr. Daniels: Maybe not. (He gets up)

Leo: (Getting up as well) Sorry for that. (He wants to say something, but decides to leave instead)

(Cuts off to Mr. Daniels still confused in what is going on)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Jason’s Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Jason and Anna kissing in rejoice)

Anna: What’s with all the kissing kissing stuff?

Jason: I’m just in love with you.

Anna: I know that. I mean I never seen you like this.

Jason: It just that we need more private time between us.

Anna: Are you sure? I thought you were going to work things out with Bruce?

Jason: Forget about him! I’m just worrying about us. Our future.

Anna: Our future? What you mean by that?

Jason: (Before he speaks)

(We see Brian entering)

Brian: Mr. Powers, your call with Langston is waiting.

Jason: (Hearing the news)

Anna: Well?

Jason: I need to take this okay. (Giving a kiss) I’ll be back okay! (He heads out)

(Shifts to Brian as he walks out along with Jason)

(Shifts back to Anna)

Anna: (Kind of depressed about what he meant about their future)

(Cuts off to Anna)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts to the bar as we see Julie and Mira talking)

Julie: Excited about the re-opening!

Mira: Oh boy you know I am. (Looking at the restocking list) We still haven’t finished the list yet.

Julie: (Looking at the list) Victor really know how to throw away a business. We have at least 30% of this list done.

Mira: And now we have 70% we need to get finished.

Julie: Have you talked to the distributors yet?

Mira: I did yesterday, and they said they were making the shipment come tomorrow.

Julie: Tomorrow? I really want this place to be ship up out until Friday.

Mira: So Friday is our re-opening day.

Julie: Yes.

Mira: Well let me see if I can reschedule the pickup tonight.

Julie: If you do that, I’ll promote you to full time manager.

Mira: Well, I hope I can do it. (She starts heading out to reach the call)

(Shifts back to Julie)

Julie: (Checking the list and then looking around the place) See Victor, there are places you can’t have.

(Cuts off to a confident Julie)

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts inside to the warehouse as we see Victor struggling and struggling to get free)

Victor: (Wondering aimlessly for the abductor’s return, he wobbles the chair side to side and again until he falls breaking the wooden left arm; he frees his left arm and releases his right arm hold; he gets up and rips the duct tape out of his mouth)

(Trying to find an escape, he starts searching for one)

(Victor continues trying to search for one as we view his bleeding chest is dropping blood on the floor; he soon notices a door)

(Shifts to the view of the door)

(Shifts back to Victor)

Victor: (About to head to the door)

(Until he gets hit from behind and drops down on the floor)

(Shifts to see it’s the attacker/abductor)

Victor: (Rubbing his head, as he turns to see the abductor)

Man: Like I said before, you’re not going anywhere. (He soon pulls out the gun) And this time I mean it by finishing the job!

(Shifts back to Victor)

(Cuts off to the man holding the gun and then back to Victor feeling his time is closing to a end)

(Fades out)
[Act I ends]


[Act II]

  • Ext. Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce entering and then Leo following)

Leo: You’re not giving me a chance!

Bruce: Why I do I have to?

Leo: Come on Bruce.

Bruce: Don’t come on, you lied to my face not telling me things are fine.

Leo: Can I explain?

Bruce: (Heading to the study)

Leo: (Entering as well)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts to the study as we see Bruce sitting down and looking at the letter)

Bruce: Explain that this letter wasn’t supposed to be for you, but for me.

Leo: I was just curious.

Bruce: You know your Sam Donaldson act needs to stop.

Leo: Sorry, but I can never stop the reporter side of me.

Bruce: Have you ever met Lois Lane?

Leo: No. Who is she? Have you met her?

Bruce: I haven’t met her, but what I heard about her she’s really intrepid. You need to watch out before you become over intrepid.

Leo: Sorry I didn’t tell you about the letter. Just for a chance, have you read it and understand it?

Bruce: I don’t understand.

Leo: It says your father’s company is keeping a conspiracy.

Bruce: I don’t believe it for a second.

Leo: Why not?

Bruce: I don’t know who this green arrow creep is. (Thinking about Oliver Queen) It can’t be.

Leo: What?!

Bruce: I know someone else by this alias, but I can’t believe this person send it.

Leo: Obviously it was sent to be a warning.

