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Tainted is the twenty-second and penultimate episode of The Young Knight season 2.

Guest Stars



  • Ext. Gotham City (Night)

(Cuts to the view of the city as we hear the song, “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas playing in the background)

  • Ext. Darko Club

(Cuts to the exterior view of a shady, nightclub as we see people waiting in line and then we see a gentleman after exiting out of a limo, automatically enters the club)

(The camera follows him inside)

  • Int. Club room

(Cuts inside as the song continues we see the man who entered comes towards a table and starts ordering drinks)

(The camera takes a glance at his pass hidden near his jacket as we see his name is Wiliker, Olen)

(The song continues)

(We soon shift to a shady figure that already arrived to the club checking out Wiliker and drinking some drinks he already ordered)

Wiliker: (Getting a call from his cell, answers it) Hello?

(Shift back to the shady figure watching him notices the cryptic conversation; the camera in the shady figure’s POV we see Wiliker starting to argue to whoever he is talking to on the phone)

(The song continues)

(Shifts back to Wiliker as he soon hangs up)

Wiliker: (Realizing he needs to relax, he heads to the back)

(Shifts back to the shady figure as he finishes his drinks and puts the empty glass down on the table, and follows him)

(We see the shady figure soon following Wiliker to the back as the song “Imma Be” ends)

  • Ext. Darko Club

(Cuts an hour later as the camera gets another glance at Mr. Wiliker’s card pass)

(And then the camera zooms out to see the figure who was the shady figure walking away with the card is none other than Bruce Wayne)

Bruce: (Smirks off as he hides Wiliker’s pass inside his black leather jacket pocket)

(We soon see Bruce walks off)

(Fades to credits)
[Teaser ends]






[Act I]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor as we see “48 Hours Ago” from what we seen at the teaser)

  • Int. Bruce’s bedroom

(Cuts inside in the bedroom as we see Alfred entering with a breakfast tray)

Alfred: Rise and shine, Master Bruce. (Putting the tray near the bed as he opens up the blinds; he looks back and notices a interesting surprise)

(Shifts to the bed as we see Bruce is not even in the covers)

Alfred: (Confused) Master Bruce?! Master Bruce! (Heading out)

(Cuts off to Alfred trying to find Bruce)

  • Int. Basement

(Cuts downstairs a few minutes as we see Alfred already checked the rooms finally spotting him looking at something)

Alfred: Master Bruce?

Bruce: (Looking at an old picture of his father, Thomas, and the first time Wayne Industries opened)

Alfred: (Checking out what Bruce is looking, and spots the picture) Oh! I don’t remember that picture.

Bruce: Yeah, this is the first time looking at this. The company was everything my father imagined it to be, or maybe it was just a Faust prediction

Alfred: No Master Bruce. Master Thomas was a pioneer. He wanted to help bring Gotham peace and a new future.

Bruce: Yeah but not today. (He soon throws the old picture far)

(The picture inside the frame crashes in the wall and the shards of glass and picture ripple to the ground)

Alfred: Master Bruce! What are you doing!? (Rushing to get and protect the fragile three decade-old picture)

Bruce: My father lied.

Alfred: What do you mean?

Bruce: The Company he nearly spent his entire life trying to build; trying to make it a harbinger for justice. Wayne Industries was supposed to be a symbol for justice to eliminate all of the corruption, yet now it’s not. It’s corrupted itself.

Alfred: It’s about the conspiracy.

Bruce: How can I be so blind to notice while I was working there, the company has been tainted from the inside?

Alfred: Don’t blame yourself!

Bruce: No, I have to! My incompetence into believing there was ever a conspiracy inside Wayne Industries mess me up, but from those military fanatics kidnapping me to that renegade FBI agent to now. Everything I thought my father wanted for this company is going to be gone because now this so-called Omicron is trying to ruin it. Trying to ruin what my father accomplished.

Alfred: This Omicron can be stop by the proper forces; you don’t half to fight this war, Master Bruce.

Bruce: They are trying to ruin my father’s reputation! The company’s reputation! And Gotham!

Alfred: Don’t be consumed.

Bruce: Maybe it’s already too late. I’m not going to let them destroy what Gotham has left to find peace and a stable future. I won’t let that happen! (Leaving)

Alfred: Master Bruce! Master Bruce!

(Bruce ignoring Alfred heads upstairs)

(Shifts back to Alfred who is disappointed and upset now that Bruce knows there is a conspiracy and whose behind it)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to Victor looking at something important as he viewing a file and he notices head security guard, Brian, entering with an interesting guest)

Brian: Sir, Sean Carver has arrived per your request.

Victor: Good.

(Brian nodding back and heads out)

Sean: So, Vick what’s up?

Victor: Don’t Vick me, Sean. (Standing up) I call you for help seemingly you’re the only one that I can trust.

Sean: (Blushing) I’m flatter. After those failed attempts on your life, it seems you might have a change of heart.

Victor: Speaking of heart. (He slightly rubs his left chest area a bit) You understand the favor I’m asking you.

Sean: Of course; of course.

Victor: Don’t let that witch trick you.

Sean: You know me Vick; I don’t succumb to trickery because I do the trickery.

Victor: (smiling)

Sean: So are you going to go to the rehearsal/engagement party thing tomorrow.

Victor: No.

Sean: Father of the groom not going. I’m shocked!

Victor: You think this is all fun and games, Sean, but remember if you don’t make this happen I promise you boarding school will be the least of your problems.

Sean: (Smiling) I’ll make sure of it. The party is going to be a blast no pun intended. (Giggling)

(Sean soon exits the room)

Victor: (Feeling partnering with Sean could be a fatal mistake; he then heads back to his desk and retrieves a small container which inside we see black-colored pills; he takes one and swallow it realizing something about health-wise is not right)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Jason about to enter the library until he sees Sean)

Jason: Everything was going to perfect until I see you.

Sean: Don’t worry man, I won’t be a distraction. I promise.

Jason: See you at the dinner.

Sean: Oh thank you, I’ll be proud to come.

Jason: (Smirking a bit)

Sean: See you soon. (Heading out)

Jason: (Worrying about Sean’s behavior, but feel he may have no other choice)

(Cuts off to Jason as he enters the library)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts back to the library as Jason enters)

Jason: Why did Sean came here? What did he want from you?

Victor: I think he wanted you.

Jason: Hmm. I bypassed him at the hallway.

Victor: So the dinner, is there a possibility I can be invited.

Jason: I don’t know dad maybe I should think about it when the time comes.

Victor: Please Jason; I’m just trying to be your father!

Jason: I know, but its too late. I needed a father when I was born and now you have the audacity to say that you’re trying now. Guess, you made my decision a lot easier. (Heading out)

Victor: Jason! Jason!

