The Batman: Gotham Crusaders is a live action american drama TV Series, based off of DC Comic's character Batman.


<p style="font-size:14.3999996185303px;">With the help of his butler, Alfred, and two partners, Robin and Batgirl, billionaire Bruce Wayne, as the Batman, saves Gotham city from rogue criminals, such as Joker, The Penguin, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and more, while also helping out his team members, occasionally, of the Justice League.


Heroes/Main Characters

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Rino Romano: At the age of 10, Bruce's parents were murdered. At about 18, Bruce traveled the world learning martial arts, and many more technique's and once returning to Gotham City, Bruce used his knowledge and skills and became Gotham's Dark Knight.

Robin/Nightwing/Batman/Dick Grayson - Dylan Sprayberry: A circus performer, whose parents were killed. Dick was adopted by Bruce and quickly discovered his secret. In order to save Batman, Dick had to dawn his old circus uniform, and became the Dark Knight's young partner.

Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon-Grayson - Jadin Gould: The daughter of Commissioner Gordon and a fan of Batman's. When her father was captured by Poison Ivy, Barbara dawned her gymnastics uniform, becoming another partner to Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Cleese: The butler to the Wayne's and the only family Bruce had after his parents died. Alfred raised Bruce and traveled with him on Bruce's journey over Earth. Now that Bruce is Batman, Alfred is one of his greatest allies.

Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake - Graham Philips: After seeing Robin perform a trick, that he saw Dick perform, he knew that they were one in the same, which also gave him a clue that Bruce is Batman. Tim gained a batarang, and he practiced using it. After he was saved by Batman, with Dick as Nightwing, Tim took up the mantle as Batman's partner in crime fighting. When Tim's father died, Bruce adopted him.

Spoiler/Batgirl/Stephanie Brown-Drake - Jamie Lynn Spears: A young hero that first started out as Spoiler and became allies with the caped crusaders. When Tim's dad did not allow him to be Robin, Spoiler dawned his uniform and name, but Tim eventually took it back. When Barbara retired, Stephanie took up her mantle.

Robin/Damian Wayne - Jackson Wallis: The son of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Because of their death, Damien finally decided to put on a cape, becoming the new Robin, joining the Batman (who was Dick Grayson).

Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon - Gary Oldman: Gary is the man who played Comm. Gordon in the Dark Knight film series. In season 2, Jim Gordon moved to Gotham and became the commissioner. Though Chief Rojas wasn't a fan of Batman, Comm. Gordon believed that Batman could decrease Gotham's crime rate and formed a partnership with the Dark Knight. Jim is also the father of Barbara, but doesn't know his daughter is Batman's young partner, Batgirl.

Ace/Bathound - In season 7, Dick and Barbara found a stray dog and took him home, where Bruce named him Ace. They trained the dog and eventually it helped them track and stop criminals, so they gave him a mask and cape, and he became the Caped Crusader's dog.

kid Flash/Wally West - Kyle Gallner: The Flash's young partner, and Dick's best friend. Like the Flash, Wally has super speed, but is not as fast as his mentor. Wally first appeared in Season 4 and became one of the main characters in Season 6 and 7. In CW's hit series Smallville, Kyle portayed Bart Allen/Impulse.

Artemis - Peyton List: The young protege of Green Arrow and Barbara's best friend. Like Wally, she first appeared in Season 6 and became one of the main characters in Season 6, but was a reoccuring character in Season 7.

Zatanna Zatara - Vanessa Hudgens: The young daughter of John Zatara, but when he got captured, she stayed with Bruce, where she and Dick quickly connected. While staying at the wayne mansion, she became a main character in Season 7. After Barbara broke up with Dick, he and Zatanna became a couple, until Dick realized he can't love anyone, the way he loves Barbara.


Joker - A psychotic clown criminal and the Dark Knight's worst enemy. Using his homemade "Joker Gas", the criminal tries to turn Gotham's frown, upside down.

Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinn - The Joker's partner in crime and love. After her show was cancelled, she teamed up with Joker, to get revenge on the people who cancelled it.

Penguin - A penguin-like criminal, who uses a tricked-out umbrella to steal.

Riddler - A criminal who likes puzzles and riddles, and uses them to terrorize Gotham and uses them to give Batman chances to stop him.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle-Wayne - Erin Richards: During the day, Selina is a charity fundraiser, trying to save endangered species of cats, but at night, she's a catburglar, who has a strong attraction to Batman.

Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley - A former friend of Barbara's, but after being hit with an expirimental plant growth serum, she was able to control plants.

Ra's Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul

Man-Bat/Kurk Langstrom

Dr. Hugo Strange - A former psychiatrist, and one of Batman's most powerful enemies.

Justice League of America

Most of the JLA cast, are from CW's Hit TV Series, Smallville.

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El - Tom Welling: A reporter for Metropolis' Daily Planet, who is also an alien, with several powers. Tom portrayed Clark Kent in CW's hit TV Series, Smallville.

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince - Mellisa Carcache: The princess of Themyscira and an amazon warrior, who has super strenght, super speed, flight, a lasso, that can make anybody reveal the truth, and an invisible jet.

Martian Manhunter/John Jones - Phil Morris: An alien from planet Mars , and one of the first members of the JLA.

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen - Justin Hartley: ​One of the main characters from Smallville, and a billionaire, who uses special gadgets and arrows to fight crime.

Victor Stone/Cyborg - Lee Thompson Young: A famous quarterback, who got in an accident, causing him to need robotic body parts. Lee Portrayed Victor in Smallville

Watchtower/Chloe Sullivan - Allison Mack: The second most important character from Smallville, first being Clark. The super intelligent Wife of Oliver and best friend to Clark. Since episode one of Smallville, Clark and Chloe know eachother, better than anyone else knows them.

The Flash/Barry Allen - Grant Gustin: After getting hit by lightning and thrown into chemicals, Barry has been the fastest man alive.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan - Ryan Raynolds: A test pilot, who uses a special ring, powered by will, to create anything he can possibley imagine.

Aquaman/Arthur Curry - Alan Ritchson: The king of Atlantis.

Hawk Man/Carter Hall - Michael Shanks: The former leader of the JSA, who uses a mace and wings to fight evil. This is the same Carter from Smallville

Star Girl/Courteny Whitmore - Britt Irvin: 

Teen Titans

Dick and Barbara became friends and teamed up with with most of the JLA's sidekicks, as they all refer to as, the Teen Titans.

Superboy/Conner Kent/Kon-El - Lucas Gabreel: Lucas also portrayed Conner Kent in Smallville. Conner is a genetic clone of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent. Like Clark, 

Supergirl/Kara Kent/Kara-El - Laura Vandervoot: One of the main characters of season 7, of Smallville, who also portrayed Kara Kent in the Series. Clark's Kryptonian cousin, who was sent to Earth, to look after her baby cousin, but got trapped in suspended animation, but woke up to an adult Clark, who she last saw as a baby.

M'gann M'orzz/Megan Morse - Galadriel Stineman: The niece of Martian Manhunter.

Mia Dearden/Speedy - Elise Gatien: A runaway child, who was taken in by Oliver and was trained by him. Though in the comics, Mia was the second Speedy, in this, like in Smallville, Mia is the first Speedy. Elise played the role of Mia in Smallville

Jaimie Reyes/Blue Beetle - Jaron Bartlett: Jaron only portrayed Jaimie in one episode of Smallville. Jaimie uses the blue beetle scarab to form a teched-out suit

Rachel Roth/Raven - : After being saved by John Zatarra, Rachel joined John's daughter, Zatanna, in the Teen Titans, where Zatanna taught Raven, what her father taught her.

Changeling/Beast Boy/Garfield Logan - : As a young boy, Logan was cured of rare disease, by an untested serum, that changed his hair, eyes, and skin green, and also gave him the ability to metmorph into animals. Garfields parents died on cruise. He first fought crime as, the Changeling, but after joining the Teen Titans, he changed his name to Beast Boy.


Lois Lane - Erica Durance: The Same Lois Lane from Smallville. Chloe Sullivan's cousin and Clark Kent's fiancee, who helps to keep his identity a secret and co-works with him at the Daily Planet.

James "Jimmy" Henry Olsen - Aaron Ashmore: A photographer from the Daily Planet, and close friend to Clark and Lois. In Smallville, Aaron Ashmore playedJames Bartholomew Olsen, but this is his younger brother, who is the Jimmy from the comics.

Lex Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum: Michael portrayed Lex in Smallville. An old friend of Clark's, who got power mad and turned to crime.

Brainiac/Milton Fine - James Marsters: A super computer from Krypton. James portrayed Brainiac and Brainiac-5 in Smallville.