Bruce: I just don’t know. I trust Gideon and the other board members. If they knew something bad is happening, they could have at least let me know.

Leo: Well we know the company isn’t too perfect.

Bruce: What does that mean?

Leo: Hello, Robin Wilden and Project Avalon.

Bruce: My father tried to make this city a better place with this company.

Leo: I understand, but ever since your father died, Gotham changed worst. The company your father dream can change a city is about to tear itself apart with this allegation about a conspiracy.

Bruce: I don’t believe in this letter. I don’t believe there is a conspiracy.

Leo: Ever wondered why those military fanatics kidnapped you a month ago.

Bruce: They did tell me about a conspiracy theory, but I didn’t believe it.

Leo: See, something is going on here. Whoever send this letter either friend or enemy is trying to let us know Wayne Industries is hiding a conspiracy.

Bruce: Do what you want, because for me I stand behind Gideon and the board; and especially my family’s legacy. (About to head upstairs)

Leo: The letter even stated your family’s legacy could be in danger because of this…

Bruce: Leo! Don’t believe in this hoax.

Leo: A hoax?

Bruce: I agree someone doing their best in warning me, but I don’t believe whoever it is. I really don’t care. I just want to live my life and protect my family’s legacy.

Leo: (Worrying about Bruce)

(Shifts to see Bruce going upstairs as we shift back to Leo)

Leo: (Looking back at the letter) If you won’t find out, I will.

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside the office as we see hollow with no one inside until we see Jason entering)

Jason: Dad! (Checking around for Victor) Dad!!

(As Jason moves forwards to the desk to check on his father’s progress, Brian, the head of security comes in)

Jason: (Curious in where is his father, and then sees Brian) Where’s my father?

Brian: Sir, the video logs showed Mr. Powers exited the premises for a meeting with a Middle East representative. He was expected to return an hour ago.

Jason: So where is he?

Brian: (Couldn’t answer)

Jason: I want you to find out to see if he had ever went to that meeting. I have a bad feeling about this.

Brian: Understand, sir. (He exits with his orders)

(Shifts back to Jason)

Jason: (Wondering where is his father)

(Cuts off to a worried Jason)

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts inside to the warehouse as we see Victor retied back to a new chair, and then we see the abductor holding his gun while aiming at Victor)

Victor: What do you want!

Man: I want you dead.

Victor: Why?

Man: I can’t believe you just asked me that.

Victor: I will pay you. Let you live and escape from here.

Man: (Smiling) Trust me, that’s already been taken care off.

Victor: (Pondering if there is another behind this) Who are you working for?

Man: I can’t even if I won’t.

Victor: (Getting angry) Please, just let me go!

Man: I can’t do that Victor.

Victor: (Looking at him and then tries to get up to attack him, but his restraints keeps holding him from getting out)

Man: (Giggling) Even tied, you still want a piece of me.

Victor: (Screaming in anger) Uggggg! Let me go you egotistic freak!

Man: Funny, I thought you were the freak. (Smiling and then he heads out for a break)

Victor: (Still pissed)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Int. Unknown Building

(Cuts inside a unknown room as we see Leo entering after trailing the location stated from the letter)

Leo: Hello? I know you sent the letter! Hello!

(Suddenly we see a female figure in the dark area of the room)

Female: Come sit.

(Leo seeing the chair, he sits and ponders if she sent the letter)

Leo: Are you the one who sent the letter?

Female: What letter?

Leo: I thought…

Female: You thought wrong.

Leo: Who are you?

(Shifts to see a muscular male appearing in all black attire, approaching behind Leo)

Female: My name is not the question, Mr. Foster.

Leo: (Stunned and worried about the man behind him) Who’s the hulk over here?

Female: My bodyguard.

Leo: (Seeing the male and smiling)

Bodyguard: (Not smiling)

Leo: (Slowly he turns his head back to the direction of the female) If you don’t know about the letter, how you know me?

Female: Are you friends with Bruce Wayne?

Leo: Yes.

Female: Good. My intention is to help you.

Leo: Help me.

Female: There is a conspiracy, Mr. Foster or can I call you Leo.

Leo: Mr. Foster is fine.

Female: (We can see a smile on her; she soon walks closer to the light as we see she is in a business suit, but doesn’t reveal her face) As I were saying, Mr. Wayne is unaware that there is a conspiracy within the company.