Jason: (Ignoring his father)

(Victor realizing he can’t do anything to get inside his head; Victor soon slams his hand on the desk table in anger)

(Cuts off to Victor upset)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts back to the hallway)

(We soon see Jason suddenly hitting his fist to the wall in frustration after that awful conversation with Victor)

Jason: (Pissed off a bit internally and he soon leaves off screen)

(Cuts off to Jason leaving)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the docks as we see men packing up boxes)

(The camera zoom closer as we see nearly all the boxes are containing “Wayne Industries” logos and are marked with the letter “o”)

(Shift to see a female watching over everything; we zoom closer to see it is none other than the Huntress)

Huntress: (Smiling after observing everything is right on cue)

(We soon see another female appearing and then a male; we notices the female is Dr. Janice Hughes and the man as we could see the tag is Dr. Olen Wiliker)

Huntress: (Turning around to see the scientists) Is Project Celadon a go.

Wiliker: Ummm… (Hesitating)

Huntress: (Anxious) and…?

Hughes: It’s a go. (Looking at Olen)

Huntress: My master will be please. Continue with your work.

(Hughes and Wiliker agreeing with her; the soon head out)

(Shifts back to the Huntress)

Huntress: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to the Huntress)

  • Ext. Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Alfred opening the front door only to see the person on the other side is Julie)

Julie: Hey Alfred.

Alfred: Ms. Madison! How’s your aunt?

Julie: Great. She told me she’s going to be away for the summer because her trip in Europe.

Alfred: Oooh that’s exciting!

Julie: Aunt Sue even tried to tell me if I can go with her.

Alfred: Are you?

Julie: I never really left Gotham until that time I had to host that special concert back in Los Angeles.

Alfred: Maybe this should be a great time, a fun time!

Julie: (Smiling) I was going to tell Bruce, but he failed to meet me at Rave earlier today.

Alfred: He’s been off lately.

Julie: What you mean?

Alfred: He’s upstairs.

Julie: (Pondering what is up with him) Thanks, Alfred.

(We see Julie walking upstairs to see Bruce)

(Shifts back to Bruce)

(Cuts to Alfred worrying about Bruce)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce layering on his bed thinking about everything from learning about Omicron, to trying to stop the conspiracy, and others and then we see Julie entering as we hear the song “Stay” by Safetysuit playing in the background)

Julie: Hey stranger! What happened to you?

Bruce: (Trying to remember) What?!

Julie: Remember, you were supposed to help me at Rave. I told you a day ago, I might need some help and you said I will help you.

Bruce: Maybe I forgot (Starting to think about how he is going to stop Omicron)

(The song continues)

Julie: (worrying about Bruce) What’s wrong?

Bruce: (Having a fixed-angry demeanor)

Julie: Can you tell me what’s wrong?

Bruce: (Looking at her) Can you leave me alone, please.

Julie: I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the matter is.

Bruce: I really don’t want to talk about it.

(The song continues)

Julie: Bruce…

Bruce: (Getting of his bed while yelling) No! I don’t want to talk about it!!

Julie: Let me in!

Bruce: (Getting pissed but sees her eyes)

Julie: Please.

Bruce: (Looking at her and he breaks down) What is wrong with me! (He holds his head as he feels something is hurting him)

Julie: Listen. (She sits up on the bed and clams him by placing her hand on his face)

Bruce: (Feeling her smooth hand on his cheek and as well how she is gently moving her hand)

(The song gets louder as it continues to play)

(And Bruce sits back on the bed and after a few seconds of them looking eye to eye with that romantic look, Bruce kisses Julie; Julie embracing the kiss. They start making out. A few seconds later we see Bruce grabbing her by the back and gently lay her down on top of the bed as he gets on top of her)

Julie: Are we really going to do this?

Bruce: Are you ready?

Julie: I am. Are you?

Bruce: (Showing a smile) I’m finally ready.

(Bruce soon leans in and kisses her for a minute and then as they pause, he takes off his shirt while Julie takes off her blouse; and then they resume making out as they begin to make love this time as a couple as the song continues)

(Zooms to Bruce and Julie’s hands as they hold their hands together while making love)

(Cuts off to them as the song “Stay” ends)

(Cuts to the background)

(Fades out)
[Act I ends]


[Act II]

  • Int. Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to the foyer as we see Leo entering and is stopped and greeted by Alfred)

Alfred: Master Leo, what’s the problem?

Leo: No problem. Just wondering if Bruce is here or did he had somewhere to go.

Alfred: He’s upstairs, but he’s with Julie.

Leo: (Not surprised) Okay.

Alfred: I can leave Master Bruce a message.

Bruce: It just that I might have a job.

Alfred: Oh?! I wonder where?

Leo: I have a meeting with this editor at Gotham Times and if I make this right, I could be spending months as a intern.

Alfred: That is great, Master Leo. Simply great!

Leo: Listen, let Bruce know I was here.

Alfred: Will do.

Leo: (About to go until he thinks about something) Did Bruce ever told you about the letter he received a month ago?

Alfred: (Surprised) Guess, we all have been keeping something.

Leo: What you mean?

Alfred: The conspiracy…

Leo: About Wayne Industries…it's real is it?

Alfred: Unfortunately, yes.

Leo: I think I may have a clue. (He soon pulls out the card that he kept a month and shows Alfred the small letter “o”)

Alfred: What is that?

Leo: It’s the Greek alphabet of Omicron.

Alfred: (Totally stunned about that) Omicron?!

Leo: Okay, now you’re freaking me out.

Alfred: Bruce tells me this whole conspiracy that has crippling the company from within was caused by this secret organization called Omicron.

Leo: Oh my god. What now?

Alfred: Well, I don’t know. I called Lucius to see if he knew anything about Omicron and the conspiracy.

Leo: And?

Alfred: He’ll call me back.

Leo: How Bruce is taking it?

Alfred: Heartbroken that the people bent on taking care of the company and protecting the Wayne’s name is being corrupted.

Leo: I’m going to call Det. Alder.

Alfred: No, I’ll call Megan. You just focus on your future.

Leo: But Bruce…

Alfred: Bruce is my concern. I’ll see to it. You worry about your future and go get that internship; you deserve it.

Leo: (Thinking about it) Alright, alright! But if anything goes wrong, please let me.

Alfred: I will do.

(Leo worrying about Bruce, but want to let this see how this goes; he soon leaves)

Alfred: (Closing the door and then turn back around also worrying what could the repercussions be if all hell breaks loose)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts to the bedroom as we see Julie and Bruce in the bed underneath the covers; we see Bruce holding Julie in his arm both facing the window)

Julie: That was fun.

Bruce: I really enjoyed that.

Julie: (She soon turns around to see Bruce) So are you going to tell me what’s going on with you?

