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The Ace is a show based on the Joker and Harley Quinn's psycotic son,Peter Quinn.

Season 1-Origins

  • Ep 1-the ace of spades pt 1-Peter quinn is born and raised
  • Ep 2-the ace of spades pt 2-Peter quinn,a psycotic cop,becomes The Ace
  • Ep 3- A roll of a dice-The Ace takes over an office building and decides the boss' fate with a roll of a dice and kills him and uses the office as his hq
  • Ep 4-The Ace-Peter dons his dad's costume but he wears the scarecrows mask.He also makes a threat to Gotham saying "I am The Ace,Gotham's doom"

Season 2-Insanity

  • Ep 1-Russian Roulette-The Ace plays a wild game of russian roulette-and kills the victim and goes on a killing spree.
  • Ep 2-Insanity takes over-He attacks a man in a batman suit who turns out to be the real batman and turns insane.
  • Ep 3-boom boom-He shoots batman's remaining family.
  • Ep 4-Revenge-Batman knocks Peter into the sea.

Season 3-resurfacing

  • Ep 1-The ace returns-Peter comes back to Gotham and takes over a tv station,making a broadcast "The ace is back
  • Ep 2-Playing the cards-The ace destroy's Bruce Wayne's life bit by bit
  • Ep 3-Scarring-Peter-aged 26-eventually get's his father's scars
  • Ep 4-playing god-The ace blows up Wayne's newest tower and nearly kills Bruce .

Season 4-Ace of spades

  • Ep 1-Money-Peter gain's $1,000,000,000 in a game of roulette.
  • Ep 2-Ace inc-The ace makes a mafia like group called ace inc.
  • Ep-3-The bat-Batman finds peter unconcious and brings him in.

Series finale

Finale-Peter reforms and turns Ace inc into a buisness.

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