Leo: I knew the letter was right. How can I convince Bruce if he doesn’t want to believe it?

Female: Make him believe.

Leo: So you’re telling me that I need to find out deeper.

Female: I know some things about you, Mr. Foster. Like that you are a very intrepid-like reporter. I need people like you to help me.

Leo: Understandable.

Female: It’s like Checkmate.

Leo: (Confused) Ookaay.

Female: Trust, Mr. Foster, is what you need to convince Mr. Wayne that there is a conspiracy. And if won’t be revealed soon, the city and the company will tear itself apart.

Leo: How would I know to start first?

Female: You will know. Mr. Wayne is a person we have kept an eye on the most; he needs us just as more as we need him.

Leo: Why? Who are you again?

Female: (Looking at her bodyguard)

(The guard soon gives Leo a blank card)

Leo: (Looking at the card) What is this?

Female: Your first step.

Leo: (Confused)

Female (voice): We’ll keep in touch.

(As Leo looks up to wonder what now, the bodyguard standing right in front him and suddenly out of the blue throws a punch at him)

Leo (p.o.v): (We see the guard’s fist coming our way)

(Cuts off to the bodyguard’s fist hitting Leo and then cut to black)

(Fades out)
[Act II ends]


[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Pans to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts outside the building as we see Bruce surveying it)

Bruce: (Looking up and everywhere at the building)

(Cuts off to Bruce walking inside off screen)

  • Int. Wayne Industries - Gideon's Office

(Cuts to the office as Gideon looking at the windows overseeing the city’s landscape)

(Shifts to Gideon’s secretary opening the doors and Bruce is right by her)

Secretary: Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Gideon: (Seeing Bruce and smiling)

(As the secretary leaves and closes the doors, Bruce comes closer)

Gideon: Welcome.

Bruce: You called me.

Gideon: I just want to talk. I know me and the other board members have been tasking you a lot lately; I just feel maybe you need someone to talk to.

Bruce: In the matter of fact. (He stands right besides Gideon)

(We see Bruce and Gideon by the large windows overseeing the city's landscape while discussing something)

Bruce: Is the company keeping anything I need to worry about.

Gideon: Unless you mean Project Avalon, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Bruce: It just that there is an insidious rumor claiming this company is hiding a conspiracy.

Gideon: (Trying to distract Bruce from learning the truth) I understand that there are other rumors claiming we’re working with the Irish mob, and other foolishness.

Bruce: So what?

Gideon: I want you to focus on your future, and not believe any hype.

Bruce: Who says I am.

Gideon: I’m not.

Bruce: (Understanding)

Gideon: Look at this city, Bruce.

(Bruce seeing the landscape of the city)

Gideon: You want this city, but to help it. This is what your father wants you to be. There is always darkness that will consume us...

Bruce: (Listening to him)

Gideon: It's what you can become to overcome the darkness. This is your destiny, Bruce!

Bruce: (Hearing him)

Gideon: Can you accept it?

Bruce: (Listening to that remark and ponders about it)

Gideon: Do you understand what I’m talking about?

Bruce: I understand.

Gideon: You trust me.

Bruce: (Looking at him) I do.

Gideon: Good.

Bruce: (Feeling something from his cell; he pulls it out to see that someone needs to talk to him) I have to go. (Before he heads out)

Gideon: Remember Bruce, follow your path. Do not believe the hype or those rumors.

Bruce: (Shaking his head in agreement and then he heads out)

(Shifts back to Gideon)

Gideon: (Smirking and feeling a little upset that he is misusing Bruce’s trust in keeping that conspiracy under wraps)

(Cuts off to Gideon)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside as we see Jason searching for his father and then Anna enters)

Jason: (Seeing her) What are you doing here?

Anna: I overheard the security back at the mansion that Victor disappeared.

Jason: This isn’t the first time he pulls out one of his disappearance acts.

Anna: Are you okay?

Jason: Am I okay?! My father is gone and I’m freaking out.

Anna: Relax, sweetie! Soon enough, the mystery can be solved.

(Jason’s smart phone ringing)

Jason: (Answering it) Hello?

Brian (phone): We found him.

Jason: Good. Text me the directions. (He hangs up)

Anna: You found him?

Jason: Precisely. I am going to find out what is the problem with this man.