Bruce: I really can’t tell you.

Julie: Why?

Bruce: Because if I do you could be hurt.

Julie: (Sitting up) So you don’t want me to get involved.

Bruce: No. (Sitting up as well and holding her hands) I don’t want you to get hurt. This is something I need and half to do.

Julie: Okay; well whatever it is, I know you will do the right thing.

Bruce: (Hearing that but he senses that he may not do the right thing in order to stop Omicron)

Julie: I think I should go.

Bruce: Stay for a bit.

Julie: I really want to, but with Mira out of town; I’m a person short, so I need to do some extra time at Rave.

Bruce: Okay.

Julie: Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.

Bruce: Just keep working Rave; I’ll be fine.

Julie: Okay.

(Julie leans over to kiss him; and they soon make out for a few minutes)

(She gets out of the bed; grabs her clothes and sneaks back to the bathroom)

Bruce: (Smiles a bit, but then he thinks about Omicron and what it’s doing to Wayne Industries)

(Going back to that anger-fixed demeanor; he grabs his clothes and heads out)

(Cuts off to Bruce walking off)

  • Int. Dark Room

(Cuts to a dark room as we see the Huntress entering)

Huntress: Master?!

(A figure walks to the spotlight and we see its Black Mask)

Black Mask: How is everything doing?

Huntress: Going exactly as plan.

Black Mask: Good.

Huntress: Project Celadon is also a go.

Black Mask: Good. Tell Sconzeri and Dobson to watch over the boxes at those docks. We’ll going to make sure Celadon is a success.

Huntress: Understand, master. (Heading back outside)

Black Mask: Helen!

Huntress: (She soon stops)

Black Mask: Remember that name.

Huntress: (She turns back around) That name died when my family died.

Black Mask: (Nodding his head in agreement) Good…now go!

Huntress: Yes my master.

(The Huntress leaves as we shift back to the Black Mask)

Black Mask: (Realizing Omicron will take control of Gotham sooner rather than later)

(Cuts off to the Black Mask)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Conservatory

(Cuts to the conservatory as it is being turned into the setting of the rehearsal dinner and we see wedding planners and other participants helping preparing the decorations)

(We see Anna watching over everything)

Anna: Make sure that goes there.

Helper: Yes.

Anna: (Smiling)

Voice: Unbelievable.

(She turns around to see Victor)

Anna: What do you want?

Victor: Just to say watch your back.

Anna: I’m going to be part of this family if you like it or not.

Victor: I don’t like it. Jason is blind to see how manipulative you are.

Anna: (Giggling) Seems I got it from you.

Victor: No. I don’t know if you had anything to do with my first attempt of my life, but I know you made the second.

Anna: (Not wanting others to hear) I have Jason under my wing. He loves me and he will be my side forever.

Victor: I hope you die.

Anna: Well it seems you had chances from that. I wonder, how’s your wife?

Victor: (Realizing she made a low bow; she gets pissed off)

(And out of the blue, Victor slaps Anna)

(Everyone is stunned of what just happened)

Anna: (She holds her face and gets angry) Get out of here! Now!

Victor: You want to mess with me witch; you got it! (He turns around and heads out)

(Shifts back to Anna)

Anna: (Realizing Victor won’t mess with her plans) Get back to work!

(Everyone get back to what they were doing)

(Shifts back to Anna)

Anna: (Knowing she wants her party and wedding to go off without a distraction)

(Cuts off to Anna)

  • Ext. Gotham Times

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts to the lobby as we see Leo waiting on for someone)

(We soon see Leo calling his father on his phone)

Leo: Hey dad, I was wondering… (He soon sees the person he’s been waiting for) Wait, dad, can we talk later the meeting I told you before is now. See ya. (He hangs up the phone and sees the editor)

Editor: Hello, Mr. Foster.

(They shake hands)

Leo: Hello.

Editor: So, are you ready for the meeting.

Leo: I’m ready.

Editor: Let’s go.

Leo: (Smiling) Can’t wait.

(They head out upstairs)

(Cuts off to them heading up)

  • Int. Manor – Study

(Cuts to the manor then to the study as we see Bruce looking at his laptop)

(We see that he is looking up facilities Wayne Industries has acquired for the past few years)

Bruce: (Investigating each one and then notices one particular place that could be helpful for his plan to stop this conspiracy)

(Shifts to the computer screen as we see the word Stonegate)

(Shifts back to Bruce)

Bruce: (Starts to smirk)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Int. Stonegate

(Cuts inside the facility hours later as we see a man working on a few files and then we see Bruce entering)

Bruce: Mire?

Mire: (Looking up to see Bruce) Mr. Wayne, nice to see you in person, but where is Gideon?

Bruce: I’m the only one in fact I lied to you. I really need your help.

Mire: My help for what.

Bruce: To take down Omicron.

Mire: (Not surprised)

Bruce: You heard of them.

Mire: Only who’s behind it.

Bruce: The Black Mask.

Mire: No, but he’s no. 2.

Bruce: I don’t care if he’s no. 104, I want him…I want Omicron.

Mire: Why?

Bruce: They took something from me and now are trying to destroy Gotham from within.

Mire: Everyone has a dark side, Mr. Wayne. I’m just surprised you found yours.

Bruce: I want them! I want to stop Omicron.

Mire: What do you want me to do?

Bruce: I notice this facility keeps a lot of guns.

Mire: Yeah.

Bruce: I want one.

Mire: Mr. Wayne…

Bruce: Mire, I really don’t care about morals. Please, where’s the gun!

Mire: (Getting it; and he soon brings it out) Here.

Bruce: (Sees the 9mm pistol)

Mire: Be careful.

Bruce: Thank you. (He heads out)

(Shifts back to Mire)

Mire: (Feeling something bad is going to happen)

(Cuts off to Mire)

  • Ext. GCPD Headquarters – Night

(Cuts to the headquarters)

  • Int. Desk area

(Cuts to the desk area as we see Det. Alder and Alfred talking)

Det. Alder: So you say Black Mask is behind this Omicron.

Alfred: Master Bruce told me. The conspiracy is real Megan.

Det. Alder: Yeah, but where to go.

Alfred: How about Wayne Industries. I knew all along Gideon was shady and now he’s part of that conspiracy group that is going to threaten everything about Gotham.

Det. Alder: We’re going to check on it. I promise Alfred.

Alfred: You have to begin now! Master Bruce…

Det. Alder: Bruce?! Bruce did what?

Alfred: I don’t want to betray his trust.

Det. Alder: Bruce could be in danger, Alfred.

Alfred: I know, yet the danger is I don’t know what he is going to do. He really felt betrayed and I think he could be reckless.

Det. Alder: I’m going to do my best.

