Talisman is the twenty-first episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Ext. Powers Mansion - Night

(Cuts to the exterior view of the mansion as we then see Jason heading inside his dark blue 2009 Ford Mustang GT)

(As he heads in the car, the car starts up, and then we see him heading out of the driveway)

  • Ext. Road

(Cuts to the road a mile away of the mansion as we see Jason driving in his Mustang as it continues to drive away)

Jason: (Knowing where he is going, but suddenly he sees another car heading from the back of his car)

(As the camera view the other car, it is revealed to be an onyx Dodge Charger is trailing him)

Jason: (Feeling he is being followed, he speeds off)

(As Jason’s car speeds off, the other car speeds off the same as well)

  • Ext. Bay Cliff – Still night

(Cuts to the cliff as we see Jason’s car zooming off and the other car following him; a minute later we see the other car driving right by the side of Jason’s car)

Jason: (Seeing the car and inside a man wondering what is he doing)

(A second later the black Charger then out of the blue bumps Jason’s car, and soon it does again this time harder)

Jason: (Shock) What in the…?! What are you doing!

(As the man not talking back, he just swerves his car and bumps Jason again)

Jason: (Aggregated about what is going on; then screaming at the other driver) Are you crazy!

(As the other car continues to ignore him, it continues to bump Jason all over again; this time Jason’s car is reaching very near the edge of the cliff)

(Jason knowing he can’t continue doing this sick game of bumper cars, so he devises a plan as he views the cliff’s edge)

(The other car about to hit Jason again, as the Charger is reaching to bump the Mustang of the cliff road and then out of the blue…Jason seeing his moment, puts his brakes on and the other car—in the action of him bumping again, instead zooms off the cliff)

(The camera views the other car as it rolls over about six times through the rocks and then minutes later we see the Charger crushed in a pile of rubbish and the driver unconscious, bloody, and dead)

(A minute later, Jason’s car stop and we see Jason exiting out of the car to the cliff’s edge seeing the damage of the other car)

Jason: (Seeing the car and then the dead driver near it; he then ponders who could want him dead and then he stumps on something as he notices something on the driver)

(The camera zooms to see the driver’s left arm with a red dragon tattoo)

(Shifts back to Jason as he now figure out that he’s part of the Red Dragons and that they want him dead)

Jason: (Pondering about why they want him to dead all in while feeling what just happened)

(The camera zoomed out of the scene as it then goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion - Morning

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason lying on the lounge chair wondering what happened last night and why the Red Dragons would want to kill him; as he also ponders on something else, Victor enters)

Victor: Well son, what mess you came out of now?

Jason: (Seeing him) After saving your life and finding out who was that assassin…

Victor: Not that again!

Jason: It’s not; Is just that… (Hesitating)

Victor: What?!

Jason: I was almost killed last night.

Victor: What? Who…who would want to kill you?

Jason: Maybe the Red Dragons.

Victor: (Seeing the picture)

Jason: But after the stunts you pulled last week with Julie’s aunt and Julie herself, I think I would be the one not to falter in your game of…

Victor: (Getting angry) It’s not you the Dragons want to kill, it’s me.

Jason: You?!

Victor: They want to hurt me and probably one way to do it is to kill my son; only one man could order that such hit.

Jason: Kane Thorne.

Victor: Hardly, he got that from his father, Rupert Thorne.

Jason: Wait a minute. Not the wicked crime boss of the west.

Victor: Thorne is not only a slithery crime boss, but he also owned almost half of the shady nightclubs in Gotham. He is the literal definition of crime wave.

Jason: And let me guess, his apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Victor: Kane is getting there to his shady father’s business; he practically owned Club Zeta and is the leader of those punks, the Red Dragons.

Jason: And why would Thorne want to hurt you, unless you did something to him.

Victor: Hardly, but I’m not standing back and let neither him nor those dragonheads trying to hurt me or you.

Jason: Unless, they already started.

Victor: (Looking at his son with that stern look)

Jason: Dad.

Victor: Alright, Kinetic Labs, a subsidiary of PowerCorp was ransacked and almost all the scientists were missing; the equipment mysteriously vanished, and my top scientist, Dr. Birch was dead…more like murdered.

Jason: And you think Rupert is going to do it again this time with me.

Victor: Exactly; he almost did, last night, but now this is war. (Heading out)

Jason: Dad! Where you going?! Dad!

(As a bitterly Victor walks off, we back to see Jason worrying)

(Cuts off to a worried Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham High - Afternoon

(Cuts to the view of the high school hours later)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside the school to the hallway as we see Leo trying to find someone and then we also see Bruce noticing Julie coming from a classroom)

Bruce: (Seeing her from across the hallway)

Leo: (Taking notice) Hey man, go over there.