Anna: Be careful. (Kisses him on the lips)

Jason: (Kissing back) I love you!

Anna: I love you too! (Smiling)

Jason: (Smiling)

(He heads out to find his father)

(Shifts back to Anna smiling and smirking at the same time)

(Cuts off to Anna)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see Bruce entering and trying to see the person who sent him the message)

Bruce: I got the message!

(Soon its reveal it was Julie who sent him the message)

Julie: (Coming out of the study) Thanks. I wanted to meet somewhere else, but I decided to come here. But you weren’t here, Alfred told me you had to go back to Wayne Industries.

Bruce: I just had a talk; nothing important. So what’s up?

Julie: I just wanted to see if we’re okay?

Bruce: Why aren’t we?

Julie: No, It just that I want to us to discuss what is we going to be. Truly.

Bruce: So you’re trying to say that you want us to really confess our feelings.

Julie: Yes. I understand we sort of put restrictions on this dating-relationship thing.

Bruce: I don’t think we did.

Julie: So are you down with that?

Bruce: Sure. Let’s meet up at Le Braun, that new French restaurant that just opened up a month ago.

Julie: That’s great.

Bruce: How about 8.

Julie: Alright, (smiling) see you at 8.

Bruce: (Smiling back)

Julie: Got to head back to Rave to finish that restocking.

Bruce: Be careful.

Julie: I’m only going back to Rave. Trust me, coming here and back to Rave isn’t that bad of a trip.

Bruce: I’m just speaking as a worry friend, just be safe.

Julie: (Smiling) I will be. (Kissing Bruce on the right cheek) See you there. (Heading out)

(Shifts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to a confident Bruce)

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts inside to the unknown warehouse as we see Victor still tied and then we see Jason entering)

Jason: (Seeing his father) Dad!

Victor: Jason? (Seeing his son coming from the door he tried to escaped to) Jason! What are you doing here?

Jason: Trying to find out what happened to you. I found this location after trailing your limo’s g.p.s. (Seeing his appearance) What happened?

Victor: I found him!

Jason: Who?

Victor: My shooter.

Jason: (Stunned)

Victor: You need to leave!

Jason: I’m not going anywhere without you.

Victor: Go! (Trying to save his son before it’s too late, but suddenly he sees something horrifying) Watch out!!

Jason: (Trying to turn around to see what or who it is)

(Shifts to see it’s the shooter/abductor that uses his weapon and hits Jason at the face and back of the head)

(Jason falls to the floor hard and out cold)

(Shifts to a horrified and stunned Victor)

Victor: Jason! Jason!

(Shifts back to the shooter)

Man: Guess both Powers will be easily to get rid of.

Victor: (Getting angry, but is utterly helpless since his hands are tied down)

Man: (Smirking sinisterly)

(Cuts off to Jason out cold)

(Fades out)
[Act III ends]


[Act IV]

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts back inside the warehouse as we see Victor still tied up and then right besides him is Jason, tied up and still unconscious)

Victor: Son, wake up! Wake up! (Trying to use his right leg to kick Jason’s left leg)

(Jason feeling the kick and he suddenly wakes up from his sleep)

Jason: (Confused as he see himself tied up like his father) What happened?

Victor: The creep who shot me was the one who knocked you out and tied you up.

Jason: Who is he?

Victor: I don’t know. He thinks this all a game to him and right now I’m really sick and tired playing his petty games.

Jason: You tried to escape?

Victor: I did, but he stopped me.

Jason: So escaping is out. One way or another, there is only way to get out.

Victor: I half to kill him.

Jason: Or he kills us.

(Cuts off to Jason and Victor)

  • Ext. Leo’s House - Evening

(Cuts to the view of Leo’s home)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts inside to his room as we see Leo on top his bed)

Leo: (Waking up and trying to wonder how he got this major headache)

(He soon sees the blank card by the side of his bed lying on the end table)

Leo: (He sees the card and suddenly remembers how he got it) That woman. Who was she? How she know my name?

(Without knowing what to do next, Leo grabs the card and gets out of bed, heading out of the door)

(Cuts off Leo leaving his room)

  • Ext. Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside the study as we see Bruce viewing the fireplace as the fire is crackling and then views the portrait of him and his parents)

Bruce: (Seeing the picture and starts smiling)

(Suddenly we hear a familiar voice)

Voice: How do I always love seeing you looking at that portrait!

