The 8th installment in the Nolan Batman series "Revenge of the City" While Nightwing is away Hugo Strange a chemical scientist at Arkham Asylum who starts to want the identity of Batman for himself and starts to use chemicals to give him the abilities of a bat, Jervis Tetch a mental scientist at WayneTech who takes on the alias of The Mad Hatter competes with him for the cowl.


Stanley Tucci: Hugo Strange

A chemical scientist at Arkham Asylum who wants the identity of Batman for himself.

Harrison Ford: Dr. Kirk Langstorm

A scientist who gets injected with Strange's bat chemical and turns into the deadly Manbat.

Christain Bale: Bruce Wayne/Batman

Gotham City's own philanthropist who has the alter-ego of a crime fighting vigilante dressed as a bat.

Michael Caine: Alfred Pennyworth

The trusty butler of Wayne manor who not only knows Batman's secret but plays an important role in helping him keep it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Dick Grayson/ Nightwing

David Hernie: Tim Drake/ Robin

Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon

Heath Ledger: The Joker


Bruce Wayne goes to visit the workers at WayneTech. He is in the office of Jervis Tetch, a scientist who specializes in the brain.

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