Alfred: (Agreeing with her)

(Cuts off to them)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to a street as we see a motorcycle zooming across the street)

(As the motorcycle makes a stop at a traffic light turning red; we zoom closer as we see at the reflection of the helmet we see it's Bruce)

Bruce: (He pulls out the gun and takes a view of it; he soon puts it back in his pants pocket)

(The traffic light turns green)

Bruce: (Looks at the change; and soon accelerates the speed of the cycle)

(Cuts off as we see Bruce zooming away)

  • Ext. Abandoned Warehouse

(Cuts to a warehouse)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside as we see Dr. Hughes and Dr. Wiliker beginning the preliminary steps of Project Celadon)

(We soon see a view of the Huntress observing them)

Huntress: (Smiling) The end begins.

(Cuts off to her watching them prepping the project)

  • Ext. Field

(Cuts to a field that is very close to the warehouse and then we zoom out as we see a black car spying)

  • Ext. Car

(Cuts to the car as we close up on the driver’s side as we see the window rolling down and we see someone spying on them)

(The figure wearing sunglasses takes them off as we see its none other than Agent Cutter)

Agent Cutter: (Smirking)

(Cuts off to Cutter)

(Fades out)
[Act II ends]


[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City (Next Day)

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts to the bar area as we see Julie bringing some glasses out until she sees someone coming)

Julie: (Seeing the person) Hello?

Man: Hello.

Julie: Excuse me, I’m sorry I might have forgotten to lock the locks, but Rave is still close. It won’t be open until at 10.

Man: Sorry, it just that it’s been awhile since I been here.

Julie: Can I help you then?

Man: (Checking around)

Julie: (Wondering what he is doing)

Man: (About to turn around) See you around, honey.

Julie: (Immediately pauses as she drops a glass on the floor; she soon is sent to a horrifying position)

(Then out of the blue she flashes back to her attack where the attacker after beating her up says exactly, “see ya around honey”)

(She comes out of it and remembers that and she looks at him)

Julie: It was you!

Man: (The man stops)

Julie: It was you all along.

Man: (Not wanting her to find out the truth; he runs after her)

Julie: (Screaming)

(She tries to evade him as he continues to chase after her; the man soon spears her down to the floor)

(As she fears there could be another attack, the man tries to hold her down)

Man: Scream, nobody’s going to hear you.

Julie: (Trying not to give in to him)

(Remembering her comeback Julie wants to stop this before it goes anything worse; she soon summoned enough courage and uses her leg to kick him in the balls)

Man: (Screaming in pain)

Julie: (Getting up) Who’s a screamer now.

(As he tries to grab her, she finds a tray at a table and whacks him with it)

Julie: You tried to take my spirit, but not this time! (She whacks him again and again)

(We someone entering and we see its Det. Bourne)

Det. Bourne: Ms. Madison!

(As we see her whacking him, the man falls unconscious until the detective stops her)

Det. Bourne: That’s enough!

Julie: (Feeling she needs to finish it, but realize she is much better now than ever)

Det. Bourne: Is this the attacker from before.

Julie: (Agreeing with him)

Det. Bourne: (Grabbing his police walkie) I have a suspect in custody. I’m bringing him in. (He pulls out his cuffs and arrests him)

Julie: Who is he?

Det. Bourne: (Taking a look)

(We see the man’s face)

Det. Bourne: I’ll be damn. It’s Gregor Ems.

Julie: Who?!

Det. Bourne: A freak I wanted a long time; he has a long list of robbery and assault charges. Nice to know you fought back.

Julie: Thanks.

Det. Bourne: Be safe, okay.

Julie: I will.

Det. Bourne: So are you going to Jason Power’s dinner party.

Julie: Yeah. I’m waiting for Bruce.

Det. Bourne: Well let me bring this scumbag to jail where he belongs.

Julie: (Smiling)

(Shifts to see Will taking Gregor to his car; they leave off the screen)

(Shifts back to Julie)

Julie: (Glad that the terror is finally over)

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Ext. Stonegate

(Cuts to the facility)

  • Int. Area room

(Cuts inside as we see Mire propping a few guns)

Voice: Tell me how can I get to them.

Mire: (Looks back)

(We see it's Bruce)

Bruce: How can I get in?

Mire: You need to stop scaring me like that.

Bruce: You need to tell me now!

Mire: Alright, all I know is this researcher a Mr. Wilker.

Bruce: You know him; how you know he worked for Omicron.

Mire: Because I recruited him to the Black Mask.

Bruce: Alright, tell me how to get to him.

Mire: He tells me about a access card that can enter Omicron’s base.

Bruce: Where is it?

Mire: I don’t know. You half to get it from him.

Bruce: Where can I find him?

Mire: He usually spends some nights at this shady nightclub, the Darko Club.

Bruce: Good.

Mire: You have to wait until tonight.

Bruce: That’s better. I’ll blend in nicely.

Mire: You know Mr. Wayne; darkness has no answers.

Bruce: It may not be the answer, but for me it’s the only solution.

(Shifts back to Mire)

Mire: (Understanding his purpose even more)

(Cuts off to Mire)

  • Ext. Darko Club - Night

(Cuts to the exterior view of a shady, nightclub hours later as we see people waiting in line and then we see a gentleman after exiting out of a limo, automatically enters the club)

(The camera follows him inside)

  • Int. Club room

(Cuts inside as the song “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas playing in the background as we see the man who entered comes towards a table and starts ordering drinks)

(The camera takes a glance at his pass hidden near his jacket as we see his name is Wiliker, Olen)

(Shifts to Bruce sitting down drinking a coke and is closely watching him)

(The song continues)

(Shift back to Bruce watching him notices the cryptic conversation; Bruce see Wiliker starting to argue to whoever he is talking to on the phone)

(The song continues)

(Shifts back to Wiliker as he soon hangs up)

Wiliker: (Realizing he needs to relax, he heads to the back)

(Shifts back to the shady figure as he finishes his drinks and puts the empty glass down on the table, and follows him)

(We see the shady figure soon following Wiliker to the back as the song “Imma Be” ends)

  • Int. Bathroom

(Cuts inside as we see Wiliker entering trying to wash his face, and a minute later we see Bruce entering; Bruce glances him silently and trying not to ruin his purpose, but realize he could be running out of time)

Bruce: Mr… (Seeing the name) Wiliker.

Wiliker: What can I do for you, ummm…?

Bruce: Bruce.

Wiliker: (Listening)

Bruce: Bruce Wayne.

Wiliker: (Stopping washing his hands; he looks back at Bruce)

Bruce: I know you know me. (He then sucker punches Wiliker in the face)

(The momentum of the punch pushes Wiliker back to the bathroom stall)

Bruce: I want to know now where the base is.

Wiliker: I don’t…

Bruce: (He soon brings out a gun and points it to him) Tell me now! Where is it!

