"Tch you humans.. are all the same fighting, and dying is the same it all fuels your eventually demise." Andrama to Sir Thomas Vincent Beckon of the Chess Cub
Pharaoh Andrama, is a ancient Egyptian pharaoh, and supervillian. He is the primary agonist of the God's and Men story arc.


Early life

Andrama VIII was born 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. He was the youngest son of Pharaoh Tektites III, his older brother Tuk who was the heir died due to an illness, thus Andrama became heir. However his mother died as well, fearing death and seeking a way to prevent his death and keep on his legacy. He sought out and learned Dark Magic and Necromancy.

Andrama, changed himself due to constantly using black magic and Necromancy. He also raised a massive army and seized control of Egypt. Nekhrun God of Bats, opposed this and lead his forces against Andrama and his undead minions. After a long dawned out and deadly series of battles. Andrama was sealed away for another century.

God's and Men story arc

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