Bruce: (Turning around)

(Shifts to see its Alfred)

Alfred: Is something wrong, Master Bruce?

Bruce: Am I this obvious?

Alfred: Master Bruce, year after year. I’m sort of your consoler. So what’s the problem?

Bruce: It’s just I’m at a crossroad in my life.

Alfred: Concerning your future.

Bruce: Precisely.

Alfred: Life’s a paradox.

Bruce: Especially mines.

Alfred: Especially yours, Master Bruce.

Bruce: (Listening to Alfred)

Alfred: I stumbled on that letter accusing your company of a conspiracy.

Bruce: You believe it?

Alfred: I really don’t know sir. If there is one, we need to find out soon before someone else with a hidden agenda does.

Bruce: How can I do it if I don’t want to believe it?

Alfred: You have trust in the board, with Gideon, and besides you are protecting the company’s image because…

Bruce: It has Wayne in the front.

Alfred: (Shaking his head in agreement) I always have your side Master Bruce no matter where your side is.

Bruce: I just hope I don’t let this trust with the board consume me in making a bad choice down the run.

Alfred: You are going to have full control of the company once you’re 21.

Bruce: My father wanted that.

Alfred: Actually, Mrs. Martha was the one.

Bruce: My mom?! (Confused) Why?

Alfred: Like you’re protecting the company, she was protecting you.

Bruce: (Looking at the portrait)

(Camera closes up to the image of Thomas and Martha)

Bruce: (Trying to understand their reasoning in protecting him from the company)

Alfred: I know you have more questions, but Master Bruce. The only one who can answer them…

Bruce: Is not with me.

Alfred: Actually, it’s in your heart.

Bruce: (Looking at Alfred)

Alfred: You just gotta trust within, and those answers you’re seeking will be there in due time.

Bruce: (Pondering what Alfred is saying)

Alfred: (Heading out) If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen.

(We see Alfred heading back to the kitchen then we shifts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Looking back at his family portrait) My destiny.

(Cuts off to a convened Bruce)

  • Int. Unknown Warehouse

(Cuts inside the warehouse as we see Jason and Victor still tied up and start hearing the madman coming back)

Jason: He’s coming.

Victor: We need to do something.

Jason: I have a plan. Follow my lead.

Man (voice): Look’s who's back.

Victor: (Shaking his head in agreement)

Man: Did you miss me?

Victor: Who didn’t?!

Man: (Aiming his gun at them) I’m tired; now, it’s time to play for real! (Smiling)

Jason: Just before we die, can we least know the man who will murder the Powers.

Victor: (Getting agitated; whispering) What are you doing?

Jason: (Looking at his father; whispering back) I know what I’m doing.

Man: If you just want to know, the name is Tobias.

Jason: Tobias.

Tobias: Yes, now you die. (Aiming the gun at him)

Victor: Why not me?

Tobias: (Glancing at Victor)

Victor: You wanted me since day one. The first time you failed, why you can’t do it again.

Tobias: (Thinking about it)

Jason: You have the opportunity. You want us dead, well do it!

Victor: You heard him, do it! Do it!

Tobias: (Knowing what to do) Good, you then. This time I won’t fail!

(Out of the blue, Jason musters some strength and gets up along with the chair and spears Tobias to the ground; in the process, the chair breaks releasing Jason of his hold)

Victor: Jason, son?!

(We see Jason getting up, and as he heads to free his father, Tobias begins to move)

Jason: (Helping his father get free) There!

Victor: (Free from his hold) Good. Now let’s get out of here.

(Before they head out, Tobias gets up and tries to stop them, but then Victor and Jason notices him just in time; Victor soon punches Tobias out cold)

Victor: (Seeing the gun, he grabs it and aims it at Tobias)

Jason: What are you doing?

Victor: Do to him what he should have completed the first time in killing me.

Jason: Don’t be a monster.

Victor: (About to shoot)

Jason: Dad!

Victor: (Seeing his son)

Jason: No, don’t do it.

Victor: (Listening to him) You’re right.

(He throws the gun off screen)

Victor: Guess, I’ll get justice another way.

Jason: By sending him to jail.

