Talia al Ghul is a superheroine that has appeared in various media. In fanon media created by 900bv, she appears in the comic Objections! and the video game Batman: Altor's Demise.

Batman: Altor's Demise

In Batman: Altor's Demise she appears as a the secondary playable character. You play as her when Batman becomes injured.

Batman VS

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul, as she appears in Batman VS.

In Batman VS, Talia al Ghul fights on the side of good.

Finishing Moves (Killing)

  • Decapitation: Talia brandishes her sword, before quickly slicing off the opponents head.
  • Sword Improv: Talia throws her swords behind the opponent and then roundhouse kicks them to the floor. The try and crawl away but their face meets the sword and Talia then stomps on them, forcing their head to be cut in half.




  • TBA

Video Games

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