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Switch is the fourteenth episode of The Young Knight season 2.

Guest Stars

  • Richard Burgi as Black Mask
  • Barry Sloane as Jan
  • Sally Pressman as Anna Davison
  • Michael Shanks as Det. Will Bourne
  • Stephen Schnetzer as Gideon Dobson
  • Tiffany Dupont as Lindsey Locke
  • ??? as Lewis Foster
  • ??? as Mira
  • ??? as Dr. Syber
  • ??? as Roberts
  • ??? as Samuel Craig
  • ??? as Richard Hanson
  • ??? as Jacob Willis
  • ??? as Patricia Seville
  • ??? as Henry Mendel
  • ??? as Brian



  • Ext. Job Center

(Cuts to the exterior of the building as a rainstorm is clouding the city)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside as we see Leo walking and talking on the phone)

Leo: I know Lindsey, but I really had to cancel because of something I need to do.


Leo: I understand. Listen, if I finish this task on time, I will take you out on a romantic night okay!


Leo: I see you later, sweetie. (Hangs ups and enter the room)

  • Int. Office

(Cuts to an office as we see Leo sitting down and then we see a man wearing suspenders and his hanging glasses around his neck waiting for him)

Man: Mr. Foster, nice to hear from you again.

Leo: (Sitting down) It’s been that long, Mr. Craig?

Mr. Craig: It seems the previous temp jobs weren’t quite in your favor. Even some you don’t show up.

Leo: Sorry about that. I’m trying, but my life been quite and literally a bomb these past few weeks.

Mr. Craig: If you want to have a permanent job, you need to be tested. And these temps I been giving you, you’re not doing your part.

Leo: And I apologize. What do I need to do in order to make this right?

Mr. Craig: Here’s one. (Looking at his job cards and sees there is only one available) There you go. (Giving the card to him)

Leo: (Looking at it and is immediately shock) No way am I doing this job.

Mr. Craig: It’s either that or out the door.

Leo: (Thinking and realizing he has no other choice)

(Cuts off Leo’s shocked face as he looks at the card)

  • Ext. Arkham Asylum

(Cuts to the exterior of the asylum as we soon see and hear lighting as rain is falling down)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside as Leo is walking to his work site and views the janitor moping the floor)

Leo: (Wearing a white overall uniform) I wished I was a janitor. (He suddenly heads downstairs)

  • Int. Cell Area

(Cuts to a section of cells, and we see Leo walking to his site)

Leo: (Seeing the man just covering up inside his cell)

(Shifts to the view of the man, as he puts his head up and sees Leo)

(Shifts back to Leo)

Leo: You must be Jan.

(The man just sits there not moving, but staring at Leo and then turns his attention away)

Leo: (Regretting his decision, he takes his access card and swipes it by the door opening it; he enters Jan’s cell and gets closer) Listen, I don’t know why but I’m your watcher. I really don’t want to do this, but this was the only available job.

Jan: (Not moving)

Leo: Hello?

(We see Jan smirking a bit)

Leo: Hey! I don’t want to be your stupid watcher, but I have no other choice.

(As Leo about leans his hand towards Jan to listen, Jan surprises him and grabs hold of his hand and pushes him back to the wall)

Leo: Hey!? What are you doing?

Jan: (Smiling) Getting out!

(Shifts to see Jan and Leo struggling; Leo tries to punch him to let him loose, but Jan overtakes the hit and then do begins his plan)

Leo: (Requesting help) Help! Help me!

Jan: (Smiling, he soon puts his right hand on Leo’s forehead)

Leo: What?!

Jan: (Continuing smiling)

(We soon see Jan using his revealed phoenix powers and then we see Jan’s mind and then we see Leo’s mind crossing each other; we see that Jan’s mind is inside Leo’s body and Leo’s mind inside Jan’s body; the two then fall to the ground)

(Jan stands up and then we see other orderly men coming over and tackle Jan)

Jan: What in the world? Why are you tackling me?

Leo: (Standing up)

Jan (Leo): (Seeing himself) What the? What did you do?

Leo (Jan): (Smiling) Nice! (He then starts leaving)

Jan (Leo): No! That’s me; he’s taken over my body! Stop him! Stop him!

(The men continuing holding Jan who Leo is trapped inside as Jan is escaping within Leo’s body)

Jan (Leo): What are you doing! Let me go! Let me go! Stop him! I’m Leo! I’m Leo! No! Stop him!

Leo (Jan): (Smiling as he is walking away)

(Cuts off to Jan inside Leo’s body leaving off screen as we hear Leo inside Jan’s body still screaming to the others about the switch)

(Fades to credits)
[Teaser ends]






[Act I]

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Cuts to the view of the city as the thunderstorm still continues and as rain falling down we see a mysterious men walking into Crime Alley)

  • Ext. Crime Alley

(Cuts to the alley as we see the man walking in the rain and then we see him entering into a tired out building)

  • Int. Building – Dark Room

(Cuts into the building as the man walking down the stairs and then enters into a dark room as he is stopped by a familiar voice)

Voice: Did you complete your task?

Man: Yes!

(Shifts to the voice as we see it’s the Black Mask walking towards him)

Black Mask: Good.

Man: Is there anything else?

Black Mask: One more thing. I want you to lead those detectives away from here.

Man: How?

Black Mask: I don’t care; just do it.

Man: (Shaking his head in agreement) Yes, sir.