Bruce: I can’t.

Leo: Come on man, the dance is next week and none of us not even Julie doesn’t have a date.

Bruce: You sure?

Leo: Trust me, besides… I totally forgot you had Gina.

Bruce: And what about Lindsey?

Leo: (Trying to get over that) That’s another story.

Bruce: Come on, you been trying to find her for weeks now ever since she saved your butt from those Dragons a while ago.

Leo: Well, what about you?! You been goo-goo over that dream you had and by the way who was that lucky girl?

Bruce: I can’t say.

Leo: Bruce, come on bro, who is unlucky enough to end up to a guy like you.

Bruce: Thanks, I think?!

Leo: I know bro. (Heading out)

Bruce: Where you going?

Leo: To the gym, I just have a inky feeling I might find who you think I’m going to find. (Heading to the gym)

Bruce: Good luck!

Leo: (Waving for thanks)

(As he see Leo walking away, Bruce then sees Julie coming this way and heads to straight to her way)

Bruce: Julie!

Julie: Bruce, it’s been what a few weeks. How you doing?

Bruce: (Ignoring his dream) Doing fine. What about you?

Julie: (Ignoring what happened to her aunt) I’m fine. (But) Actually, my Aunt Sue was arrested, but with help of Jason she got out.

Bruce: Wow, I wish I was there; besides, why you didn’t ask me to help?

Julie: (Hesitating) I knew you was busy.

Bruce: Oh.

Julie: Since Victor was the one who arrested her, I knew his son would fix his mistake.

Bruce: Okay. I heard Gina is working for you now, huh?! (Smiling)

Julie: Actually, she’s taking my place for a bit since I got a lot on my plate such as the dance next week.

Bruce: (Shaking his head)

Julie: (Thinking about the dance) Speaking of, you bringing Gina.

Bruce: Yup.

Julie: Cool.

Bruce: You?!

Julie: …I got…

(Then the bell rings)

Julie: (Hearing it)

Bruce: (Hearing it as well)

Julie: Well look at the bell, I have to go to a meeting with the dance committee. So…

Bruce: So, see you.

Julie: See you. (Smiling after pushing some of her long blonde hair to the back, and then she heads off)

Bruce: (Seeing her go and wondering maybe he should have told her about the dream)

  • Int. Gymnasium - Court

(Cuts to the gym then to the court as we see Leo entering)

(Pan around as we see the court is being modeling to host the Spring Fling dance next week; then we close up to a blonde girl as she is painting the letters for the title of the dance)

Leo: (Sees her and wonders if that’s Lindsey, so he heads to her)

(As he is about to reach for a talk, the girl then out of the blue stands up and walks to girl’s locker room)

Leo: (Missing her by that nanosecond; snapping his fingers) Aw shucks!

(Cuts off to a disappointed Leo)

  • Ext. PowerCorp.

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside to the office as we see Victor coming inside and already sees a stranger sitting in his chair)

Victor: Who the hell are you?

(The figure turns around and it’s an unknown man in a black trench coat, black sunglasses, and carrying an envelope)

Victor: (Wondering who he is)

(The man heads to Victor’s way, and brings him the envelope)

Victor: What is this?

Man: (Smiling strangely and then he heads out)

Victor: (Wondering what just happened and then looks at the envelope; dying to find out, he opens it and all he sees is a piece of note)

(The camera takes a close up to the note as it shows a symbol of some kind, and then we see Victor confused)

Victor: (Confused about the object)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the company)

  • Int. Labs

(Cuts inside to the basement to the labs as we see Lucius is occupied by the computer typing some kind of lab report)

Lucius: (Continuing typing the report unaware of a shiny purplish glow behind him)

(Shifts to the place where the glow is apparent and it reveals to be the puzzlebox doing something strange)

(The camera then sees the box opening up to the round-letter wheel as suddenly the glowing is showing to the following letters: A, B, C, E, I, L, R, U, and X)

Lucius: (Suddenly he feels an ominous wind and looks at the box as it still showing the glowing letters; he sees it, and ignores finishing his report as he heads to where the box is and grabs a notepad and pen; he then copies down the highlighted letters) What is this?

(As the camera sees the letters on the notepad, the glowing suddenly stops)

Lucius: (Confused and bewildered; he then grabs his cell and contacts his partner)

Female (voice): Hello?