Wiliker: Alright, alright! It’s at an abandoned warehouse down by Old Creek.

Bruce: Good. I need your card.

Wiliker: Excuse me?!

Bruce: (He soon points the gun back to him)

Wiliker: Okay, okay!

Bruce: (Determined to get what he wants)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Conservatory

(Cuts inside to the conservatory as it is turned into a spring-theme dinner and we soon see Jason wearing a dinner suit and Anna wearing beautiful dark blue dress together celebrating their engagement dinner at the entrance)

Jason: I can’t believe it.

Anna: The day is almost here.

Jason: I know.

Anna: Are you excited?

Jason: I’m happy. I love you so much.

Anna: I love you too.

Jason: (Smiling)

Anna: (Smiling back)

(They share a romantic kiss)

Jason: Ready…

Anna: As I ever be.

(They share another kiss and then we see them being exit out to the table by security men led by Brian)

(Shifts to see many invitees among them we see Julie wearing a hot green dress and Leo and as well Sean wearing suits)

Leo: This is nice.

Julie: (Worrying about Bruce) You know where Bruce is? He hasn’t been receiving my calls.

Leo: I don’t know. Yesterday I never seen him, how you think he was acting.

Julie: Not like himself.

Leo: Well whatever is going on, he should be back to normal.

Sean: Hey, you two speaking of Bruce.

Leo: None of your business.

Sean: Oooh, I’m so afraid.

Leo: (Getting pissed)

Julie: No Leo, he’s not worth it.

Leo: That’s okay, he don’t deserve it.

Julie: So I heard rumors you might have an internship.

Leo: I don’t know yet. The editor told me he’ll let me know tomorrow. What about you?

Julie: I wasn’t fine earlier today, but after a new perspective I think I’m brand new again.

Leo: That’s great!

Sean: (Overhearing it) Umm.

(Shifts to see Jason and Anna sitting down and a few minutes Jason stands up with a glass of champagne)

(The guests stop and quiet to listen to Jason)

Jason: Everyone, good evening! I’m proud and honor that all of you have come to see me and my darling fiancée to observe and celebrate our union in marriage. As you know, I’m dear to my heart and everything in my life has been near perfect. When Anna came to my life, everything change…

(We see Anna smiling)

Jason: What I saw before has now enlighten because of our love. The moments we spent together. I knew since the first day I saw her she would be the one...

(Shift to Julie)

Julie: (As she listens to Jason declaring his love, she thinks about Bruce)

Jason (voice): It takes that one person to know you can see the light in more ways than one; knowing that loved one can bring you back from that darkness.

Julie: (Listening)

Leo: (Listening)

Sean: (Relaxing lazy and listening as well)

Jason: My life is great now. Why is because of Anna. (He looks at her)

Anna: (Looking back at him)

Jason: You mean everything to me; I’ll be so proud to be your husband. I cannot wait until you become my wife. Until you become Mrs. Jason Powers. Everyone raise your glass! (Giving a toast)

(Everyone raising their glasses)

(Anna doing the same)

Jason: Everything is perfect, but what makes it even more is that everytime and everyday you will be always next to the person who forever will be your friend, your confidant, and your heart. To love!

Anna: To love!

Everyone: To love!!

(They beginning drinking; Jason sits back down)

Anna: You were wonderful!

Jason: Being with you, it makes me greater than I am before.

Anna: (Smiling)

(They clink their glasses and they share a passionate kiss; as applause is heard)

(Shifts to Jason)

Sean: (Watching over them)

(Cuts off to Sean)

  • Int. Dark Room

(Cuts to the room as we see a figure entering inside and then notices someone is already inside)

(We see that is Bruce Wayne waiting for him)

Voice: Mr. Wayne!

Bruce: (Looking at the person) I think it’s time we should finally meet face to face.

(Shifts back as the figure reveals into the light it’s the Black Mask)

Bruce: (Smirking a bit)

(Fades out)
[Act III ends]


[Act IV]

  • Int. Dark Room

(Cuts back to the dark room as we see Bruce and Black Mask finally meeting face to face)

Black Mask: So the prodigal Wayne has finally arrived.

Bruce: Nice to meet you, Roman.

Black Mask: (Paused for a second)

Bruce: Oh yeah, I checked up on you before I got here. Roman Sionis.

Black Mask: (Smirking) Good job, Mr. Wayne. I commend your talent.

Bruce: (Smirking a bit) Shame, I don’t commend yours.

Black Mask: What now?

Bruce: (Standing up) Me finishing off Omicron before it’s too late.

Black Mask: And why’s that?

Bruce: You used my family company and try to taint its image for your stupid syndicate’s agenda for what…ultimate control!?

Black Mask: More than that, Mr. Wayne. I want the world to know that Gotham is the epicenter of justice.

Bruce: Injustice. Anyone who can agree with your insidious points must be corrupted without reason.

Black Mask: Wayne Industries is just a mere launching pad.

Bruce: (Getting angry)

Black Mask: I could understand your anger.

Bruce: I’m not going to let this city go down while the criminal underworld tries to rise for power.

Black Mask: (Intrigue and wondering curiously) You and what army?!

Bruce: (Brings out the gun) Me and this.

Black Mask: (Intrigued) I never knew Bruce Wayne would resort in gun violence.

Bruce: I don’t know what to do with my future knowing what I want to do have been forced away because of you and your syndicate’s plot.

Black Mask: My bad. (About to leave) I have no time for this.

(All of the sudden we hear a gunshot; a bullet hits the war mere inches from Black Mask)

(Black Mask turning back around)

Bruce: I’m not done!

Black Mask: You’ve changed.

Bruce: Not the way my father wanted, but who cares he’s dead and soon enough, so are you.

(Bruce aiming the gun at Black Mask)

(We soon see a figure appearing)

Voice: Master!

(A second later we see it’s the Huntress)

Huntress: (Seeing Bruce) You!

Black Mask: He was just leaving.

Bruce: Not yet!

Huntress: (Bringing out her sais) I think my master told you, it’s over.

Bruce: (Checking up on something) It’s not over when I say it's over! (He soon shoots up)

(The bullet hits a sprinkler system causing the alarm to go off and the sprinkler going off causing water to sprinkle down)

(As Black Mask and Huntress are soaked in the raining water, Bruce who is also soaked able to escape)

(Shifts back to the Black Mask)

Black Mask: Stop him!

Huntress: (Listening to him)

(She heads out)

(Cuts off to the Black Mask)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to a hallway in the warehouse as we see Bruce escaping and the alarm still going on; we soon see a guard working for Omicron heading towards Bruce)

Guard: Stop!