Black Mask: (Smiling)

(We see Black Mask then heading back into the darkness)

(Cuts off to his terrified lackey just standing)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts to the view of Leo’s house)

  • Int. Leo's Room

(Cuts to Leo's room as we see him, who we know is Jan taking over his body, putting some bags he carried over and digs into them)

(Lewis, Leo’s father, soon enters)

Lewis: Son, what’s up?

Leo (Jan): (Confused) Oh, okay.

Lewis: I thought you had that temp job tonight.

Leo (Jan): It was cancelled.

Lewis: Oh! So you have time to see Lindsey.

Leo (Jan): I’m just tired.

Lewis: Okay. (Seeing the shopping bags) What’s that?

Leo (Jan): Just wanting a new makeover.

Lewis: (Sensing something is wrong, but don’t know what is it) Okay, goodnight Leo. (Heading out)

Leo (Jan): (Smirking)

(Shifts a few minutes later he is wearing the expensive suit he brought and gloating himself at the mirror)

Leo (Jan): Boy, do I look good!

(Cuts off to a impressed Jan-possessed Leo)

  • Ext. Arkham Asylum

(Cuts to the asylum)

  • Int. Jan’s Cell

(Cuts to Jan’s cell as we see Leo’s mind trapped within Jan’s body and lying on the metal table strapped)

(Shifts outside the cell as we see Jan’s doctor, Dr. Syber, and one of the main orderlies)

Orderly: He sure is whacky.

Dr. Syber: Give him time. He had one of his breakouts.

Orderly: He’s a killer, doc. Everytime he wants to do his breakouts.

Dr. Syber: He claims to be someone else.

Orderly: It’s not the first time he said this. I understand your stance in science, Dr. Syber, but for him. The simple science is that he kills for a living, and he deserves death.

Dr. Syber: If it wasn’t for my part, he would have been facing death in Blackgate.

Orderly: And you keep on saying you can treat him.

Dr. Syber: I want to make a breakthrough.

Orderly: I understand, but I can’t believe you want to do that to a Manson-wannabe. (Heading back to his post)

Dr. Syber: (Feeling he can cured him unaware Leo is trapped inside Jan’s body)

(Cuts inside the interior of the cell, as Jan (Leo) is seeing Dr. Syber entering)

Jan (Leo): I am not this Jan you’re talking about!

Dr. Syber: Okay, I agree with you. So who are you?

Jan (Leo): My name is Leo Foster! I was supposed to be one of those orderlies until the real Jan put me here.

Dr. Syber: So you saying the real Jan put yourself here and he’s out there in where…your body.

Jan (Leo): Yes! Yes! You believe me!

Dr. Syber: I want to help you. (Placing his hand on Jan’s shoulders)

Jan (Leo): (He grabs hold of the doctor’s hand) Please, you gotta believe me! Please!

Dr. Syber: I’ll see. (He soon exits)

(Leo feeling there is no way out until he finds the real Jan who has his body as ransom)

(Cuts off to Jan still strapped on the metal table)

  • Int. Gotham High – Next Day

(Cuts to the high school)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside the school to a hallway as we see Julie and Lindsey walking and talking about Leo)

Julie: What happened with you and Leo last night?

Lindsey: The same. He just ignored a night for us and focuses more on that stupid temp job.

Julie: I know Leo; sometimes, he does things over the top.

Lindsey: And sometimes over the top can be a problem.

Julie: I agree.

Lindsey: I want to give Leo another chance, but everytime I give him he’s just…I don’t know.

Julie: Give him time.

Lindsey: I’ll try. What about you and Bruce?

Julie: (Wanting to say something about her status of the relationship)

(Shifts to the entrance as we see someone walking towards us; the camera only spots the legs walking as the song “I’m in Love with a Girl” by Gavin DeGraw is starting to play in the background)

(Shifts to the view of the people looking at that person; then we shift back to the person walking as we close up and move up as he is wearing a priceless suit and then sunglasses)

(Then we see the man stops and he takes off his sunglasses only to reveal its Leo)

(Shift to a confused Julie)

Julie: (Confused) Leo?!

(Leo smirking)

(Lindsey is confused as well looking at a very different-style Leo)

Lindsey: What happened to you?

(The song continues)

Leo (Jan): I changed.

Julie: Changed how?

Leo (Jan): Listen, I got to go, so I’ll see you gals later and have a good day. (Starting to walk away)

Julie: Gals? What is going on?

Lindsey: Leo? Leo!

Leo (Jan): (Not knowing its Jan possessing him and showing to everyone he is different; he puts back on his sunglasses)

(The song continues)

(Shifts back to Julie and Lindsey as they are just stunned by Leo’s new attitude)

(Shifts back to the new Leo, as he heads to another hallway)

(Bruce exiting out of a classroom and then sees Leo)

Bruce: (Seeing Leo) Hey man!

Leo (Jan): (Smirking and then ignores Bruce; as he heads off screen)

Bruce: (Surprised and stunned about what is going with Leo)

(Cuts off to Leo walking towards us as the song “I’m in Love with a Girl” ends)

(Fades out)
[Act I ends]


[Act II]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Anne looking around the desk and then we see Victor entering)

Anne: (Looking and surveying)

Voice: I’m surprised I forgot my whiskey.

Anne: (Turning around)

(Victor seeing what she is doing)

Victor: What are you doing Anne?

Anne: I thought I forgot something.

Victor: Like what?

Anne: (Not saying anything)

Victor: Where’s my son?

Anne: Jason had to go to Chicago for a business deal.