Lucius: Megan, it’s me, I think you should see this. I think I found the final clue of what we looking for)

(Cuts off from Lucius then to the puzzlebox)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside to the foyer as we see Alfred grabbing the mail from outside and is heading inside placing it by the foyer table)

Alfred: (After placing the mail on the table, he heads to the kitchen for a fix up)

(As he heads out, the camera closes up onto the mail and then we see another hand looking through it and see one of them is letter that only says Bruce in a feminine handwriting)

(The mysterious person opens it and sees it’s a letter sent from Leslie Thompkins; it reads

“Dear Bruce, I know you are busy with your life and I know Alfred is taking very care of you. But, if you are not I want you to see this man a Professor Ron Burges. He has some information for you that is very important…something your father has not finished before his death. And I hope you could finish this for him. Thanks see you soon, Leslie”)

(As the person finishes reading the letter there is another attachment and it only shows this perplexing symbol, “ “)

(The camera turns to see who this mysterious man is if it’s not Bruce who is reading it; the camera then zooms out as it reveals to be the same mysterious man who is reading it and who sent Victor the strange envelope and he then smirks)

(Fades out)

'[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts back to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts back to the foyer as we see Bruce and then Gina entering)

Bruce: So how was your day?

Gina: (Hesitating to tell him the real reason, she lies) It was okay; yours?

Bruce: (About to tell her about the dream) Um…normal.

Gina: Listen, I have to head back to Rave; I know we finally got to hang out for a while, since I had been taking over Rave for Julie.

Bruce: You know how long does this last?

Gina: I don’t know.

Bruce: You know what, what about I set up dinner for tonight just the two of us.

Gina: I don’t know, I…

Bruce: I already persuaded Mira to take your shift and Julie agreed.

Gina: You shouldn’t have.

Bruce: I love you.

Gina: (Smiling; she then kisses him on the lips and she heads upstairs)

(He then sees mail on the table and notices one is already opened; confused he looks at it, Alfred stumbles in and sees Bruce looking at the opened letter sent for him)

Bruce: (Looking at Alfred) Alfred, did you open this?

Alfred: No sir. I just put the mail down and proceeded to the kitchen; and then I came back here to see you and Ms. Faust already here.

Bruce: Um?!

Alfred: Hate by saying this, sir, but what does that letter said?

Bruce: (Reading) It’s from Leslie. She says I have to find a Professor Burges.

Alfred: What about your dinner?

Bruce: (Shocked that Alfred knows about that)

Alfred: Sorry, I kind of overheard.

Bruce: That’s okay Alfred, why won’t you fix the dinner…

Alfred: But what about Ms. Faust?

Bruce: (Heading to the door) I’ll be finished before she even comes back.

(As he heads out, the camera cuts off to Alfred)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside the building then to the lounge are as we see Julie drinking soda water and then her aunt comes along)

Julie: Hey, what are you doing here?

Aunt Sue: Just finding you.

Julie: Oh.

Aunt Sue: Listen, I know I told you there was something about your uncle Rufus you need to know, and I didn’t tell you last week.

Julie: Yeah, so….

Aunt Sue: Well, I want to caution you. (Giving her a picture and file)

Julie: (Seeing it) What is this?

Aunt Sue: That’s something your father kept in his closet. He gave it to me because that was your mother’s. It holds something very intriguing.

Julie: Thanks.

Aunt Sue: (About to leave) Oh, and Julie…

Julie: (Seeing her)

Aunt Sue: Be careful. (She soon leaves)

(We see Julie looking at the note and she soon catches some horrifying about his past; the camera views to the note as it reveal it’s a prison record and the picture is a mugshot set almost fifteen years)

(Cuts to a stunned Julie)

  • Ext. PowerCorp.

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside to the office as we see Victor struggling to figure out what this letter that mystery man sent him and as he ponders of more; Bradson enters)

Bradson: Sir, I found something very intriguing.

Victor: What is it?

Bradson: Rupert Thorne is holding a mob fundraiser in the Gotham Underworld.

Victor: And that helps me how?

Bradson: His son is the only one watching over a warehouse owned by Thorne, and that warehouse is the central place where Thorne’s main activity is located.

Victor: Good. Thank you, Bradson.

Bradson: (Smiling and he leaves, but sneaks a sinister smirk while leaving)

Victor: (He gets out his phone and calls Jason) Son, I have a favor for you.

(Cuts to Victor smirking)

  • Int. Gotham High Gymnasium - Court

(Cuts inside to the school gymnasium as we see some of the teens who worked earlier on continuing to do what they did; as they enter, Leo continues to stay around here certain for sure he knows that blonde girl was Lindsey as the song, “You Found Me” from The Fray is playing in the background)

Leo: (Thinking if that’s her, and he sees her again as she continues to paint the banner)

(The girl continues to paint the banner and then we see Leo taking his chance and heads to her)

Leo: Excuse me?!

Blonde Girl: (Turns around)

Leo: By any chance your name is Lindsey.

Blonde Girl: My name is Rachel Mae.

Leo: (Feeling sorry) I’m so sorry.