Batman/Terry McGennis - Logan Lerman: In an alternate universe, Terry has taken up the mantle of Batman is working for the alternate Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne (Beyond Universe) - Adam West: The alternate Bruce, being to old to fight, he has given up the mantle of Batman to Terry.

Ace (Beyond Universe) - A great dane that Bruce took in and is an occasional partner to Terry.

Barbara Gordon (Beyond Universe) - Yvonne Craig: The former Batgirl and new Commisioner, taking her father's place.


Season 1

In season 1 of Gotham Crusaders, Bruce Wayne, as Batman, must face his first real line of super villains, such as the Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and more.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Det. Ellin Yin, Det. Ethan Bennet, Harvey Bullock

Title Information
The Bat in the Belfry Batman finds out that an insane criminal, calling himself the Joker, released every criminal in Gotham. Now the Dark Knight must face-off against the clown prince of crime, for the first of many times.
Call of the Cobblepot Alfred tries to stop misbehavior, by Oswald Cobblepot, or the Penguin, but the he captures Alfred instead. Now Batman must save his butler, and finds out that Oswald is behind robberies, commited by birds.
Bane in the City After getting severley injured by a new foe, Bane, who is using special venom to buff up. Now Batman must find another way to beat him, so he creates a robotic suit to step up to Bane's level.
Two Sides of one Coin The Joker takes millionaire, and Bruce Wayne's friend, Harvey Dent for ransom, but half of Harvey's body gets caught in Joker's explosion.
Strenght of Fear Batman is effected by his new foe, Scarecrow's, fear gas, causing him to see his worst fear, disappionted by his parents and failing to save Gotham, but now Bruce must face his fears, in order to stop Scarecrow from spreading his fear gas all over Gotham.
The Cat and the Bat After battling a new foe, known as, Catwoman, Batman's utility belt is swiped from him, by his new enemy. Now he must get it back from the cat burglar. Meanwhile, Bruce falls in love with Selina Kyle, but as Catwoman, she is only interested in Batman.
Battle of the Bats One of Bruce's employees, Dr. Kirk Langstrom, is assigned to expirement on bats, but accidently becomes one himself.
Crocked Batman must face off against a super strong human-alligator, calling himself, Killer Croc.
Laughter of Gotham Batman must stop Joker, when the insane clown places ten bombs, filled with joker gas around Gotham.
Spine Chills Mr. Freeze, Batman's new enemy, uses his new ice powers to steal valuable diamonds. Freeze reveals that Batman is the reason for aron Freeze's cryogenic state.
Need for Speed When Batman can't catch a super fast villain, gearhead, he must upgrade the Batmobile, in order to make it faster
Rubberface of Comedy The Joker creates a new substance, he calls "Joker Putty", and Batman and the police are out to stop him. Bruce decides to let his friend and policeman, Ethan Bennet, in on his secret, but Ethan gets captured by Joker.
Clayface of Tragedy Batman must face a new enemy, his very own friend, Ethan Bennet, now calling himself Clayface, who can shapeshift into anyone, or anything.
Bird of Prey While Bruce Wayne is the subject of a TV Magazine Series, Penguin pulls a heist on the Wayne mansion and captures Alfred, but with all the camera's, Bruce must find a way to sneak into the Batcave, without revealing his secret.
Two Sides of One Man Harvey Dent has finally returned, since the explosion, that left half his body damaged. Now Harvey, or Two-Face, is out for Joker and the Batman.

Season 2

Season 2 introduces new villains, Riddler, Firefly, and Poison Ivy, as well as new heroes, Commisioner James Gordon, and his daughter, Barbara Gordon, who becomes Batman's unwanted partner, Batgirl.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Det. Yin

