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Armie Hammer
Bryan Cranston
John Hurt
Courtney B. Vance

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60 Minutes

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Warner Brothers
DC Comics


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The CW

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"This city is filled with the corrupt, filled with injustice. I disappeared for 10 years to learn, to train. In my absence I had learned many things. Now I have returned. Now I will strike fear into evil, into those who have ruined this great city. Now I will purge this city of it's Injustice. You cannot hide from me, whether you are Roman Sionis, Carmine Falcone, or even the police, it doesn't matter, if you are the corrupt, the evil, you are not safe from me. For I am the night, I am the... Batman"
―Bruce Wayne in The Bat Injustice Trailer

The Bat is a TV Series on The CW. The first season focuses on Bruce Wayne's early days as the Batman. Bruce does not wear a the Batman costume until the final episodes, instead wearing a ninja style outfit for most of the season. He also is not called the Batman until the end of the first season. Warner Brothers has announced plans up until a 5th season, and perhaps more if the show does well. The Bat is set in the Flash/Arrow universe. The first season is set before the Flash/Arrow shows, however it is confirmed that eventually there will be a time skip, and the three shows will take place at the same time, which will allow for crossovers.


  • Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon
  • John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Courtney B. Vance as Lucius Fox

Recurring Cast

  • Jeremy Sisto as Roman Sionis
  • Danny DeVito as Oswalt Cobblepot/The Pengiun


Title Air Date Code #
"[[Pilot]]" 24 April, 2015 101 1

Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City after vanishing 10 years ago. His plane lands at the Gotham International Airport. Alfred is waiting for him in a car outside the airport. As they are driving to Wayne Manor, Bruce sees crimes happening on the streets of Gotham. Bruce tells Alfred that he's going to need a entrance to the old cave via the manor constructed. Once they arrive, Bruce uses the normal entrance to the cave, and puts his briefcase on the table. It then cuts to Captain Jim Gordon at the GCPD, he tells his men that Sionis' men will be moving a shipment at the docks, and to prepare to ambush Sionis' men, though not knowing it is Sionis' men. It then cuts to Bruce Wayne in the manor in front of a laptop, listening in to the conversation. It then cuts to nighttime at the docks, it shows GCPD Swat moving in towards the docks, however they are quickly spotted and gunned down by Sionis' men as if they were expected. The team radios Gordon about the situation, and Gordon quickly dispatches more men, he also goes there. Gordon's men are defeated by Sionis' men, and one of them is about to shoot Gordon, however he is knocked out, and we see Bruce Wayne in his vigilante outfit. He activates a voice changer, and tells Gordon to pull his men back, then proceeds to take out Sionis' men, he grabs one of them and interrogates him for their boss, only getting "The Black Mask".

"[[Corruption]]" 1 May, 2015 102 2

The episode begins at the GCPD. Gordon is investigating the ambush. Gordon looks at the files and narrows down who the men where to 3 groups, Falcone's, Maroni's, and Sionis' men. Meanwhile back at the cave Bruce is investigating "The Black Mask". After looking at some reports, he believes that Roman Sionis may know who the Black Mask is. It then cuts to back at GCPD, Gordon goes for a coffee break, and an officer goes to Gordon's desk and takes the files, exits the building and throws it away. It then cuts to Bruce meeting with Lucius, and asks for a favor, a grappling hook. Lucius says he can do it. It then cuts back to the GCPD, Gordon exits the building, and an officer approaches him and stabs him. After he is found he is quickly rushed to the hospital. It cuts to a couple hours later when he is stabalized, the lights go out. Bruce in his outfit appears. He asks Gordon what happened, and Gordon explains. Bruce tells him that he shouldn't investigate it at the GCPD, as the crime families basically owns the police. He then tells Gordon that he believes that Roman Sionis may be involved, to which Gordon replies that he'll look into it. Suddenly a message comes in from Gordon's radio which is one the table saying that there is an armed robbery in progress. Bruce quickly dissapears and arrives at the location. He easily takes out the criminals, but notices a drone there. He disables the drone, and takes the memory chip back to the Cave, and after a while he gets a name, "The Penguin"

"[[Penguin]]" 8 May, 2015 103 3

The episode begins with Bruce breaking the computer chip’s encryption. As more is slowly being decrypted it reveals another name, Glenn Wood. Bruce uses a secure phone with a voice changer to call Gordon, saying that he needs info on Glenn Wood. It fades into the GCPD station where Gordon hangs up, and looks at the database information on Glenn, revealing Glenn is in prison. Meanwhile Bruce meets with Lucius again, Lucius gives Bruce the grappling hook, and Bruce gives Lucius some files saying its some designs he wants Lucius to works. Lucius says he’ll look into it. Then it cuts to the night where Gordon manages to get Bruce into the prison where Glenn is located. Bruce goes in and interrogates Glenn, asking who the Penguin is. After a while Glenn says that the real name of the Penguin is Oswalt Cobblepot. Bruce returns to the manor, feeling like he heard that name somewhere before. Bruce asks Alfred about it, to which Alfred responds that Oswalt used to know his parents and that they didn’t get along. Bruce tracks down Oswalt, puts on the suit and ambushes him. Oswalt tells Bruce that he is now part of something much larger, and that now that the crime bosses of Gotham know that they are no longer untouchable, they will be coming for him. Bruce knocks out Oswalt and leaves.

"[[The Falcone Crime Family]]" 15 May, 2015 104 4
"[[Striking Feat]]" 22 May, 2015 105 5
"[[Alliances]]" 29 May, 2015 106 6
"[[Why So Serious?]]" 5 June, 2015 107 7
"[[Proposition]]" 12 June, 2015 108 8
"[[Gordon]]" 19 June, 2015 109 9
"[[The Black Mask]]" 26 June, 2015 110 10
The Bat (TV Series)


Batman arkham origins vigilante bruce wayne by frontrunningscout-d7fsxy4.png

Bruce Wayne's vigilante outfit for most of season one

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