(Jason heads out first, and then Victor glances at Tobias and just snares)

Victor: Next time. (He then heads out)

(Cuts off to Tobias knocked out)

(Fades out)
[Act IV ends]


[Act V]

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Street sidewalk

(Cuts to the street sidewalk as we see Leo walking and then he looks at the blank card)

Leo: (Wondering why this woman gave him a blank card until)

(Suddenly as he waves it against a street lamp, the light from the lamp highlighting a odd-looking symbol on the card)

Leo: (Seeing the symbol) What the…?

(Camera views a symbol of an italicized “o”)

Leo: (Pondering what is this about, he moves forwards)

(Cuts off to Leo as the song “Don’t Take Your Love Away” by Vast starts playing in the background)

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts to the room as we see the bodyguard, who knocked Leo out, as he talks his boss, the female from earlier who is still hiding in the darkness)

Guard: The target has returned home.

Female: And the card?

Guard: Alongside with him. He won’t miss it.

Female: Good job, Agent Vestin.

Agent Vestin: What now?

(Shifts to her as she walks out to the light and we can see it was truly Amanda Waller)

(The song continues)

Waller: (Smiling) I want you to monitor Foster and make sure he handled that card carefully.

Agent Vestin: When he discovers the truth behind the meaning of the card….

Waller: He will bring us to Bruce, and Bruce will bring us right to Wayne Industries.

Agent Vestin: (Shaking his head in agreement)

Waller: Like I said, watch them and report back to me.

Agent Vestin: Understood, Agent Waller.

Waller: Good. I’ll head back to D.C to work on Project Janus; after all it is in its infancy stage. (She soon heads out back in the darkness)

Agent Vestin: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to Agent Vestin as the song continues)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts inside the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Victor grabbing his wine bottle and then we notice Anna is entering)

Victor: (Seeing her) Anna! I’m surprised you here.

Anna: I’m glad I’m here. I want to see if you were okay after that psycho almost killed you.

Victor: Just a few scratches and I’ll be fine.

Anna: So he was the one who shot you last time.

Victor: He was. His name was Tobias Smith.

Anna: (Smirking a bit) Really!?

(The song continues)

Victor: But he’s lockup in Arkham where’s he belong, unless I had my way and kill him myself. Justice needs to be served.

Anna: I agree.

Victor: (Wondering where is Jason) Where’s Jason?

Anna: Out to get something or something like that he told me.

Victor: Well since you’re here, let me be the first to say I owe you major apology.

Anna: Thank you.

(Victor soon gives her a glass of his white wine)

Anna: I don’t want to.

Victor: My gift for my anger, and misjudgment.

Anna: Thank you!

Victor: (Smiling and starts drinking his glass)

Anna: (Puts the glass by her lips)

(Suddenly Victor drops the glass; the glass crashes into the floor breaking into a million pieces; shifts back to Victor as we see him starts holding his throat as if something is taking his breath away)

(The song continues)

Victor: (Trying to breathe, but something is happening and he starts coughing) I…I…I can’t breathe.

Anna: (She then fakes drinking the wine, and puts the glass cup back on the table; she then looks onwards to Victor, who is not looking good)

Victor: (Trying to breathe, but he suddenly realized he was just poisoned and looks at Anna; trying to speak) Yooouuu. It…it was…you. (Coughing)

Anna: I really got to handle to you, Victor, you found your shooter, but did you ever found the person responsible for hiring Tobias.

Victor: (Trying to breathe and then pondering it was Anna all this time) I…I…knew… (Starts coughing again)

Anna: I didn’t hired Victor, but I know someone else who did. And since Tobias failed his task, I think I should finish what he started.

Victor: (Getting angry)

Anna: Don’t worry Victor, soon enough you will repent for all you sins.

Victor: (Trying to get her)

(The song continues)

Anna: (Getting afraid he’s coming after her)

Victor: (And then the poison starts getting to him again, and this time holding his throat still trying to breathe he collapse to the floor)

Anna: Look at you, you’re pathetic.

Victor: (Looking at her with a vengeful look)

Anna: You know I always have this beauty with me. I may have the beauty outside, but deep inside I’m a beast. (Smirking as she heads out)

(Shifts back to Victor, who is dying from the poison slowly, trying to reach a phone to call 911)

Victor: (Almost reaching to the phone, he soon collapses again)

(Zooms out as we see Victor has no help similar to the time he got shot, and this time he might be dying)

(Cuts off to Victor dying as the song continues)

  • Int. Le Braun

(Cuts inside the restaurant we see Bruce looking at the menu and then waiting on Julie)

(The concierge/waiter approaches Bruce)

Waiter: Are you ready to order sir?