Rachel: That’s okay. (She turns back)

Leo: (Kind of disappointed until)

(The song continues)

Voice: Why won’t you turn around?

Leo: (Turning back)

(The voice revealed to be from none other than Lindsey)

Lindsey: I had been looking for you.

Leo: (Stunned in disbelief)

Lindsey: Can’t believe you thought she was me.

Leo: Hey I couldn’t realize how much you girls look the same with that blonde hair.

Lindsey: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to Leo smiling as well)

  • Ext. Warehouse 17

(Cuts to the view of the warehouse and we then see some mysterious men entering as the song continues; and then we someone hiding in the birches viewing through binoculars and he then sees some of the men with Red Dragon tattoos)

(As the camera views the person looking at the gang, we see its Jason and he suddenly leaves off screen following the Red Dragons inside)

  • Ext. Gotham Clocks Shop

(Cuts to the view of the clock shop as the song continues)

  • Int. Shop

(Cuts inside as we see all kinds of old antique clocks, some new, and most of them old; we then see a old man with specs fixing a clock)

Old man: (Continually fixing the clock; he then hears the door ringing from inside knowing someone is entering) Wait a minute. (Talking in a Welish accent)

(As the camera views the clock getting fixed, a paper with the perplexing symbol, lays on top of it)

Old man: (Angry) What the…

(We see the person with the paper is none other than Bruce; the song continues)

Bruce: Professor Burges?

Prof. Burges: No one referred me as professor from a long time, can I say who you are… (Seeing the symbol knowing what it is) and why do you have that?

Bruce: My name is Bruce Wayne, son of Thomas Wayne. I was requested by a family friend to see you.

Prof. Burges: For what?

Bruce: (Seeing that symbol and then responded back to the professor)…Avalon.

(The professor suddenly knows what he means)

(Cuts off from a determined Bruce as the song “You Found Me” ends)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Int. Gotham Clocks Shop

(Cuts back inside to the clock store as we see Bruce and Prof. Burges continuing to talk)

Bruce: So you know what that symbol is?

Prof. Burges: (Viewing the symbol Bruce gave him) I don’t know.

Bruce: You have to, since Leslie intended me to find you.

Prof. Burges: Exactly, which Leslie?

Bruce: Leslie Thompskins.

Prof. Burges: That Leslie. (Surprised and kind of happy he remembers that name)

Bruce: How did you guys you met?

Prof. Burges: If Leslie sent you that means your father wanted this task to be completed.

Bruce: You telling me my father introduced you to Leslie.

Prof. Burges: Precisely; if wasn’t for your father, me and Leslie wouldn’t be the great friends that we are. (Trying to see the symbol again) Before his death years ago, your father has been on this mission to find a rare crystal…

Bruce: I know about that.

Prof. Burges: You know about the crystal and its side effects.

Bruce: It’s powers are dangerous; it sent me in a three-week coma and made Victor Powers disappeared for three months.

Prof. Burges: I warned your father, the powers of this crystal once found are severe. Nobody knew what this crystal will unleash once a human touches it. Your father, Victor Powers, and Robin Wilden used their business-like egos to find this crystal.

Bruce: To power up an old project, Avalon.

Prof. Burges: You would be surprised that the reason why they named their secret project that is because of the crystal’s true identity.

Bruce: (Wondering) What identity?!

Prof. Burges: That the crystal… (Seeing the symbol once again and remembers the meaning) of course; the meaning of this symbol…

(The camera views the paper with the symbol )

Prof. Burges: …it means Excalibur.

Bruce: (Stunned and confused) The legendary sword in the stone.

Prof. Burges: Yes, but the crystal’s origins were from the actual lake the lady brought Excalibur after taking it from Arthur.

Bruce: (Knowing why the color of the crystal is light blue) You think all of this is real?

Prof. Burges: I was thinking that once your father told me about it. The last thing he told me before he was tragically killed was that he was going to get the crystal and find a weakness to destroy it. Because he knew the powers of that stone is unpredictable and unstable; but Victor, know that crystal is the true essential crux of operating their stupid project.

Bruce: What is Project Avalon anyway?

Prof. Burges: I don’t know. Actually, your father was going to tell me before he died, but he never had the chance. (All of suddenly think of something from the back) Wait, there is one thing he gave me right before he died. I need to find it.

(He heads to the back as the camera shift back to Bruce)

(Cuts to a bewildered Bruce)

  • Int. Warehouse 17

(Cuts to the warehouse then inside as we see Jason continuing to sneak around and see the same men he saw last time as they are waiting for someone)

(Shifts to the men waiting for someone and then they all hear a voice)

Voice: I thought I said kill Jason Powers.