Victor: Interesting, he doesn’t tell me about this.

Anne: Guess he believes me more than you.

Victor: You think that.

Anne: I want to end this between us.

Victor: End what?

Anne: This! This hatred between each of us.

Victor: Sorry, but I can’t stop hating a little scheming witch like you manipulating my son for your own devious deeds.

Anne: And like you're his savior.

Victor: I’m his father!

Anne: And I’m the love of his life.

Victor: It must been an ugly life, if you are his true love.

Anne: It makes you sick. Good; I tried to end this on good terms…

Victor: So don’t!

Anne: (Looking at him) You want that good. (Walking out)

Victor: (Seeing her leave; he soon concentrate on what to do next)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Sidewalk

(Cuts to a sidewalk as we see Leo (Jan) walking and then spots someone familiar)

(An unknown female walks out of a building and saying bye at someone)

Female: Bye, I talk to you later!

(Shifts to see Leo (Jan) watching her)

Leo (Jan): I know you!

(The female is walking off screen)

Leo (Jan): Time for some payback. (Smiling)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Conference Room

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce walking with Gideon as they are looking at someone, we see it’s Richard Hasnon)

Bruce: Mr. Hanson.

Richard: So how are you doing? I felt bad about that abduction weeks ago.

Bruce: That’s okay. I still have some recovery training to do, but it wasn’t as bad as much.

Gideon: We’re just glad, that you’re safe.

Bruce: So why do you need me?

(The camera then view around the room as the other board members, Samuel Craig, Patricia Seville, and Jacob Willis, appear)

Gideon: We need you to complete a task for us.

Bruce: Again.

Richard: Remember, Bruce it was you who agree to do this. Not us.

Bruce: I wanted to help, not be one of your puppets.

Gideon: No one is treating you like a puppet.

Bruce: (Feeling insecure about doing this)

Gideon: Listen, do this task. And we can talk about the future.

Bruce: So what is this task?

Gideon: We need you to check out an agreement with a planned annexation with Sable Communications.

Bruce: Okay?

Gideon: We need a full report tomorrow.

Bruce: Okay; see you tomorrow. (Heading out still feeling insecure)

(Shifts back to the board members)

Patricia: I don’t know; it feels like we cheating on Thomas’s will for his son.

Richard: We’re not.

Patricia: I understand what Bruce is talking about. We all know Thomas. I know that Thomas would never want his son to take this position of the company.

Gideon: I know that too.

Jacob: So why are we treating him like an assistant. He’s our founder’s son.

Gideon: In due time.

Samuel: Meaning what?

Richard: (Intrigued)

(Patricia and Jacob is as well)

Gideon: Trust me.

(Shifts to the others confused and pondering about what he is talking about)

(Cuts off to Gideon)

  • Ext. Arkham Asylum

(Cuts to the asylum)

  • Int. Jan’s Cell

(Cuts to Jan’s cell as we see Leo’s mind trapped within Jan’s body and trying to seek help from a orderly)

Jan (Leo): Please help me! My name is Leo!

Orderly: I don’t care, Jan.

Jan (Leo): My name is Leo. He switched my mind into his body and vice versa. That creep is out there in Gotham using my body for I don’t know what. Help me!

Orderly: You want help.

Jan (Leo): Yes!

Orderly: Doctor Syber!

Jan (Leo): What are you doing?

Orderly: Getting help.

Jan (Leo): No! (Grabbing the Orderly’s arm) Help me find Jan, he has my body! I’m Leo!

Orderly: (Getting his hand of his arm) Get off!

Jan (Leo): Please!

Orderly: Let go, you freak!

(Dr. Syber entering with a syringe)

Dr. Syber: Hold him steady!

Jan (Leo): What are you doing?

Orderly: Like I said before, helping you!

(Dr. Syber soon sticks the needle in Jan (Leo)’s arm injecting with some strange medicine)

Jan (Leo): What is that?

Dr. Syber: A sedative.

Jan (Leo): Whaaat (Suddenly getting sleepy while his speech is getting slurry)

(He soon falls to sleep)

Orderly: I wish I can just kill him right now for all the pain…

Dr. Syber: No! I made a commitment that I was going to fix him, and I will. Tomorrow will be the day I will finally fix him. My operation will permanently put this man on the clear path.

Orderly: For now he’s on the deranged path. (Heading out)

Dr. Syber: I promise I will fix you.

(Cuts off to a unconscious Leo-possessed Jan)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to Rave a hour later)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside Rave as we see Julie and Bruce talking)

Bruce: Hey!

Julie: Hey! (Wondering about Leo) Have you seen or talk to Leo lately?

Bruce: No.

Julie: Well whatever is going on with him, Leo is acting funny.

Bruce: (Worried) He's not himself lately.

Julie: Have you found out about Leo’s strange behavior?

Bruce: I don’t know. I just came from Wayne Industries getting my latest task.

Julie: And what’s that?

Bruce: Get an update from Sable Communications.

Julie: What is that?

Bruce: Don’t know. Was hoping to get Leo to help me, but he went AWOL and having a brand new attitude.

Julie: I can help you.

Bruce: (Smiling) That’s great, but I got it. (Wondering) So I heard Victor is the new sole owner of Rave.

Julie: Yeah, heard about that too. Interesting enough, Jason wants to talk to me about something about Rave.

Bruce: Interesting.

Julie: Unfortunately I have to wait til next week since he’s all busy in Chicago.

Bruce: I’m going to complete this task and get that over with.

