Proffesor Hugo Strange was a scientist at Gotham University that worked with Dr. Kirk Langstrom to create the Man-Bat.

Early Life

Dr. Strange went to Oxford University and majored in DNA science. Strange started working at GCU when he was thirty years old. 

Work with Kirk Langstrom

Strange started a project with Kirk Langstrom. He was trying to merge the DNA of a bat with the DNA of a man to create a new Batman. Strange and Langstrom worked for several years before finally creating the right formula. Langstrom decided to test it. Strange injected the bat DNA into Langstrom's spinal cord. Instead of him becoming what they wanted Langstrom started to die. Strange had to get help so he stole the batsuit which would keep Langstrom's body from dying. But Langstrom thought he was Batman so he modded the suit and had it pump drugs into his body that enhanced the audial and vocal fluids as well as posing as an anesthetic. Langstrom could now kill the Nighwing under the watch of Strange.

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