Bruce: (Not listening)

(Bruce knocks out the guard)

(The guard drops to the floor as we see Bruce still running forward)

(Cuts off to the hallway)

  • Int. Warehouse center

(Cuts to the center of the warehouse as we see the scientists escaping as the alarm are going off)

(We see a visibly shocked Dr. Janice Hughes)

Dr. Hughes: (Afraid of the project shutting down; she soon notices a familiar face up in the skywalk) Hey!

Bruce: (Looking down to see Dr. Hughes) Dr. Hughes!

Dr. Hughes: What are you doing here?

Bruce: Stopping Omicron.

Huntress (voice): Oh no you don’t!

(Bruce turns around to see Huntress)

Huntress: (Holding one of her sais) This is over!

Bruce: It’s not over. Don’t let that creep in the mask tells you who you are.

Huntress: He is my master!

Bruce: He’s a criminal.

Huntress: And I’m a killer. I abducted you once, but I guess I need to up the ante.

Bruce: So it was you who had those military freaks kidnap me as well you trying to kill Victor.

Huntress: All part of my master’s plan.

Bruce: Don’t you mean Omicron. Black Mask isn’t the one pulling the strings.

Huntress: (Couldn’t believe it) He is the leader.

Bruce: Oh that’s what you believe.

Huntress: Do not mock him!

Voice: Or what!

(Both Bruce and the Huntress turn to see it was Agent Cutter)

Cutter: I know everything about you…Helen.

Huntress: Do not say that name to me!

Cutter: Helen. Helen Bertinelli.

Huntress: Stop saying it!

Cutter: Your parents, Guido and Carmella, they were murdered very similar to Bruce’s parents.

Huntress: I do not want to hear about it!

Cutter: You need to; you never knew who killed your parents didn’t you.

Huntress: I don’t care!!

Cutter: You do.

Bruce: (Realizing she is in denial just like he was)

Cutter: You know who did this. The monster you called your master.

Huntress: (Didn’t want to hear it)

Cutter: Listen to your heart. You know what was right. It was always him.

Huntress: (Looking at Bruce and is about to strike him with her sai, but suddenly looks at Black Mask observing everything)

Black Mask: (Wondering what is going on)

Huntress: (Getting angry and then suddenly explodes) You did this to me!!!

Black Mask: (Realizing his secret has been spoiled)

Huntress: I hate you! You ruined everything!! (She then throws the sai not at Black Mask, but towards the computer that is controlling Project Celadon)

(The sai spins forward and hits the computer; Dr. Hughes escapes as the computer explodes)

Black Mask: No!!

Huntress: Now you know what it feels to have something ripped away from you forever.

Bruce: (Agreeing everything she said)

Black Mask: (Realizing a huge part of Omicron is ruined, he disappears in the shadows)

Huntress: Good luck, Bruce. Destroy Omicron for me. (About to head out)

Bruce: Hey!

Huntress: You don’t need me. I’m going after Roman; you go on and stop whoever is behind this syndicate.

Bruce: I will! Good luck to you, Huntress.

Huntress: Call me Helen. (Smiling a bit)

(She soon runs after Black Mask)

Bruce: (Realizing he has to go after the one person who is the true cause of the betrayal, but he soon runs across with Cutter) What you want?

Cutter: You need my help.

Bruce: Leave me.

Cutter: I can see you and Helen having similar roads together.

Bruce: Don’t push it.

Cutter: Trust me, Bruce you need my help if you like it or not.

Bruce: No!

Cutter: Bruce…

Bruce: I said no!

(Cutter about to grab hold of Bruce’s shoulder until…)

(Bruce grabs Cutter’s hand and then pushes him to the floor)

Bruce: Back off!

(Bruce soon sees Dr. Hughes)

Dr. Hughes: Bruce, I am so sorry…

Bruce: You really need to see your daughter. I will never spend my future with my mother, but you have a chance. Don’t let your daughter grow up without you.

Dr. Hughes: (Remembering)

(And then out of nowhere, areas of the warehouse explodes)

(Bruce, Dr. Hughes, and as well Cutter tries to escape)

(Cuts off as we see the warehouse exploding)

  • Ext. Abandoned Warehouse

(Cuts to outside as a minute later we see them all escaping just in time to see the warehouse explodes)

(They all view the destruction of the warehouse)

Dr. Hughes: (Horrified and shocked)

Cutter: (Wondering if Helen is still alive)

Bruce: (Wondering the same thing, but he soon thinks about Omicron and realize it must be stop once and for all)

(A minute later, Cutter turns around and suddenly sees Bruce gone)

Cutter: Bruce! Bruce?! (Wondering where he is)

(Cuts off to Cutter as the warehouse is still burning in the background)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Sidewalk

(Cuts to see Det. Alder running after someone who may have had connections with Black Mask)

Det. Alder: Hey! Come back! (Running after the man)

(The man slightly glances back and then continues to move forward until he gets stopped by couple of GC police officers)

(As the man stops he turns around and notices Det. Alder)

Det. Alder: (Pulling out her gun) Don’t even move!

(The other officers aim their guns at him)

Det. Alder: Where’s the Black Mask!

Man: I don’t know!

Det. Alder: Don’t you lie!

Man: I’m not.

Det. Alder: (Still not trusting him until she sees her partner pulling up in his car)

(Det. Bourne gets out and tries to reach Megan)

Det. Alder: What’s up?

Det. Bourne: There was a explosion at Old Creek.

Det. Alder: That means what to us?

Det. Bourne: From an important source, that old warehouse is where Black Mask and Omicron is at.

Det. Alder: (Looking back at the thug) Thanks for your help. (To the other officers) Arrest him.

Man: Hey….!

(The officers soon apprehend the thug and place him under arrest while the detectives get in the car and drive to Old Creek)

(Cuts off the car driving off)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts inside the detective’s car)

Det. Alder: You’re sure this source can be trusted?

Det. Bourne: I’m positive.

Det. Alder: Okay, put the pedal on the metal.

(Det. Bourne keeping his eyes on the road as we shift back to Det. Alder)

Det. Alder: (She starts thinking about Bruce and wonder where he is)

(Cuts off to Megan worrying about Bruce)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the company)

  • Int. Gideon’s Office

(Cuts to the office as we see Gideon watching news about a warehouse explosion at Old Creek)

Gideon: (Stunned and worried about the operation)

(We see Gideon getting on the phone)

Gideon: (Waiting for someone to answer) Sconzeri, where the hell are you?! We got a problem. (Standing up) Sconzeri! Call me back now!! (He soon slams the phone to hang up)

(Gideon sits back down and witnessing Omicron’s plans could be up in smoke in the matter of minutes; he soon gets alerted by Bianca)

Bianca: Sir!

Gideon: (Looking at her) What!

Bianca: You have a guest.

Gideon: Not now!