Title Information
The Cat, The Bat, and the Very Ugly Catwoman and Penguin team up to steal two valuable statues, that can harness the power of the sun, when put together, and Penguin wants to hold Gotham for ransom, but Catwoman just wants the gems. Things go wrong for the criminals, when Batman shows, but Penguin handcuffs Batman and Catwoman together, with handcuffs, rigged to explode if removed.
Puzzled and Riddled Batman must secretly help detective Yin, when a new enemy, The Riddler, sets up bombs and the only way to disarm them, is to answer his riddles. Meanwhile, a new Commisioner and his daughter move to Gotham and the new Commisioner disagrees with Rojas, about The Dark Knight
When Bats Laugh The Joker injects Batman with his Joker Venom, causing Bruce to become like the Joker.
The Batgirl - Part 1 Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, a big fan of the Batman, gets involved in police work, when she finds out her friend, Pamela Isley, hires a criminal to destroy power plants, expirementing on plants.
The Batgirl - Part 2 When Commissioner Gordon is captured, by Pamela, or Poison Ivy, Batman must stop her, but Barbara gets herself involved again, by dressing up like Batman and calling herself Batgirl, against the vigilante's orders.
The Dark Knight to Remember After a battle with the Penguin, Bruce loses his memory, about being Batman, but he still knows what Batman is, he just doen't know, that he is Batman, but when Batgirl is captured, Alfred must help Bruce regain his memory, while Barbara begins to suspect Bruce is Batman.
Night on the Town The Joker, Penguin, and Riddler battle for control over Gotham, so they make a bet, to where whoever unmasks the Batman, controls Gotham.
Strange Minds When Detective Ellen Yin is captured by the The Joker, and hides her, before he's captured by the Batman, the Dark Knight must use Hugo Stranges new device, to go through The Joker's sick mind.
Meltdown Bruce's old friend and Det. Yin's former partner, Ethan Bennet, who was last seen as Clayface, is out for revenge on The Joker. Now Batman must bring in his old friend, or now, his new enemy.
Two Sides, of One Gotham The Two-Face returns, and plants two bombs in Gotham, one above the city and one below it. With no other choice, Batman must trust Batgirl, to disarm the bomb above Gotham, while he looks below.
The Apprentice of The Joker After seeing Batman and Batgirl's co-operation, for defeating him, the Joker escapes, and sets out for a sidekick of his own, Barbara's classmate, who wants to make people laugh.
When Cat's Laugh When a rare Leopard statue is stolen, Batman and Batgirl suspect Catwoman and go to protect the second one, but they find out the Joker has stolen it and has taken them and Catwoman to killgore steed, a maze with traps and creatures.
Grundy's Night An old legend, about an ancient zombie, Soloman Grundy, comes true and Batman must stop him, but he and Alfred find out there's more to Grundy than meets the eye.
Wild Card Batman must go up against the Royal Flush Gang.
Thunder After losing in to Mayor Grange, in a re-election, Maximillian Zeus, takes Gotham from the sky, in his giant aircraft, he names, Mount Olympus. Meanwhile, Batgirl pleads to Batman for letting her in on his crimefighting gear, and eventually, he does
The Ultimate Criminal Mastermind Hugo Strange creates a database, encoded with the minds of many of Gotham's criminals, in order to determine their next crimes, but it turns into a mind of it's own, claiming to be the ultimate criminal mastermind, ready to expose the true identity of Batman.

Season 3

Like the previous seasons, more heroes join in the fight against crime, such as Dick Grayson, or Robin, and Det. John Jones, or Martian Manhunter, but new villains have also entered Gotham, such as the Joining and Harley Quinn. Det. Ellin Yin is not a main character in this season, or in any future seasons.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Commisioner James "Jim" Gordon