Julie: I’ll check on Leo.

Bruce: Good; and tell me what in the world happened to our real Leo. (Heading out)

(Cuts off to a intrigued Leo)

  • Int. House

(Cuts inside a house as we see the female from before checking out her bills and then we see Leo (Jan) behind her)

Female: (Turning around to see him and screams) Oh my! You scared me!

Leo (Jan): Sorry.

Female: Wait, who are you?

Leo (Jan): I don’t think you remember the face, but I think you remember the memory about your husband…Cindy.

Cindy: (Remembering about her husband’s death; she soon gets scared as she looks at him) You know the monster that killed my husband.

Leo (Jan): Jan.

Cindy: Yes.

Leo (Jan): I’m Jan! Just hosting this body as a vessel so I can get my freedom…

Cindy: (Afraid; she starts to run)

(The Jan possessed Leo chases after her and grabs her from behind)

Cindy: (Screaming) Help! Help me! Help!

Leo (Jan): And my revenge!

Cindy: (Screaming) Nooooooooo!

(Cuts off to Leo holding her as the camera blacks out)

(Fades out)
[Act II ends]


[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City (Evening)

(Cuts to the view of the city as the sun is near going down)

  • Ext. Sable Communications

(Cuts to the electronics warehouse as we see the logo and then the camera shifts to a 2009 Ford Mustang driving up and stopping; Bruce exits out of it and surveys the warehouse as it appears locked and ponders what now)

Bruce: (Thinking if there is any workers) Hello? Anyone?!

(Not hearing anything)

Bruce: My name’s Bruce Wayne!

(Still not hearing anything)

Bruce: Just great. (About to turn around to leave and try to fake something to the board tomorrow)

(Suddenly, he hears a noise)

Bruce: Hello?! (About to head out until he hears it again and it seems it’s from the inside)

(Bruce soon heads further to investigate it)

(He suddenly realizes a crack in the door nearby the side gate; he walks there to probe it)

  • Int. Sable Communications

(Cuts inside the building as we see Bruce entering the place and discovers someone is picking up boxes and dropping them off inside the back of a truck)

(Bruce hides behind the boxes to probe closer)

(We see it’s the same man we saw talking to Black Mask earlier)

Bruce: (Intrigued and realizing there is no cops coming, has to divert his attention) Hey!!

Thug: (Dropping a box immediately as he hears the voice) Who’s that? (Scared)

(Bruce still hidden behind the boxes trying not to get seen, but scared him away) Leave now!

Thug: (He feel that this voice isn’t a cop, so he walks around trying to see who is that) Why I have to go? (He soon pulls out a gun)

Bruce: (He peeks to see the thug probing around and notices the gun; he quickly gets back to the hide spot until he makes a sudden noise)

Thug: (Hearing it, he walks faster to that location unknowingly realizing that Bruce is there)

Bruce: (Hearing the thug comes closer, he has no choice but to stop him when he finds him)

Thug: (Walking to where Bruce is and aiming his gun) I know you there. (Thinking he has the advantage)

(We see the thug heading to the area of boxes as he is about to fire and then out of the blue, Bruce strikes first by knocking the gun out of his hand)

(Bruce and the thug soon tussle and then Bruce sucker punches the thug out cold)

Bruce: Now that was fun. (He soon heads to the boxes where he was placing inside the truck)

(Bruce opens one of the boxes as we shift to the opened box and sees a pile of huge microchips)

Bruce: What do a low class thug want this for?

(Cuts off to a confused Bruce)

  • Int. Arkham Asylum – Hallway – Jan’s cell

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Dr. Syber looking at the observation window again surveying the criminal; the orderly returns)

Orderly: So what is this process you want to do, doc?

Dr. Syber: It’s called electrohypnotisnism.

Orderly: What in the world is that?

Dr. Syber: It’s like electro shock therapy, but it’s a simple, yet complex process when comes to science. I would have to physically change his persona and his entire demeanor.

(Shifts to see the view of Jan who unaware to them is Leo)

Orderly: So you’re saying, you’re making a whole new being.

Dr. Syber: Precisely. It’s extremely painful, but this is my breakthrough. A criminal like him will be my perfect guinea pig to prove to critics that I can cure a killer or a psychopath.

Orderly: (Not saying anything)

Dr. Syber: The sooner we get forward on the process, the better.

Orderly: I think you should go on with that.

Dr. Syber: I set up downstairs, make sure you prep him. (He leaves)

Orderly: (Smiling) With pleasure, doc.

(Cuts off to the view of Leo still trapped inside Jan’s body as we see him trying to find a way to get out)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts to Leo’s house)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts inside as we see Jan controlling Leo’s body as he enters the room and suddenly sees Julie by his bed)

Julie: Hey?! Your father told me it was cool if I waited here for you.

Leo (Jan): Why?

Julie: Because I’m your friend.

Leo (Jan): It still doesn’t give you the right to barge in without letting me know you were coming.

Julie: Well, excuse me if I didn’t call. (About to head out)

Leo (Jan): Why are you here anyway?

Julie: To try to figure out if this person I’m talking to is actually the real Leo.

Leo (Jan): I’m the real Leo.

Julie: Not with the Tony Soprano attitude.

Leo (Jan): Listen, I’m sorry.

Julie: (Realizing something is not right) I think I have to go.

(Soon Leo grabbed hold of her arm)

Julie: (Feeling her arm hurting as Leo is forcibly grabbing it) Hey!

