Shadow of the Batman

Directed by

Gavin O'Connor

Produced by

Wesley Coller
Darren Aronofsky

Screenplay by

Geoff Johns

Story by

Geoff Johns
Gavin O'Connor

Based on

by Bob Kane
with Bill Finger


Nicholas Hoult
Rose Leslie
Richard E. Grant
Aaron Eckhart
John David Washington
Ana de Armas

Music by

Cliff Martinez

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Running time

150 minutes


$175 million

"Andrea Beaumont. I haven't thought about her in years. I'd put her out of mind after she broke my heart in college. Now she's become an obsession. I find myself searching my memory for her... all the way to the dimly remembered days before my life was shattered forever."

Shadow of the Batman is a superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting, the film is directed by Gavin O'Connor with a screenplay by Geoff Johns, from a story by Johns and O'Connor. It stars Nicholas Hoult, alongside Rose Leslie, Richard E. Grant, Aaron Eckhart, John David Washington and Ana de Armas.


For two years, billionaire Bruce Wayne has been leading a crusade against organized crime as the Batman. However, the return of an old flame leads to a gang war. Thus, the Dark Knight is torn between his love for a mob princess and his desire for justice.


  • Nicholas Hoult as Bruce Wayne / Batman:

A billionaire socialite and owner of the Wayne Foundation who dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld as a masked vigilante. Trying to find his footing on his way to becoming a crime fighter, he struggles with his dual identity.

  • Rose Leslie as Andrea Beaumont:

The daughter of a wealthy businessman and mob boss who once was Bruce Wayne's first love. She broke his heart and began travelling the world, leaving him behind. After several years of absence, she returns to Gotham, seeking to gain control of her family empire.

  • Richard E. Grant as Alfred Pennyworth:

A former member of the British Special Air Service who became the legal guardian of Bruce Wayne after the murder of his parents. Always the perfect gentleman, he is loyal and faithful, although not afraid to criticize his employer when he deserves it.

  • Aaron Eckhart as James Gordon:

One of the few uncorrupted Gotham City police officers who frequently works outside the law when necessary, although he maintains a strict and unbreakable moral code. He is a reluctant ally to the Batman and only tolerates him because they follow the same code.

  • John David Washington as Harvey Dent:

The high-flying district attorney of Gotham City who forms a tenuous alliance with Batman and Bruce Wayne's best friend. Although leading a prestigious life and a happy engagement, he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. Thus, he can quickly become aggressive.

  • Ana de Armas as Selina Kyle / Catwoman:

A morally ambiguous thief and grifter who grew up poor on Gotham's streets and became the city's most accomplished cat burglar. A vocal animal rights activist who enjoys a special bond with felines, she wears a tight one piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon.

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