Bruce Wayne tells the story of 17 year old Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman.


Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne- 22/22

Olivia Munn as Julie Madison- 22/22

Jensen Ackles as Jake Barnes- 21/22

John Cleese as Alfred Pennyworth-21/22

Michael Rosenbaum as Harvey Dent- 22/22

Michael B. Jordon as Lucius Fox- 19/22

Episode One: Pilot

Bruce Wayne the 17 year old son of Thomas Wayne and Martha comes off a plane.

Bruce sees his butler Alfred as the plane lands.

Alfred- Master Bruce how was Spain?

Bruce- It was good Alfred did you tell Julie that I am back.

Alfred- I told her sir but I haven`t told Jake.

Bruce goes upstairs and while he is putting away is things he has a flash back.

Flash Back

It is 1992 and an eight year old Bruce is watching his favorite show.

Young Bruce- One day I will be like Zorro.

Thomas Wayne comes in and smiles.

Thomas- Wow son my own hero.

As Alfred calls Bruce`s name the flash back I over.

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