Jason McJath
Plague doctor
Physical description




Plague Doctor

Eye color(s)

Grey and blue

Hair color


Hair color

Pale;tinged green

Other/Distinctive features

Horribly scared face with many infections

Biographical information



Political information


Scarecrow (formally)


The Plague Doctor is a villain of Gotham city who prefers to "study" diseases by infecting civilians. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Early life

Jason McJath ran the business McJacths General Surgery in the underworld of Gotham city. He helped patch up criminals who did not want to attend Gothams "official" hospitals, which would ask to many questions on their injuries.

Jason soon let the corrupt police officer constable Kyle Kilgor into his service, offering to remove a bullet from his leg. McJath kept the bullet, but Kilgor tried to wrestle it back from him. McJath was accidentally injected with a sample of a mixture of diseases, including the bubonic plague. McJath was soon taken to Gotham hospital to be cured of his numerous diseases.


When McJath was discharged from the hospital, he was different. His face was ruined beyond repair, being a mass of boils, rotting skin, scarred flesh, and green blotches. The diseases had also played a major part in McJaths mental health, culminating into him having a desperate desire to study the very diseases in which he had been infected with, to see if they had the same effect.

McJaths first target was Kyle Kilgor, who went down with a severe case of the disease Pneumonia. When he died, McJath, now calling himself the plague doctor, took the body and faked a cremation. He then dissected the body, before taking detailed notes of the disease's reaction.

Over the next month, people started disappearing. Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, took an interest in these disappearances. He found the first missing body 3 weeks after the man disappeared. He had been dissected, and further medical studies showed he had the disease known as the bubonic plague, AKA the Black Death.

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