Bianca: But, sir…

Gideon: Goooo!

(Bianca heads out)

(Gideon slumps worrying about his future and Omicron’s)

(Shifts to a voice)

Voice: I think you should have listened to her.

Gideon: (Looking back to see its Bruce) Bruce!?

Bruce: Nice to see me.

Gideon: Bruce, listen…

Bruce: Don’t Bruce me. You lied to me!

Gideon: (Standing up wanting to speak)

Bruce: I trusted you!

Gideon: (Being upset) I never wanted this for you.

Bruce: Oh, come on! That day you and the board hired me to be your personal assistant. You had other plans did you?!

Gideon: You don’t understand.

Bruce: I do, trust me I do understand. Were the other members was in your charade.

Gideon: No. Just me, but let me speak!

Bruce: My father trusted you to bring this company to the map. I trusted you. And what you did, you used my trust and used me for your sick goals.

Gideon: (Shaking his head in disagreement) No, no, no, no!

Bruce: All those “tasks” you made me do all this time, was it to help Wayne Industries or was it to fuel you and Omicron’s seat in power.

Gideon: Bruce, listen to me! I apologize for using you, but…

Bruce: And to it all of; you, Black Mask, and Sconzeri was all in it.

Gideon: I never wanted to hurt you, Bruce.

Bruce: But you sure did a wonderful job in trying to corrupt this company. Well, I’m going to make sure the wrong needs to be righted.

Gideon: (Confused) I’m sorry?!

Bruce: (He soon pulls out the gun)

Gideon: (Surprised to see that) Bruce! Why do you have that?

(Shifts to a determined Bruce holding the gun)

Bruce: Black Mask is taken care of.

Gideon: I had seen the warehouse remains.

Bruce: Just a side note, what is Project Celadon?

Gideon: To usurp all leaders of government that has protecting Gotham and poison the water supply to let our men to take care of it.

Bruce: And you were going to use Wayne Industries to be the scapegoat!

Gideon: Actually, (hesitating) it was going to be you.

Bruce: (Shocked and stunned)

Gideon: Using your trust, it would be perfect or it was going to be perfect now seeing everything is ruined.

Bruce: (Getting pissed)

Gideon: Bruce, I never…

Bruce: (He soon aims the gun at Gideon)

Gideon: What are you going to do with that?

Bruce: Taking care of business.

Gideon: Think about your father! Think about this company…your future as CEO; if you was going to kill me, everything you dream about was going to be destroyed.

Bruce: (Still aiming the gun at Gideon) My future is already destroyed.

(Soon Bruce fires the gun, but the bullet hits the window crashing the glass and leaving a open window)

Gideon: (Scared a bit knowing he was that close)

Bruce: (Realizing that was close to almost hitting him with that bullet)

Gideon: There is still another way. You can get out of this road to darkness.

Bruce: I had been on this road. It just unfortunately I was so distracted with other things in life, I forgot I never got off the road. Guess you and Omicron brought me back to where I was.

Gideon: Change. There is still a chance you can change.

Bruce: I hate you! (About to fire the gun again this time at Gideon)

(And in close hesitation, Bruce almost squeezing the trigger; shifts to see his finger about to pull the trigger; shifts back to Gideon closing his eyes; we soon see Bruce ready to shoot, but thinks about his father, his mother, Alfred, and his friends. Shifts back to see his finger off the trigger)

Bruce: I just can’t. (Realizing he can’t kill)

Gideon: (Opening his eyes)

Bruce: (Seeing everything has changed and would be drastic if he did killed a person)

Gideon: (Knowing he put doubt in Bruce’s mind, he realizes his life is already over) I’m sorry… (Stepping back)

Bruce: (Looking back at Gideon)

Gideon: You may not take a life, but I surely will.

Bruce: Gideon, no!

Gideon: Congratulations, you won.

Bruce: (Seeing what he is going to do) NOOOO!

(And then without a reason, Gideon falls back out of the open window committing suicide)

Bruce: (About to stop him, but is too late)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts outside to see Gideon falling to his death)

(As we see a few people walking, Gideon crashes straight into a parked car frightening everyone who is nearby)

(Everyone is suddenly stunned)

(Shifts to see Gideon’s lifeless body smashing the car)

(Shifts to Bruce who is glancing from the window)

Bruce: (Seeing Gideon signed his own fate and realize no matter what, Gideon would have been dead anyway; he soon starts to think about Sconzeri)

(Shifts back down as we see one teen taking pictures and looks up to see a open window from the building)

(Shifts to see no one is at the open window; Bruce is already gone)

(Shifts back to the teen as he swore he could have seen someone watching)

(Cuts off to Gideon’s lifeless body and people still watching while we hear ambulances and police cars on their way)

(Camera fades out)
[Act IV ends]


[Act V]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Conservatory

(Cuts to see everyone leaving but have all noticed the news of the warehouse explosion and a Wayne Industries executive dead)

Anna: (To Jason) I understand you had to end this party early.

Jason: I wish the party would have stay longer, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Anna: Neither me.

Jason: I want to married you.

Anna: Me too.

Jason: Tomorrow will be the day.

Anna: (Smiling)

(Brian enters)

Brian: Sir, someone is here for you.

Jason: (To Anna) Let me take this and I’ll be back.

Anna: I’ll be waiting.

(They kiss)

(Jason and Brian soon head out; shifts back to Anna)

Anna: (Smiling and then gets a text message; she gets out of her phone to read the text)

(Zooms to the screen as we see the message: “Congrats, hope the wedding will be blissful. And for your gift, I’m coming to Gotham tomorrow. P.S: Stick to the plan. Talk Soon. – L”)

Anna: (Smirking a bit, but realizes the L she has been communicating all this time is finally coming on her wedding day; she starts to begin on what to do next)

(As she heads off screen, we see someone spying on her; shifts to see its Sean Carver)

Sean: (Smiling) Duh-duh-duh, da, da…here comes the bride. (Smiling) This is going to be great.

(Cuts off to Sean)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

(We see the detective's’ car coming back to the city)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts inside as we see Det. Alder and Det. Bourne thinking about everything)

Det. Bourne: What now? That warehouse was a fool’s errand.

Det. Alder: No one was there.

(Listening to the road)

Det. Bourne: As we worried about a stupid fire, one of Wayne Industries execs is dead.

Det. Alder: (Listening to who was that executive)

Radio: Report…Gideon Dobson has been found dead…

Det. Alder: Oh my God!

Det. Bourne: What?

Det. Alder: Alfred told me, Gideon was part of Omicron.

Det. Bourne: He’s dead. Black Mask is suddenly nowhere to be seen. Who’s next on that hit list.

Det. Alder: (Thinking and remembering; she soon realizes the third head member) Sconzeri!

Det. Bourne: He’s the third member!?

