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Poison Ivy meets Mad Mod is a fan made episode of the DC Animated Universe

Plot Synopsis

Set right after the events of Batman and Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy finds herself at the mercy of Mad Mod.


Poison Ivy gets wakes up and finds herself locked to a chair that specially design to hold her as her captor reveals himself as Mad Mod, a villain with a British accent who claims to be a supervillain teacher and is disgruntled about how Poison Ivy nearly wipe out the human race with a virus along with the Floronic Man.

Mad Mod reveals the reason why he's kidnapped Poison Ivy after filling her greenhouse with knockout gas and brought her to his school to teach her a lesson about villains going too far. Although Poison Ivy regretted teaming up with Floronic Man in the first place, Mad Mod doesn't accepts and dumps Poison Ivy is a classroom fitted with a hypnosis screen to brainwash her into submission.

Poison Ivy manages to get free from her chair and tries to find a way out of Mad Mod's school. However, she would have to make her way through the numerous obstacle illusions and armies of robot busts. Poison Ivy made her way to the library, but gets chased by flying exploding books and leaves. Poison Ivy then walks into a science lab when beakers start over flowing the room with acid as she escapes while carrying a potted plant.


  • Poison Ivy
  • Mad Mod
  • Batman (mentioned)
  • Nightwing (mentioned)
  • Harley Quinn (mentioned)
  • Florinic Man (mentioned)





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