Title Information
A Matter of Family After a young circus performer, Dick Grayson, loses his parents to a criminal, Tony Zucco, he is taken in by Bruce Wayne, and he finds out Bruce's secret. Batman sets out for Zucco, but is captured. Dick modifies his new circus uniform, and goes to save Batman, as his new partner, Robin
New Teams The Penguin forms a team of himself, Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Bane. Meanwhile, Robin and Batgirl don't get off to a good start, when she finds out that Robin knows Batman's identity, has had training, and has been to the Batcave, which is why Bruce reveals himself. Now, in order to save the day, Batgirl and Robin must learn to work together.
Clayfaces of Doom A struggling actor, Basil Karlo, steals the Clayface mutagen, and becomes the new Clayface. Meanwhile, Ethan Bennet, the original Clayface, is trying to prove himself to Batman, and his best friend, Bruce, and claims to have turned over a new leaf, but Batman is unsure if he trust Ethan enough, to help him stop Basil.
Have a Joker's Christmas The Gordon's have Dick, Bruce, and Alfred over, for Christmas, but The Caped Crusader must stop the Joker, when he captures Commisioner Gordon, Det. Yin, and Det. Casey and hides them in three toy stores in Gotham. Meanwhile, Bruce, Barbara, Alfred, and Jim try to give Dick a good first Christmas, without his parents.
Two of a Kind After ambushing Bruce Wayne on her TV, Harleen Quinzell is fired from her show, but her number one fan, Mr. J, who turns out to be the Joker, is unhappy, and turns her into his partner of crime, Harley Quinn, who sets out for the person who cancelled her show
Strange New World Hugo Strange infects Gotham with a virus, that turns them into zombie's, even Batgirl, leaving only Batman and Robin to spread the cure, but when Robin is infected, Batman has only one chance to save Gotham and all the people he tries to protect.
Seconds On New Years Eve, the trio can't seem to catch a regular thief, Francis Grey, who has the ability to rewind time, only 20 seconds, letting him know the caped crusaders every move. Using his powers, Francis plans to spread toxic gas over gotham, to get revenge on the people, who locked him away, from his family, after stealing a watch.
Hallows Eve The Scarecrow bring Halloween to Gotham early, by using pumpkins, that people see as horrible creatures.
Surprise Dick, Barbara, and Alfred plan a party for Bruce's B-Day, but he unknowingly avoids each surprise, because he's too distracted, trying to find out Joker's plan.
Lost in Metropolis While he, Robin, and Batgirl battle Two-Face, Batman disappears and is know where to be seen, leaving it to Alfred and the young heroes to find their mentor. Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up in Metropolis and gets help from a future friend, Lois Lane.
Day of Love and Day of Laughs Joker and Harley plan a valentine's day surprise for Gotham, and it's up to the heroes to stop them. Meanwhile, after kissing at a party, Dick and Barbara think they might have feelings for eachother.
Brawns Vs. Brains Joker steals Bane's venom and uses it to defeat Batman. While Batman fights the Joker in the Batbot, from episode 2, Robin and Batgirl for the rest of Bane's venom, though things have been awkward between them since they kissed.
Red Light The Riddler zapps Gotham with a red ray, paralyzing everyone, leaving only the Caped Crusaders and Alfred left unstunned, because they were in the safety of the Batcave. Now the trio must capture Riddler in order to save Gotham.
Riddler's Revenge During a battle, Batman and Riddler get stuck in a crater, while running out of air, and Riddler explains his history as a villain, and how Batman had a part at the villains beginning. Meanwhile, Dick must find a way to get out of class, to help his partner.
The Joining - Part 1 Batman finds out that Gotham's new detective, John Jones, knows his secret identity, but Bruce is in for a shock, when he finds out that John is actually a Martian and must find out if "Martian Manhunter" is a friend or foe.
The Joining - Part 2 Martian Manhunter informs Batman about an alien invasion, called the Joining. Meanwhile, Bruce questions his need for Batgirl and Robin and doesn't let them help battle the joining, but Alfred encourages the young heroes to disobey Bruce.

Season 4

In the fourth season of the series, a lot more heroes are introduced, such as most JLA members. In this season, Dick and Barbara finally get together.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Commisioner James "Jim" Gordon