(They turn around as the camera see the voice is from Kane Thorne)

Kane: I gave you deliberate directions to dispose of him. (Disappointed) What happened?!

Red Dragon#1: We don’t know. Khan didn’t respond back from last night, and when we searched for him…his Dodge Charger was destroyed at the bottom of Gotham Cliffs.

Red Dragon#2: It wasn’t our fault. Khan was the leader; he wanted to kill the Powers kid himself.

Kane: And look where it got him.

Red Dragon#1: Can we help you again.

Kane: I’ll see…

(We see Jason looking at Kane talking to the others and notice one of the thugs is missing)

(A Red Dragon, the one who been absent, sees Jason hiding and tries to get him; Jason sees it just in time and knocks him out)

Kane: (Listening) What was that?

Red Dragon #2: I’ll check out. (As he heads to where it is, a shot fires and he falls down)

(Kane and the other Dragon see what just happened)

Red Dragon #1: What the...?

Kane: (Seeing it came from the area of the box crates and see someone dropping a gun and is escaping) No you don’t. (He gets out a silver rim pistol and fires a couple of shots)

(Jason tries to escape as Kane sees the figure exiting out quickly; he sees his chance and continues to fire his gun)

(We then see Jason exits out just before we see Kane exiting out of the warehouse)

Kane: Jason!

Jason: (Seeing Kane)

Kane: (About to shoot, until he throws his car into the bushes and heads inside a dark blue Dodge Charger and zooms out)

Jason: (Seeing he was that close, but Kane is already gone)

(Cuts off to a stunned Jason)

  • Ext. City Park

(Cuts to the city park as we see Julie sitting near a bench and then we see a man approaching her; who really is her uncle, Rufus)

Rufus: Hey, Julie. (Sitting down) So, what is this?

Julie: Can I just spend one day with my uncle without exceptions.

Rufus: (knowing) You know something.

Julie: Is it that obvious?!

Rufus: What is it? I’ll be nice. (Smiling)

Julie: Well, speaking about that… (Showing him the picture of his mugshot and a jail record) What you did that put you behind bars for fifteen years?

Rufus: Extortion.

Julie: (Stunned) How? What happened?

Rufus: I can’t tell you because I already told you enough. (He gets up and about to leave) If you want some clarity, I told your mom, my sister, why I arrested for extortion.

Julie: Maybe it’s you who need the clarity. You don’t have to tell me why, I just want to know why you didn’t tell me you were arrested.

Rufus: Sometimes the people you love the most holds the deepest and darkest secret in order to protect you.

Julie: Like mom.

Rufus: Like her. Like me. Like you; I know you have to keep a deep dark secret to your friends you love. You have a person you want to love.

Julie: Kind of.

Rufus: If he told you his deep, dark secret, what would you do? (He heads out)

(Shifts back to a confused and wondered Julie about what Rufus said)

  • Int. Wayne Industries - Foyer

(Cuts to the manor’s foyer as we see Gina coming downstairs and wondering where’s Bruce and she then sees Alfred)

Gina: Bruce! Alfred, where is Bruce?

Alfred: He had a one last minute thing.

Gina: Oh, well when he comes back; tell him I have to see someone right quick. (Heading to the front door)

Alfred: Sorry by asking, but…

Gina: Don’t worry Alfred, I’ll be back. (She leaves out the front door and closes)

Alfred: (Talking to himself) Why they always tell me don’t worry. (He turns back and heads to the study)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building and then we see Victor exiting the building head to his limo)

Victor: (Suddenly gets a call from his son) Son?!

Jason (phone): Kane got away.

Victor: Don’t worry, we’ll find a way.

Jason (phone): No, this is over. I’m not doing this anymore. (He soon hangs up)

Victor: Son! Jason!

  • Int. Limo

(As he gets in his limo, the door suddenly locks within)

Victor: (Noticing it) What the…? (He checks around feeling something is wrong, but soon he ignores it)

(The limo then pulls off and then the camera catches a zoom to the license plate as it reads “STARX1” indicating its part of Starlix)

  • Ext. Gotham Clock Shop

(Cuts to the view of the shop)

  • Int. Shop

(Cuts inside as we see again Bruce and then the professor coming back from the back room then giving him an object he had in the back)

Prof. Burges: This was the last object your father, Tommy, gave me before his and your mothers’ unfortunate doom. (Opening the old cigar box as the camera reveals a rock that holds the symbol of §)

Bruce: (Picking it up and holding it) What does this symbol means?

Prof. Burges: I don’t know. Maybe that’s the reason why Leslie sent you to find me.

Bruce: Because in some strange way, I guess my dad left this for me here and Leslie knew when it was the right time I should finished what my father has started.

(Then a strange voice appears)

Voice: (Shady voice) I’ll take that!