Det. Alder: We need to find him or something else will go wrong.

Det. Bourne: If it hasn’t happened already.

Det. Alder: (Looking at Will)

Det. Bourne: Is Sconzeri still at the Narrows?

Det. Alder: That’s where he always lived and stationed his power there.

Det. Bourne: The Narrows…here we go.

Det. Alder: Hurry!

(Will hearing Megan as he puts the pedal to the medal)

(Cuts to see the car heading and zooming to the Narrows)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside the study as we see Alfred)

Alfred: (Worrying about Bruce’s safety as he looks at the fireplace and then glances up at the portrait of the Wayne family hanging above; he sees Master Thomas) I have failed you, Master Thomas. I wanted to protect Master Bruce the best I can, but I don’t even know if there is anything to help him on this dark path he is taken.

(Shifts to see Cutter appearing)

Agent Cutter: There is a way to help him.

Alfred: What are you doing here?

Agent Cutter: Trying to help your master.

Alfred: No.

Agent Cutter: Admit Alfred, the only person that can save Bruce Wayne is me.

Alfred: I refuse.

Agent Cutter: I’m warned you. I guess you will see Bruce in a moment where he cannot get out of; and when the next time you crying to a painting, tell it you going to fail miserably.

Alfred: (Getting angry) Leave!

Agent Cutter: I am, but deep down in your heart Alfred you know I can save him. But who’s knows. Guess we all will see.

Alfred: What you mean?

Agent Cutter: (Heading out of the manor) You’ll see…trust me.

(Shifts back to Alfred)

Alfred: (Confused and perplexed on what Cutter said and suddenly thinking maybe just maybe he could be telling the truth)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Ext. Narrows

(Cuts to the neighborhood as we see the detective’s car stopping near a abandoned building)

(The detectives get out)

Det. Bourne: Just as I always imagine the Narrows, stinky and unsanitary to live.

Det. Alder: Unfortunately, women and kids do live here.

Det. Bourne: I feel sorry.

Det. Alder: This is where Gotham is at its worse.

Det. Bourne. All thanks to Sconzeri. Hope he get stopped by justice.

Det. Alder: Year after year after year…that hope is just about to be ended…

(And then out of nowhere we hear a loud gunshot)

(The detectives look at each other stunned and then run to find out where their shot came from)

(Cuts off to the detectives chasing after that gunshot)

  • Ext. Alleyway

(Cuts to the alleyway as Det. Alder and Det. Bourne entering to find out where that shot occurred; and then they notice a shocking discovery)

Det. Bourne: Sconzeri!

(Shifts to the dead body of Sconzeri)

(As we see Will bending down to check out the wounds, the camera fades and zooms out as we see a already-fired gun as we see smoke coming out of it)

(Then Will and Megan get to notice a person nearby, and they are doubly shocked)

Det. Alder: (Seeing who’s holding the gun) No…no…no…

(Shifts to see its Bruce as he looks at the gun and then look at where Sconzeri once stood and is in sort of a fixed trance)

(Shifts back to Megan in disbelief)

(Shifts back to Bruce as he pondered did he really kill a man)

(The camera fades out)
[Act V ends]


Featured music

  • "Imma Be" - Black Eyed Peas
  • "Stay" - SafetySuit


  • Tainted means something is corrupted or filled with imperfections.
  • In this episode, it represents the Wayne Legacy and Wayne Industries being corrupted by the conspiracy orchestrated by the Omicron Syndicate.
  • It would also reflect Gotham City's reputation regarding the corruption in crime and government overall.
  • Also reflect on Bruce going on a dark path, emotionally damaged by the conspiracy and the manipulation Omicron, especially Gideon, did to him.


  • Antagonists: The Omicron Syndicate (Black Mask, Gideon, Sconzeri, and Huntress)
  • Black Mask and Huntress reappear since Frame.
  • Dr. Hughes reappears for the final time in this episode. She hasn't been since Sin.
  • Gideon reappears for the final time in this episode. He hasn't been seen physically since Dream, but was seen on dvd just recently in Bastion.
  • Bruce and Julie makes love for the second time this season. The first time happened between Switch and Kinetic. This is the first time they made love as a official couple.
  • Victor and Sean forms an alliance as they secretly try to end Jason and Anna's engagement.
  • Victor is also secretly taking heart medication, and indicator that he has been having heart issues since his shooting back in Excalibur.
  • This is the first time Victor has ever gone physical on Anna.
  • Bruce gets an illegal gun, first time he has done this season.
  • Leo officially gets an internship with Gotham Times. He mentioned he was exploring this back in Opportunity.
  • Omicron's main project, Celadon, is their master plan to change Gotham. Celadon is the second project that has try to change Gotham for grandiose purposes. The other was Avalon.
  • Leo revealed Alfred the o card he received from Amanda Waller back in Paradox.
  • This is the first time Julie has seen her attacker unmasked, but sees him, Gregor Ems, captured by Det. Bourne. Ems was the one who attacked Julie back in Paradox.
  • This is the first time Jason, Leo, Julie, Anna, and Sean are seen in the room together.
  • It appeared Agent Cutter has been watching a lot of Omicron's shady ongoings.
  • Bruce and Black Mask meet for the first time in this episode. Black Mask has been trying to find ways to get rid of Bruce throughout the season. This episode marks the first time they have seen each other face to face, although Black Mask's alter ego, Roman Sionis has known the Wayne family. (A flashback of his knowledge happened back in Switch).
  • First and last time Huntress has been mentioned by her real name, Helen Bertinelli.
  • Bruce and Huntress have never met until this episode, though Huntress had Bruce abducted with the help from the military fanatics back in Captive. Huntress may have orchestrated the abduction, but Bruce never seen her, only Vance.
  • Bruce mentions to Dr. Hughes to go back to her daughter. Dr. Hughes' daughter was last seen and mentioned back in Sin.
  • It is revealed Black Mask had Helen's family killed and manipulated her to be his puppet, his loyal follower and solider aka the Huntress
  • This episode marks the final appearance (so far) of Black Mask and Huntress. They both escape.
  • Gideon Dobson dies in this episode, he committed suicide, guilt-ridden of what he done to Bruce.
  • This is the third time the mysterious "L" figure has given a message to Anna. The other two times happened back in Happenstance and Kinetic. For this new message, it seems whoever Anna has been colluding with throughout this season will unveil itself very soon.
  • Sconzeri, the man rumored to have killed Thomas and Martha Waynes throughout the first two seasons, gets killed in this episode.
  • The episode ends in a cliffhanger, with Bruce holding the gun that just fired upon Sconzeri. This episode joins Avalon, Excalibur, and Paradox as the only episodes (so far) to end in cliffhangers, leaving characters in tumultuous situations.
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