The Batman was a succesful animated series. This is my fan continuation.

Season 6

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Name: Plot: Villain(s): Introduced To The Series: Notes:
The Dark Knight Returns


Penguin, Everywhere Man Harvey Dent, Jim Corrigan TBA
Let There Be Lightning TBA Whale, Firefly, Ragdoll Black Lightning, Whale TBA
Fear Itself TBA Scarecrow Scarecrow TBA
Many Faces, Part 1 TBA Doctor Phosphorus, Two-Face Doctor Phosphorus TBA
Many Faces, Part 2 TBA Doctor Phosphorus, Two-Face Nobody TBA
The Society TBA "The Society" (Scarecrow, Riddler, Killer Croc, Bane, Penguin) The Society TBA
Scars, Scars, Everywhere TBA The Ventriloquist & Scarface, Mr. Zsasz Mr. Zsasz TBA
Gotham City Sirens TBA Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman Nobody TBA
Shadow of the Bat TBA Mr. Zsasz, Black Mask Nobody


Bring The Fire TBA Maxie Zeus Jeremiah Arkham TBA
The Cat, The Bat, and The Ugly TBA Two-Face, Anarky, Catwoman Anarky TBA
The Secret TBA Eclipso, Mr. Zsasz, Black Mask, Anarky, Maxie Zeus Eclipso TBA
Assassin Team-Up TBA Deathstroke, Zsasz, Firefly, Deadshot, Bane, Rupert Thorne Deathstroke, Deadshot TBA


Name: Description: Appearance: Voice: Appears: Abilities:
Scarecrow Based off the comic book character of the same name. Johnathan Crane was obsessed with fear, and created a cloud of smoke that makes who ever inhales it see there worst fear standing in front of them. His coeworkers discovered his evil invention and got him fired. He made a costume and got revenge, but was foiled by Batman. He later reurned, kidnapped Yin, and threatened to give her a dose so powerful it could permanently destroy Yin's brain. A skinny man in a brown costume with a mask much like that from Batman Begins, except with a hat. He also has an axe and red goggles.

Fear Itself:

Dino Andrade

The Society:

Danny Jacobs

"Fear Itself"

"The Society"

Fear gas, agility, weapons master, and high intelligence.
Two-Face Based off the comic character of the same name. This version started out as a cop. He was one of the few members who trusted Batman. However, when half of his face was disfigured by Doctor Phosphorus, he snapped and went to kill Phosphorus, who was still on the run. Batman tried to stop him, but had no choice to defeat him AND Phosphorus, placing both in Arkham. A blonde cop with half of his face pitch black with exposed teeth and a red eye, while the other half is completely normal. Kevin Conroy (Harvey Dent), Steve Blum (Two-Face)

"Many Faces"

"The Cat, The Bat, and The Ugly"

Weapons master.
Doctor Phosphorus Based off the comic character of the same name. His appearance is closer to Dog of War's version. His origin has also been changed: he was a scientist/expert on atoms. One time, he was working on a machine to generate atomic energy, but it turned on while he was making it and mutated him into a horrible monster. He attacked the city in a fit of rage, taking out his anger on all the citizens. When Batman fought him, Phosphorus accidentally burnt half of Harvey Dent's face. A glowing, blue-skinned man in a labcoat. He has purple eyes and a skeletal-like face. John Glover

"Many Faces"

Energy projection, control over fire, and high intelligence.
Eclipso Based off the comic character of the same name. He is depicted as an evil spirit that escaped the spirit-world. After Eclipso escaped, the wizard Merlin chose Jim Corrigan to become the new Spectre to stop Eclipso. At first, he starts taking out random villains and feeding on their energy and life-force. Then he starts posessing people. A man in a golden cloak. His eyes are red, his belt-buckle is a skull, and he wears a mask that resembles a dragon. Steve Blum "Eclipso" Phasing through solid objects, laser eyes, fire breath, flight, super-strength, energy absorbing, and posession.
Anarky Based off the comic character of the same name. This version was a rebel who never listened to rules. Then when his favorite skating park was shut down, he blamed rules, and made a super-villain persona as Anarky, going after everybody in his life whoever bossed him around. Batman easily defeated him, but, later, when Two-Face kidnapped Catwoman it was revealed he teamed up with Two-Face. A teenager in a red costume with an anarchy A on his chest. He wears a golden mask and has long, red hair. He wears normal jeans, has a golden sword, and the sleeves on his costume have been ripped off. He wears red boots. Joshua Keaton

"The Cat, The Bat, and The Ugly"

"The Secret"

Agility and weapons master.
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