The Bat
The Bat Logo.jpg

Directed by

Gavin O'Connor

Produced by

Wesley Coller
Gavin O'Connor

Screenplay by

Matt Sazama
Burk Sharpless

Story by

Matt Sazama
Burk Sharpless
Gavin O'Connor

Based on

by Bob Kane
with Bill Finger


Richard Madden
Hugh Laurie
Joel Edgerton

Running time

140 minutes


The Bat is a superhero film directed by Gavin O'Connor, with a screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, from a story by Sazama, Sharpless and O'Connor, based on the DC Comics character Batman. It stars Richard Madden as Bruce Wayne, the disillusioned heir of one of the oldest family of Gotham City who dresses as a bat, alongside Hugh Laurie, Joel Edgerton.

The film reboots the Batman film series, recounting Bruce Wayne's early crime-fighting career, from his emergence as the vigilante dubbed as Batman to his fight against the criminal underworld.


  • Richard Madden as Bruce Wayne / Batman:

A disillusioned heir who, after witnessing his parents' death in a mugging at age 10, begins a crusade against the criminal underworld. Wishing to intimidate the criminal element in Gotham, Wayne dresses as a bat to strike fear in them, preparing himself by training in various forms of martial arts available. He refuses to use conventional firearms against his opponents, remembering his parents. 

  • Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth:

A former member of the British Special Air Service and a trusted butler to Bruce Wayne's parents, who continues his loyal service to their son after their deaths as his closest confidant. Always the perfect gentleman, Alfred is faithful, although not afraid to criticize his employer when he deserves it.

  • Joel Edgerton as captain James Gordon:

Once an idealistic cop, his experiences with violence and the conditions in Gotham have caused Gordon to develop a pessimistic view towards the world. He remains, however, one of the uncorrupted Gotham City police officers and sets to once again become the moral policeman he once was.

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