The Shadow Walker Trilogy is a series of films based around the Batman universe, directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The films are primarily based around the character of Batman, now played by Patrick Wilson, and also deal with sub-plots involving more minor characters. There are currently two films released in the series, The Shadow Walker and Eclipse. It has also been confirmed that the final film will be a prequel that pre-dates the events of the first film.


The Shadow Walker (2013)

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Following fan demand after the release of The Dark Knight Rises, DC Comics scheduled another set of films that was part of a different timeline to the Nolan trilogy, to allow different stories. Cuarón was selected as director, with his work on Children of Men being cited as the main reason, and the entire production team is new, to make sure the movie feels more unique and more separated from the Nolan trilogy. The soundtrack was composed by Alexandre Desplat, as Cuarón felt that his previous work on orchestral-based action soundtracks was excellent.

Eclipse (2016)

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Before any major details about the sequel to The Shadow Walker were released, Cuarón himself confirmed that the entire production team that worked on the first team would be returning, including Desplat as the score composer. He also mentioned a planned worldwide release date of March 9th, 2016, claiming that the date is appropriate for the film. Eventually, the film was revealed to be named Eclipse, with the release date coinciding with a total solar eclipse.

Untitled Prequel (Unknown)

It has been confirmed that the third film in the trilogy will be a prequel, pre-dating the events of The Shadow Walker.

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