(Bruce and Prof. Burgers turns to see the grayish black-overcoat man, we know who gave that note to Victor and the one who opened Bruce’s letter from Leslie)

Man: Give me that stone!

Prof. Burges: Over my dead body!

Man: As you wish. (Taking out a pistol and pointing at them and as he about to shoot)

Bruce: (Grabbing the clock the professor was working earlier on and throws it at the mystery man)

(The camera sees the man dropping his gun as the clock knocks it out from his hand; then we see Bruce quickly head to the man)

Bruce: (Sucker punches the man out cold)

(The man falls unconscious)

Prof. Burges: Are we now safe?

Bruce: (Seeing the man out cold, respond back to the professor) I think so. I really think this rock should be with me for now.

Prof. Burges: Go ahead, I believe your father left it here just for you. He knows if he can’t accomplish it his own, he’ll let his son finish it for him.

Bruce: (We see the rock in his hand as he looks at the professor smiling)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion - Evening

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason looking through a book and we then see one of the Powers’ assistants, Janice coming)

Jason: (Seeing her) Janice?!

Janice: Sir, I have contacted Mr. Berlinto.

Jason: And what he said?

Janice: He said it’s a go.

Jason: Good.

(Janice leaving but then is stopped)

Jason: Janice!

Janice: Yes?

Jason: Have you heard from my father. He was supposed to call me a hour ago.

Janice: I’ll check his office. (She heads out)

Jason: (Worrying about his father)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(We see a view of Gotham City as it turning into night)

  • Ext. Sidewalk

(Cuts to a sidewalk as we see Leo and Lindsey are walking down the street)

Leo: So back there at the gym, why you said you was looking for me when I was looking for you.

Lindsey: I knew you were looking for me; I just wanted to mess with your mind.

Leo: (Smiling) Thanks.

Lindsey: Actually I saved you twice remember.

Leo: Twice? I know about that sting at Club Zeta.

Lindsey: And when I gave you that info about Mr. Bryant.

Leo: Oh yeah, thanks…again. (Smiling)

Lindsey: (Smiling)

Leo: You know this is cool.

Lindsey: I know. And you’re cool too.

Leo: (Confused) Me?!

Lindsey: Yeah.

Leo: I don’t know…

Lindsey: (She then kisses him on his cheeks)

Leo: (Surprised) Whoa!

Lindsey: (Smiling and then walks off)

(Leo stunned about the short kiss and he then stops Lindsey)

Lindsey: Leo, what…

(He then makes out with Lindsey and she kisses him back)

(After a short minute, he smiles and she smiles back)

(Cuts off them)

  • Ext. Rave – Front side - Night

(Cuts to the exterior view of Rave as we see Gina about to head in)

Gina: (As she heads in, she thinks about what Bruce done for her and decides not to go; then she gets a beep from her cell. She takes her cell out and sees she has a new message from an anonymous person)

(The camera view to the message: “You’re ready for the job?”)

Gina: (She reads it and she then types something)

(The camera see her reply as “Yes.” And puts the phone away)

Gina: (Is wondering about something and she then heads back to the manor)

  • Ext. Road – Limo

(Cuts to a road as we see the limo Victor is in heading somewhere in an undisclosed location)

  • Int. Limo

(Cuts inside the limo as we see Victor wondering is he there at the point of interest; he reaches out to the driver)

Victor: Joe. Joe, are we there?

(Not hearing a word from him from over a minute)

Victor: Joe!

(We see the window blocking the driver to the passenger rolling down and then we see a person in a driver suit thinking its Joe)

  • Ext. Limo

(Cuts to the car stopping in the middle of the road)

  • Int. Limo

(Cuts back inside to the limo as we see the driver turning to face Victor)

Victor: (Surprised) You’re not Joe?

Man: (Speaking in strange dark voice) I know. (He then shoots a dart from a dart gun at Victor)

(Victor getting hit on the neck and he then passes out to unconsciousness; the man turns around and continues driving)

  • Ext. Street - Limo

(We see the limo about to restart as it drives off to its normal path)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts to Bruce’s room as we see Bruce putting the stone, he retrieved from Professor Burges, near his dresser and then heads out getting ready for the dinner he set for Gina and himself)

  • Int. Dining Room

(Cuts downstairs hours later to the dining room as we see Gina coming inside and seeing Bruce sitting at a decorated table for a romantic dinner, and we hear the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz playing in the background)

Gina: (Stunned as its sight) Wow!

Bruce: You like it?

Gina: Like it, I love it! (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smiling) Yeah, Alfred did all the master work, but I came just in time to finish off the little stuff. So I gave Alfred the night off, which only leaves us.