Leo (Jan): I said I was sorry!

Julie: (Definitely realizing something is not right) I really have to go.

Leo (Jan): No! (Squeezing her arm)

Julie: Ouch! Let go!

Leo (Jan): Come on, Julie!

Julie: No. (She soon slaps him hard)

Leo (Jan): (Feeling the sting from the slap)

Julie: What is wrong with you?! You’re not Leo!

Leo (Jan): You bet I am!

Julie: (Noticing there is no way to communicate peacefully, she quickly leaves)

Leo (Jan): I am the real Leo!

(Cuts off to Jan-possessed Leo smirking sinisterly)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside the library as we see Victor getting angry)

Victor: Are you sure?

(Shifts to the head of security, Brian)

Brian: Yes sir, many of the C3-ES chips were stolen from one place alone…Sable Communications.

Victor: I want everything you heard about it here in an hour.

Brian: It would be hard sir; the company is getting a major makeover by Wayne Industries.

Victor: I don’t care! It used to be ours before they disbanded with us and sided to Thomas’ company.

Brian: I’ll do my best.

Victor: You better.

(Brian about to exit)

Victor: Brian, wait!

Brian: (Turning around to hear) Yes sir?!

Victor: Call Anna back here. I need to talk to her once more.

Brian: Certainly sir. (He soon heads out)

(Cuts off to a impatient yet confident Victor)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts to the study as we see Julie still shaken up after her encounter with Leo and realizing his grip caused her arm to hurt and swell; then we see Bruce coming in with a first aid kit)

Bruce: Are you sure Leo attacked you?

Julie: Yeah!

Bruce: That’s not like him.

Julie: It wasn’t. We know him, and that wasn’t Leo.

Bruce: (Treating her arm with some smoothing ointment) Something happened to him yesterday to have him act like a…

Julie: Jerk.

Bruce: Where did Lewis tell you Leo worked at?

Julie: I think it was…Arkham.

Bruce: Arkham?!

Julie: I was surprised like you were.

Bruce: Whatever happened with Leo happened there.

Julie: So you think some crazy inmate did something to Leo like brainwashed him or something.

Bruce: I don’t know.

Julie: The best thing is to talk to Leo again.

Bruce: No! I don’t want you to get hurt again.

Julie: Last time will be different.

Bruce: I don’t think so. I’ll talk to him; let’s see if he can treat me like that.

Julie: (Smiling)

Bruce: What? (Confused)

Julie: You know you can’t always save me from danger.

Bruce: But I really want to make up the L.A trip by protecting you.

Julie: By protecting me?

Bruce: I want to.

Julie: Thanks.

Bruce: No problem. (Stands up) You’re sure you got that?

Julie: You mean keep treating my arm, yeah.

Bruce: I wish Alfred was here, but he’s taking a day off.

Julie: Really?

Bruce: He deserved it; I promise him I can be okay alone in this house.

Julie: Can I stay here for a bit.

Bruce: Sure. (About to head out)

Julie: Be careful!

Bruce: Like I always do. (Heading off screen)

(Cuts off to Julie smiling)

  • Ext. Building

(Cuts to an abandoned factory as we see Lindsey trying to probe around and then we see Jan-possessed Leo aiming a gun at her)

Leo (Jan): Hello, my sweet.

Lindsey: (Turning around to see its Leo) Leo?!

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts inside the building to a room where we see Leo pushing Lindsey to go further)

Lindsey: What is the matter with you?

Leo (Jan): People change.

Lindsey: I don’t believe it.

Leo (Jan): Well believe it!

(Suddenly, Lindsey tries to stop Leo, but he soon smacks her hard as she falls down. He soon aims the gun right at her)

Leo (Jan): Like I said, this is the new me!

(Cuts back to a frightened Lindsey, who is bleeding on her lips, helpless while we shift back to the Jan-possessed Leo)

(Fades out)
[Act III ends]


[Act IV]

  • Ext. Arkham Asylum

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. Jan’s Cell

(Cuts inside as we see the Leo-possessed Jan trying to find a way out before Dr. Syber begins his treatment)

Jan (Leo): I need to get out, but how?

(Pondering what to do, the orderly soon enters)

Orderly: It’s time for some treatment, Jan.

Jan (Leo): For the millionth time, I’m not this serial killer.

Orderly: Oh yeah, explain why you look exactly like him.

Jan (Leo): Well I might be unless he transferred my mind into his body and his unto mines.

Orderly: Oh. No matter, you’re still the cold hearted creep that killed five innocents. I wanted to transfer you to Blackgate, but the doc wants to cure you; if it was me, I would lock you up in solitary.

Jan (Leo): Why don’t you.

Orderly: Don’t push it!

Jan (Leo): Or you are going to do what?

Orderly: (Getting pissed off) Why you…

(Suddenly the Leo-possessed Jan suddenly kicks the orderly in the gut then sucker punches him to the floor unconscious)

Jan (Leo): Like that. (He then retrieves the orderly’s card key and swipes it to get out)

(Cuts off to the unconscious orderly)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Jan escaping; we soon see Dr. Syber walking towards his cell as he is shock to see Jan out)

Dr. Syber: Jan, why are you out of the cell early. Where’s that orderly?

Jan (Leo): Kinda out cold.

Dr. Syber: No, don’t you escape! I can fix you! Guards, guards!