Bruce: (Realizing Julie is late early) I just want wait a few more minutes.

Waiter: Understand. (He walks off)

Bruce: (Getting his iPhone out and starts calling her) Julie, please are you not picking up. Where are you? (He then hangs up)

(A few more minutes has passed, the waiter soon returns)

Waiter: Sir, are your guest coming?

Bruce: (Realizing something is not right) I don’t think so.

Waiter: (Agreeing and understanding; he leaves)

(The song continues)

Bruce: (Wanting to reveal his true feelings for her, and he feels she just retreated; he gets up and then he puts a $50 dollar bill as a tip down on the table)

(Cuts off to Bruce totally disappointed as he leaves the restaurant off screen)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave as the song continues)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Julie taking all her time in the restocking for the re-opening and haven’t heard from Mira; she then realizes what time is it)

Julie: (Getting her phone out, she sees the messages left by Bruce) Oh my goodness! (Realizing she is blowing the night they wanted to spend time for each other.

(She starts packing up and calls Bruce)

Julie: I’m so sorry! I’ll be there, I promise! (She hangs up and gets her bag, while heading out to see Bruce)

(She gets to the front and while she turns off the lights, in the darkness, she opens the door to leave, but gets rammed back inside by an masked intruder)

Julie: (Screaming) Ahhhhhhh!

(The song reaching to its end)

(The masked intruder pushes her back; Julie falls backwards while turning and then she hits her head on the edge of the table; she drops to the floor)

Julie: (Trying to open her eyes, but things starts getting blurry after that hit to the table)

(And then the intruder gets on top of her)

Intruder: (Gets sort of a long metal tube-like object that looks like a flashlight and starts hitting on her)

(Cuts off as the intruder starts mercilessly hitting her and then black out as the song “Don’t Take Your Love Away” ends)

(Fades out to the credits)
[Act V ends]


Featured music

  • "Don't Take Your Love Away" - Vast


  • A paradox is an unanswerable question or difficult puzzle, particularly one which leads to a deeper truth.
  • This could relate to the conspiracy secretly inside Wayne Industries.
  • It also relates to the letter which warns Bruce about the conspiracy and the dangers it could bring to the city and the Wayne Legacy.


  • Antagonist(s): Tobias Smith and Anna Davison
  • The letter was last seen in Breach. Bruce almost opened it, but this time it's Leo who opens it.
  • Amanda Waller makes her first appearance in the series. It marks the seventh non-Batman character to appear. The previous six were Steel, Flash, Weather Wizard, Black Canary, Wildcat, and Doctor Destiny.
  • Waller mentions the Janus experiment. It could be a reference to The Janus Directive, a famous DC comic storyline involving the Force X.
  • This is the most Victor-centric episode since Lowdown.
  • This is the first time Victor has finally confronted his shooter. The shooter's identity is revealed in this episode. Victor was shot at the end of Excalibur. There was a tape of shooting back in Captive, but went missing in Breach.
  • First time Anna has show an villainous act. Her relationship with Victor has been rocky from the start, and their relationship changes at this point when she tries to kill him.
  • This is the third time Victor's life is left in a cliffhanger. First time happened back near the end Avalon when he touched the Excalibur crystal. The second, his shooting at the end of Excalibur.
  • This is the second time Victor has been abducted in his own limo. The first time happened when Rupert Thorne had Victor kidnapped back in Talisman.
  • Anna and Tobias reveals he was only a hired gun, the true mastermind behind Victor's shooting is still on the loose.
  • Leo mentioned Robin Wilden and Project Avalon; as well the military fanatics kidnapping Bruce.
  • Leo is given a blank card, but reveals later showing an italicized o. The significance of it could echo in future episodes.
  • This is the second time Bruce has tried to open up his feelings to Julie. The first time happened in Lowdown. This was supposed to be the first date between Bruce and Julie, yet it never came to fruition.
  • This is the second time Julie's life is left in a cliffhanger. The first time happened back when she had that car accident back in Excalibur/Aftershock.
  • Det. Alder doesn't appear in this episode.
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