(Gina sitting by her side with the help of Bruce as he heads to his seat)

Bruce: So, Alfred said you had someone to meet.

Gina: It was nothing. (Seeing her plate is a dish of roast, peas, mashed potatoes, and a roll) Let’s eat.

(They start eating and a few minutes later we see Bruce glancing at her for a bit and remember something)

Bruce: (Feeling he can’t hold this over her) Gina, I have to tell you something.

Gina: (Wondering) What is it?

Bruce: Remember, I told you about that dream I had last week.

Gina: Yeah, you said you dream you always wanted a dog.

Bruce: The thing is it wasn’t a dog.

Gina: (Stop eating and listening to him)

(The song continues)

Bruce: In that dream, I was standing in this wonderful garden and then I saw a girl.

Gina: What you mean by that?

Bruce: This girl was in my mind, my heart the entire time and I didn’t see it. I was blind, but now I know.

Gina: Let me guess, she was your true love.

Bruce: Yeah, everything that happen with Alfred last week; knowing Alfred’s true love was and always Peggy, I now know whose my true love is.

Gina: Before you say it, I have to tell you something.

Bruce: What’s that?

Gina: I got a job.

Bruce: I thought you are working at Rave.

Gina: Actually, I wondered about this job before watching over Rave; it was on my mind before I came back to Gotham.

Bruce: And what job is that?

Gina: It’s like a survey—type of job; I can’t get all into the details, but it can give me a lot of money and… (Hesitating) It’s in Austria.

Bruce: Whoa, Austria?!

Gina: I know, I have to leave Gotham, but it’s the best chance for me

Bruce: You’re leaving Gotham, so what about us?

(The song continues)

Gina: (Not saying a word; and then finally says something) Why can’t you come with me?!

Bruce: I can’t. I can’t leave Alfred all by himself here in this manor and as well my friends especially since I start senior year next semester.

Gina: So that means a no.

Bruce: It just that I always wanted to leave Gotham, I do, but right now is not the best time for me.

Gina: Maybe next time.

Bruce: If you come back.

Gina: I don’t know when I’m going come back.

Bruce: (A little stunned) I don’t know what to say.

Gina: I’m sorry that in leaving Gotham to get the job I always wanted is to break us up is what I have to do…

Bruce: (Feeling sorry and disappointed) …then do it; you have no choice and I’m not going to give it to you.

Gina: Do you want to end us for good?

Bruce: In order for you to live happy and find something you destined for so be it.

Gina: (Getting up and heading to him) I’m so sorry.

(The song reaching to the end)

Bruce: (Not saying a word as he continues to be depressed)

Gina: Maybe one day I’ll be back. You’ll see. (Kisses him on the cheek) I hope that dream comes true. (She soon leaves upstairs to start packing) Night.

(The camera sees Gina heading upstairs—the last time we will see her for a long time—as we see Bruce turning his head to where she was going as he lowers his head in disappointment)

(Fades out as the song “I’m Yours” ends)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. House – Night - Porch

(Cuts to an exterior view of a house as we see Julie heading to the porch)

Julie: (Ringing the doorbell)

(Then we see a door opening and we see it’s her uncle Rufus on the other side)

Rufus: Julie, what are you doing here in the night?

Julie: I was just going to respond to that question you told me earlier about my true love telling me his deep, dark secret, so what would I do?

Rufus: And?

Julie: Whatever is the problem, we are going to face it together.

Rufus: (Smiling) That’s what your mother told me before she married your father; whatever the situation is, they will always face it together.

Julie: (Smiling)

Rufus: (Smiling) You know you have your mother’s eyes.

Julie: I do?!

Rufus: Yeah, why won’t you come in and we can continue to talk.

Julie: Actually, I have to go somewhere else. Maybe next time.

Rufus: Yeah, next time. (Smiling) See you later, Julie.

Julie: You too, uncle. (Heading out)

Rufus: (Smiling then closes the door)

  • Ext. Lindsey’s House

(Cuts to the view of the house as we then see a 2008 Ford Taurus driving up the place; Leo exists out the car and heads to the passenger side to get Lindsey out)

Leo: Guess this is it.

Lindsey: I guess so.

Leo: Yup.

Lindsey: (About to head out and remembers one last thing) About that kiss you gave me.

Leo: Sorry, I…

Lindsey: Actually, I enjoyed it. I guess in some strange way this was sort of a first date.

Leo: In the levels of the twilight zone, I guess it was.

Lindsey: (Smiling) Well, see you at school tomorrow. After all the dance is next week and we all should get ready.

Leo: I know.

Lindsey: (Giving him a kiss on the lips) See ya. (Heading inside)

Leo: Lindsey, wait!

Lindsey: (Before heading to the door) Yeah?