Jan (Leo): Sorry doc… (He soon head butts the doctor)

(Dr. Syber falls to the floor unconscious)

Jan (Leo): I can fix myself, by finding the real me. (He soon escapes)

(Cuts off to the unconscious doctor)

  • Ext. Abandoned factory - Room

(Cuts backs to the factory as we see Lindsey tied up and is being forced by the Jan-possessed Leo still aiming a gun at her to follow him)

Leo (Jan): Let’s go!

Lindsey: I love you!

Leo (Jan): How sweet.

Lindsey: Leo! I don’t know what is going on, but snap out of it. I love you, please!

Leo (Jan): And you think I love you.

Lindsey: (Realizing he don’t care about her, then we see tears coming from her eyes)

(Leo opens a closet door as we see the female from before, Cindy, is tied up as well)

Lindsey: Who is that?

Leo (Jan): I killed her husband, and it was her who put me in Arkham.

Cindy: (Petrified that’s she is going die)

Lindsey: (Trying to believe if he is the real Leo) Who are you?

Leo (Jan): Certainly, not the person who cares about a hopeless female like yourself.

Lindsey: (Stunned)

(Leo then pushes to get down and fold her legs like Cindy)

Leo (Jan): And to think, I ever had feelings for you. (He leaves)

(Cuts off to a stunned and scared Lindsey as she is tearing up after hearing those hurtful comments)

  • Ext. Maze Field

(Cuts to the field 10 minutes later as we see Bruce driving his Mustang on the road and talking to Lucius)

Bruce: (Talking to Lucius) Are you sure this is the location you tracked his cellphone? (After listening to him) Yeah, thanks a lot. I owe you, Lucius. (He hangs up)

(Suddenly we see Jan-possessed Leo driving his Ford Fusion and spot the Mustang along with Bruce)

Leo (Jan): Well, well!

Bruce: (Seeing him)

(Bruce soon forces Leo to drive off to side lane onto the field ground; Leo exits out of the car as he sees Bruce; Bruce soon stops his car and exits out as well)

Leo (Jan): Sorry if I didn’t call you, but you didn’t have to run me off the road.

Bruce: Quit the acting. I know you’re not the real Leo.

Leo (Jan): I am.

Bruce: You may have his memories, but I can assure you, you’re not him.

Leo (Jan): Come on, Bruce. Stop being Sigmund Fraud for a sec and start talking as friends.

Bruce: Friends don’t hurt friends or don’t treat their girlfriends like dirt.

Leo (Jan): You mean Julie and Lindsey. They didn’t understand.

Bruce: But I do.

Leo (Jan): So why the cloak and dagger. You’re my best friend.

Bruce: Like I said, you’re not my best friend; what you did with him? Where’s Leo?

Leo (Jan): I am Leo!

Bruce: You’re not him!

Leo (Jan): Are you deaf and blind. I have his skin, his eyes, his mouth, his hair; I’m Leo.

Bruce: Yet you didn’t say one other important factor.

Leo (Jan): Oh yeah, and what’s that?

Bruce: His heart!

Leo (Jan): I forgot to say that.

Bruce: No you see, Leo never missed saying he has a heart. And in the fact you didn’t mention it, proves you’re from Arkham. And how you treat girls, feels like love is a irrelevant term in your dictionary.

Leo (Jan): Listen.

Bruce: No you listen whoever you are, I know my best friend don’t act like this. And try to kill people.

Leo (Jan): (Shocked he found out)

Bruce: What’s the matter, disappointed I spoiled your ulterior motive; or maybe it’s the name, Jan.

Leo (Jan): (Stunned)

Bruce: That’s right, Jan. I uncover you’re a Phoenix-infected with the power to switch minds.

Leo (Jan): Well I can’t hide under this façade for long, yeah you’re right. I saw your friend as my one way ticket to freedom, so I used him and I guess he’s rotting inside my body locked up in Arkham.

Bruce: (Feeling he has to do something)

Leo (Jan): I don’t think so! (He pulls out his gun) Better not try anything or you going to face a untimely death, Mr. Bruce Wayne, just like your parents.

Bruce: (Getting angry)

Leo (Jan): Don’t try it.

Voice: I don’t think so.

Leo (Jan): (Turns around to see who said that)

Bruce: (Wondering who say that and look the same way)

(Shifts to see its Leo-possessed Jan)

Bruce: Leo?!

Jan (Leo): Yup, it’s me. Now it’s time to restore what you took from me, you freak.

Leo (Jan): I don’t think so. (He aims the gun at his own body and tries to fire)

(Noticing he has to stop him, Bruce knocks the gun down; soon we see Bruce and the Jan-possessed Leo fighting and struggling over the control of the gun; the gun suddenly flies to the ground and both tries to get it from each other)

Leo (Jan): You’re not stopping me.

Bruce: (Controlling the gun, but gets sucker punched by Leo as he stands up)

Leo (Jan): (Now with the control of the gun) Who has the power now?!

Jan (Leo): Surely not you!

Leo (Jan): What the…

(Soon we see Leo using his own hand to put it on Jan’s forehead)

Leo (Jan): No! What are you doing?

Jan (Leo): Getting back what was taken from me!

(Bruce holds onto Leo’s foot)

Leo (Jan): No!!

(Soon we see the phoenix powers going reverse as we see Jan’s mind and then we see Leo’s mind crossing each other; we see that Jan’s mind returning to his body and Leo’s mind returning to his; the retransfer is complete)

(Feeling he is back to his normal self, Leo punches Jan out cold; we soon see Jan falling down to the ground unconscious)

Leo: (Helping Bruce back on his feet)

Bruce: Okay, are you, you?

