Bruce Wayne Jr. is the son of Damian Wayne and Tasha Wayne and the 5th(if counting Carrie Kelly 6th) Robin and 4th Red Robin.


Bruce was born in 2028 to Damian Wayne and Tasha Wayne. Growing up Bruce was fascinated by his father's,grandfathers and uncles heroic exploits as Batman and Robin. He aspired to be a crimefighter as well. When he was 15 his father as Batman was killed by The Joker after he fell into a river with a bomb. Before he died Bruce left his son the entrance code for the Batcave. There he took the Red Robin costume and continued the legacy. He then tracked down Joker and threatened to kill him for his father's and Jason Todd's death and decided not to and instead cuffed him to a pole until the police arrived. Since then Bruce has faced many villains.


His costume is Red Robins only with the addition of Nightwing batons and wings.

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