Rapunzel is a criminal who often kidnaps little girls and holds them for ransom. She dresses like a princess and tricks little girls into coming with her to her "castle", which is actually a shut down amusement park designed to look like a castle. There she locks them up and sets traps for anyone trying to rescue the kids. She hates men and has fake long hair. Most of it is actually hair taken from her victims and pieced together. She wears a tiara and, if she presses the red ruby on it, it makes her long hair glow, and, she can smack people with it and shock them, because her high intelligence. Her main weakness is hair, as she lost her memory and her hair in an explosion, and was attacked and robbed by a group of male street thugs at a young age. She started hating men and found thrown away princess story books, and fell in love with fairy tales, but went mad and ripped out the pages with princes. She had nightmares and saw glimpses of her past, where she was attacked by a a maniac with a bow and arrow who caused the said explosion. she decided to dress like a princess and steal hair from victims, and make weapons and princess suits with money she gets from holding people ransom.

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