Leo: Yes! Finally! I really did miss me!

Bruce: Seems everything is back to normal.

Leo: I don’t think so. Lucius told me Lindsey and that deceased husband’s wife is trapped in that factory.

Bruce: How did Lucius?

Leo: Told him the stuff only you and him should know.

Bruce: That’s my buddy.

Leo: Now let’s save those girls. The Dangerous Duo is back in action!

Bruce: (Smiling) Nice to know the real Leo is back.

Leo: And good riddance!

(Cuts off to Bruce and Leo)

(Fades out)
[Act IV ends]


[Act V]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion - Night

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Anna entering and there Victor is waiting for her)

Anna: What do you want?

Victor: Maybe you had been right all this time.

Anna: What you mean?

Victor: For us to put this hatred beside.

Anna: What’s the catch?

Victor: There’s no catch.

Anna: I don’t trust you.

Victor: And I don’t trust you either, but I have to like you.

Anna: (Feeling some respect)

Victor: If I want to be in my son’s life, I have to like you.

Anna: I just want to be part of the family.

Victor: Just my one warning, don’t you split me and my son. This little bond we’re forming will instantly fade away if you force my son out of my life.

Anna: I promise I won’t.

Victor: Good.

Anna: So why the drastic change.

Victor: Like I said, my son is my universe. If I lose him, I don’t know what to do.

Anna: Well I guess liking me is all what you need to do for now.

Victor: For now.

Anna: Great to be in the family. (Heading out)

Victor: Will see about that.

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as Anna closes the doors)

Anna: This is going to be interesting. (Smirking)

(Cuts off to Anna as she heads upstairs)

  • Int. Building - Dark Room

(Cuts to the dark room as we see Black Mask talking to a mysterious figure)

Black Mask: It seems my last lackey failed.

Figure: I won’t.

Black Mask: You better not, I want this city and that stupid police force needs to be out of my way.

Figure: Don’t worry, the deed will be done.

Black Mask: (Suddenly remembering a past moment after hearing that quote)

  • Int. Flashback - 1998

(Flashes back to the past as we see a moment of a young adult Roman Sionis seeing the paper covering the Wayne tragedy)

Roman: (Smiling) It seems the deed is done.

(The camera views the picture of the kid Bruce along with Alfred in front of Thomas and Martha’s graves)

Roman: If I wanted to kill the Waynes myself, I would, but they deserve to die.

Female: Unfortunately, their kid survived that attack.

Roman: Whoever says this is over.

Female: (Confused)

Roman: I want to put fear onto this city and since my family failed to take over when the Waynes was protecting Gotham; no more. Now is time for my rise! My control! Gotham’s true scion will be their undoing.

Female: (Still confused) How?

Roman: Simple, use a symbol for fear. (Seeing a matchstick box with a skull symbol) Symbol of fear. (Smiling)

  • Int. Dark Room - Present

(Flashes back to the present as we see Roman turned Black Mask)

Black Mask: (Reminiscing the past while holding the same matchstick box he used as inspiration years ago)

Figure: Sir?

Black Mask: Complete the challenge.

Figure: Yes sir. (He heads out)

(Shifts back to a worried and concerned Black Mask)

(Cuts off to Black Mask walking back into the darkness)

  • Ext. Manor

(Cuts to the view of Wayne Manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce entering and then he gets a call from Gideon)

Bruce: Hello?

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Gideon’s Office

(Cuts to the office as we see Gideon on the other side of the call)

Gideon: So I hope to expect that report by tomorrow.

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: You will. I’ll start talking to the workers in the morning.

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Gideon’s Office

(Cuts back to Gideon)

Gideon: I heard about the thievery at Sable Communications; I notice you were there.

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: I was. I stop the theft and brought him to the police. I was wondering what those microchips were.

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Gideon’s Office

(Cuts back to Gideon)

Gideon: The C3-ES chips are very special. We are making interesting programs with them and it would provide a great forward for Wayne Industries to revolutionize the Green industry.

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: So that’s why you annexing the building to the company.

Gideon (Phone): Exactly!

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Gideon’s Office

(Cuts back to Gideon)

Gideon: We want to be three steps ahead while our opponents are four steps back. I hope you still have your commitment to us, Bruce? I really don’t want to disappoint your father.

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: I’m not. I am committed to the board; to the company.

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Gideon’s Office

(Cuts back to Gideon)

Gideon: Good. Well get a good night sleep, Bruce.

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Bruce)

Bruce: Good night, Gideon. (Hangs up the phone)

(Bruce is realizing he is being compelled to make no mistakes while working with the board)

  • Int. Bruce’s room

(Cuts upstairs into his room as we see Bruce sitting on his bed; Julie soon enters as the song “Don’t Walk Away” by Sick Puppies starts playing in the background)

Julie: I didn’t notice you were here.

Bruce: Yeah.

Julie: I just found out by a jubilant Leo from the phone he’s back to his normal self right after he apologizes to whatever he did to me.

Bruce: Yup, the inmate used his Phoenix powers to switch his and Leo’s minds to each other’s bodies.

Julie: (Feeling disgusted) Thank goodness, that creep didn’t kiss me. I mean that inmate, not Leo.

Bruce: I understand.

(The song continues)

Julie: (Sitting next to him) So where is the mind-switching inmate?

Bruce: Megan used her influences to bring him to Blackgate instead of Arkham, and now he has total isolation from anyone for life.