Leo: (Hesitating at first) Will you go to the Spring Fling with me?

Lindsey: (Smiling and runs to him)

(They embrace in a hug and in a kiss)

Leo: (Being sarcastic) I guess that’s a yes.

(Cuts off from Lindsey then to Leo)

  • Int. Wayne Industries – Labs

(Cuts inside to the Wayne Labs downstairs as we see Det. Alder and Lucius as they go over all the clues the puzzlebox has given them and the final one)

Det. Alder: Okay these clues have one thing in common and that it set in medieval times.

Lucius: And the kings have all ruled in England; the chalice came from the king clues and it’s the central idea of the Arthurian myths.

Det. Alder: And Project Avalon came from the mythical place.

Lucius: And this last clue.

(The camera seeing the letters)

Lucius: Wait!

Det. Alder: What?!

Lucius: I know this. (Rearranging the letters) Go fetch that notepad over by my desk.

Det. Alder: (She gets it and heads back)

Lucius: These letters are scrambled to Excalibur and look on the first note page.

Det. Alder: (Seeing the two clues) Reblix Cabula. (Thinking a bit) It’s an anagram.

Lucius: From the Avalon to the chalice is Excalibur; Reblix Cabula is actually An Excalibur.

Det. Alder: So we did it. Now the true question is the sword here…

Lucius: Or something else is referred to Excalibur.

(Cuts off to Lucius’ pondered face)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the room as we see Jason pacing back and forth and then Janice returns)

Janice: I’m sorry sir, but your father hasn’t come back for a while and I tried to contact Bradson.

Jason: I’m starting to get worried about my dad.

Janice: Do you want me to enact a search team for him?

Jason: No!

Janice: But sir?

Jason: I’m tired of this! He played this disappearing act once before, and I fall prey to it that time but not again; this time is different!

Janice: Different sir?

Jason: Because, I’m leaving Gotham for good!

Janice: (Stunned and shocked)

(Cuts off to a already-planned Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Pan around the view of the city at night)

  • Ext. Woods – Abandoned Factory

(Cuts to the view of the old torn out factory)

  • Int. Factory

(Cuts inside as we see a weary Victor getting up and is complex about where he is)

Victor: (Confused) Hello! Hello!

Voice: Victor Powers.

Victor: (Seeing him)

(The man reveals to be a shady man)

Man: The name’s Gibbs.

Victor: (Remembering) Augustus Gibbs.

Gibbs: The one and only. I think you already know my two friends.

(Kane Thorne and soon Bradson)

Victor: (Shocked in disbelief) Bradson! Why!?

Bradson: I thought you taught me Mr. Powers; keep your enemies close and your friends even closer.

Victor: (Getting angered)

Kane: Don’t worry old man, my father is coming here very soon and he will finally show you a level of respect.

Victor: You son of … If you wanted to kill a Powers why not me not my son!

Gibbs: Your son isn’t our goal, you are; you and…

Bradson: (Bringing out the silver-lining container)

Victor: (Seeing it and knows what it is)

Gibbs: (Opening it; and the camera shows the crystal, Excalibur) Here goes Excalibur and your project Avalon is over…courtesy of Starlix.

Victor: (Shocked and defenseless as the war is heavily tipping in Rupert’s favor)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Dining Room

(Cuts to the room as Bruce is about to shut out the candles and he then hears a familiar voice as the song “My Immortal” by Evanescence is playing in the background)

Julie (voice): What’s the occasion?

Bruce: (Seeing Julie) It was something I thought was special, but I guess not.

Julie: Let me guess, Gina was here and…

Bruce: She left thirty minutes ago just after she told me she found a job.

Julie: That’s great.

Bruce: It’s in Austria.

Julie: Oh. (A little shocked) I’m sorry.

Bruce: That’s okay; because frankly you had your doubts about this relationship.

Julie: I didn’t know it would turn out like this.

Bruce: You know she told me why I can’t come with her.

Julie: That’s the reason you said no, because of what?

(The song continues)

Bruce: I wanted to leave Gotham, but something is holding me back from leaving. I thought it was my parents, but its something else and I can’t put a hold on it.

Julie: You think if an opportunity like this happens again, you’ll finally leave.

Bruce: I frankly don’t know.

Julie: You know my uncle Rufus, told me if someone I loved hold a deep, dark secret and they reveal it to me; what should I do?

Bruce: What you say?

(The song reaching to the end)

Julie: We’ll face it together.

Bruce: (Interested about that quote)

Julie: So, I’m saying to you Bruce Wayne, whatever challenges you face and whatever challenges I face, we will face it together.

Bruce: (Smiling) Together.

(They soon embrace in a hug)

(Fades out as the song “My Immortal” ends)

[Act V ends]


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