Julie: Thank goodness. God forbid that another event happens again.

Bruce: You ever had a chance to talk to Lindsey?

Julie: I didn’t. Hopefully Leo will have a better chance talking to her. I don’t want them to split.

Bruce: I let her know about what happened; it wasn’t Leo’s fault; Jan tapped into Leo’s memories to fool her.

Julie: So you’re actually saying some of those hurtful words Leo didn’t mean to tell her have some purpose.

Bruce: No, it just that Leo never opened up his true feelings with her.

Julie: Like you.

(The song continues)

Bruce: (Remembering)

Julie: Sorry!

Bruce: No you’re right. I myself haven’t come forward to my real feelings towards you.

Julie: Are you scared?

Bruce: No.

Julie: Then what?

Bruce: It just that I don’t want…

Julie: Want what?

Bruce: (Hesitating to say it)

Julie: Want what?!

Bruce: I don’t want to lose you okay!

Julie: (A little stunned)

Bruce: You almost died in that car accident; and that time you suffered from Crane’s fear poison, you almost died if I wasn’t there to take you to the hospital in time.

Julie: (Understanding his pain)

(The song continues)

Bruce: I wish I never left you in L.A.

Julie: But Leo was there to.

Bruce: I know, just that I was with you. You said why I always save you; well, because you’re my best friend, and I care for you deeply. I protect you because I really care about you.

Julie: (Feeling passionate about his speech) I understand now.

Bruce: (Shaking his head as he agrees)

Julie: (Thinking about the time) well look at the time, I think I should go. (She kisses him on the cheeks while she stands up and heads out) Bye.

Bruce: (Pondering about this choice he’s going to make) Stay!

Julie: (Stopping as she hears it)

Bruce: Don’t go! Stay; stay with me.

Julie: (Listening to that offer as she chooses what to do)

(Cuts off to Julie trying to make a decision and Bruce waiting patiently while the song continues)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the exterior of Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts to the lounge as we see Leo waiting on someone, and then we see Lindsey entering and sitting right by his side on the lounge sofa as the song continues)

Leo: Hey!

Lindsey: Hey!

Leo: I’m so sorry about what happened.

Lindsey: You are?!

Leo: I wasn’t myself.

Lindsey: Bruce told me what happened.

Leo: So can I be forgiven?

Lindsey: I don’t know if you can.

Leo: What that means?

(The song continues)

Lindsey: It means you insulted my character and my love for you.

Leo: You know I didn’t mean any of that; it wasn’t me.

Lindsey: But somehow, he knew I was your girlfriend and Bruce and Julie were your friends; your house; your school.

Leo: (Can’t say anything)

Lindsey: I understand you weren’t there mentally, but physically and emotionally you was there.

Leo: (Getting upset) I care about you.

Lindsey: (Starting to tear up) Well say it straight, do you care about me or do you think I’m a hopeless female.

Leo: I always care about you.

Lindsey: Do you love me?

Leo: (Hesitating)

(The song reaching to its end)

Lindsey: Well say it straight. Tell me the truth; you’re the real Leo, so tell me…do you love me?

Leo: (Hesitating)

Lindsey: (Staring to cry a bit) Leo, please!

Leo: I love you as a friend, but I don’t love you right no; one day. Please, Lindsey I just need time.

Lindsey: (Realizing the truth; she wipes away her tears) Well since that is taken care of, considered this relationship over.

Leo: (Stunned) Lindsey!

(The song continues)

Lindsey: It’s over! Leo, it’s over! (Standing up and walks away while crying)

Leo: (Realizing his relationship is over, he has nothing else but to put head down in shame and feel he torn his relationship apart)

(Cuts off to a depress and solemn Leo as the song, “Don’t Walk Away” ends)

(Fades out)
[Act V ends]


Featured music

  • "I'm in Love with a Girl" - Gavin DeGraw
  • "Don't Walk Away" - Sick Puppies


  • Switch means a exchange; to change places,tasks, etc.
  • In this episode, Leo's mind was switched with the psychopathic Jan's mind, via Jan's Phoenix-infected powers.
  • It could also refer to the C3-ES chips that was part of the attempted Sabale Communications robbery.


  • Antagonist(s): Jan and Black Mask
  • Arkham Asylum makes its debut in the series. It becomes a prominent setting throughout the episode, and won't have another important role until Season 4. Arkham is known as one of the key centric Batman locations which holds the criminally insane--including a lot of Batman known rogues. The asylum has been inspired in a series of video games, and featured heavily in other Batman media.
  • This is the first time since Remembrance that there has been a Leo-centric episode.
  • This is the first time since Lost where Crime Alley is seen. Though in Lost, Crime Alley was seen in flashbacks. In Batman lore, Crime Alley is the place known for being the spot Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed.
  • Black Mask makes his return since Lowdown.
  • There is a flashback showcasing the origins of Roman Sionis becoming Black Mask.
  • This is the first episode the full Wayne Industries Board have reappeared since Open.
  • Bruce mentions the Crane attack on Julie. (Fear)
  • Jason, Det. Alder, and Alfred doesn't appear in the episode. There were explanations for their absences. Jason is in Chicago for a business deal, Alfred is having a day off, and Det. Alder told Bruce she has connections to transfer Jan from Arkham to Blackgate.
  • Lucius isn't seen, but is mentioned, as he have an important role in this episode, helping Bruce and Leo in trying to stop Jan and save the girls he kidnapped.
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