Title Information
Reality Check The Caped Crusaders each wake up in their perfect dream worlds, Bruce and Dick's parents are alive, Barbara's mom is alive. Dick has become a professional acrobat, Barbara is a famous gymnist, and Bruce runs WayneTech, with his father, but they each start remembering their real lives and need to find out what's happening
Music to my Ears The Penguin uses a special radio song, to put people to sleep, and steals priceless jewels. Meanwhile, Dick and Barbara are forced to perform in the talent show, in order to bring their grades up and once they're finished, Dick kisses her.
The Bird and the Bat The Dynamic Duo must stop the Riddler, when he's ready to blow up Gotham, if they don't reveal the answer to the only riddle he can't solve, thier secret identities. Meanwhile, Barbara avoids Dick, thinking over him kissing her, but must save the two, when they get captured.
Date Night Dick and Barbara prepare for their first date, but Joker and Harley have date plans of their own. Meanwhile, Alfred sets Bruce up on a blind date, but it turns out to be Selina Kyle, or as Bruce better knows her as, Catwoman.
Summer Vacation Dick and Barbara are out for summer vacation, and Dick has to go with Bruce to Hawaii, for an organization Wayne Industry is funding, and Barbara goes along. Meanwhile, Dick and Barbara plan a romantic day in Hawaii, but are interrupted, when ninja's attack the party.
The Superman/Batman Story Part 1 Lex Luthor teams up with Gotham's rogues, in order to defeat Superman, unexpecting Batman and Robin.
The Superman/Batman Story Part 2 Lex lines Poison Ivy's hypnotic Spores with Kryptonite, in order to control Superman. Now the Dynamic Duo must free him and defeat Lex.
The Superman/Batman Story Part 3 In the Conclusion of the three part story, Batman and Robin have free'd Superman, but not before Lex steals the Man of Steel's powers. In order to save the day, Batman and Superman, using Batman's gadgets, must hold off Lex, while Robin searches for Lex's kryptonite.
Son of a Rich Man and a Batman Being the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, Dick has to go to all the charity parties with Bruce, but gets tired of it. When he ditches one of the parties to see Barbara, he gets captured by the ninja's the Caped Crusaders fought in Hawaii.
A Mirror Darkly The Flash and Kid Flash arrive in town and teams up with the Caped Crusaders, in order to stop Mirror Man, who is planning to trap the people of Gotham in thier own mirror image.
Open Micnight Dick helps Barbara for the talent show and Barbara is shocked when she finds out her boyfriend has a good singing voice, but again, the Joker and Harley interrupt, and kidnap the couple, to hold for ransom, against Bruce Wayne.
Ring Toss Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, goes to Batman for help, when his nemisis, sinestro, arrives in Gotham, but things get worse, when the Joker steals the Lantern's Power Ring.
The Bat and the Archer Bruce Wayne teams up with Oliver Queen, to build homes for orphan's, all over the world, but must spring into action, when the Ninja's arrive and go after the Emerald Archer, but now he and his partners, Artemis and Speedy, must team up with Caped Crusaders.
About Time The Caped Crusaders follow the ninja's through a portal through time, where the Dynamic Duo end up on the same night Bruce's parents were killed, while Barbara ends up at the time, where Dick becomes Robin.
League of Assasin's

The Caped Crusader's investigation into the ninja's they've been fighting, leads them to Ra's Al Ghul, the leader of a clan, called the League of Assasins.

Season 5

This season watches the arrival of the Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, Hawk Man, Star Girl, and the Teen Titans. Commisioner Gordon has been dropped as a main character.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth

Title Information
Wonderful While Dick and Barbara prepare for the first year of Highschool, Batman teams up with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, in order to defeat Circe. Meanwhile Barbara gets jealous, when Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, sets her sights on Dick.
The Joker Express Batman finds out that the Joker is controlling the people of Gotham, by the lights on a train, the same train that Barbara takes home, but tracing Barbara's foot steps, the whole trio falls under the Joker's control.
The Hero from the Deep Aquaman and Batman must teamup, when Mr. Freeze and Black Manta do.
The Batman from Beyond - Part 1 After helping Batman take down Bane, Robin and Batgirl are shocked to find out Batman doesn't know the two. The Next day, Bruce Wayne doesn't know Dick and Barbara and is shocked to find them in the Batcave, with Alfred not caring, but the three find out that this Bruce is from a dimension, where there is no Batgirl or Robin.
The Batman from Beyond - Part 1 Bruce wakes up in the other Bruce's dimension, where he tries to find Robin and Batgirl, but is shocked to find that Alfred has no idea who they are. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, Barbara and Dick try to find a way to switch the Bruce's back. The original Bruce finds that Earth's Dick and Barbara and turns them into Robin and Batgirl, but things go wrong, when both team's of Caped Crusader must battle each other's Jokers.
Detention When Batman gets captured by Riddler, it's up to Robin and Batgirl to save him, but they get detention and must get out.
Which way is Which The Riddler effects Batman's mind, making him say and do everything the opposite way.
The Butler Did It Hugo Strange uses a device to make Alfred his personal slave.
Knights of 1966 In a 1966 form of the series, The Caped Crusader's enemies team-up in an attempt to defeat the1966 Dark Knight.
Heroes of the Old Age Part 1 The Caped Crusaders must locate and help the former members of the Justice Society of America, when the old team is being hunted, but find out that only Jay Garrick, the Old Flash, and Hawkman are left, along with Star-Spangled Boy's protege, Stargirl.
Heroes of the Old Age Part 2 The JLA and JSA must team-up, in order to prevent the ice age of Gotham.
Batman in Wonderland Batman must stop his new foe, the Madhatter, when the insane criminal turns Gotham into Wonderland, and Batgirl is Alice
Sewer duelers Killer Croc creates an army of of crocodiles and goes after the Dynamic Duo.
On the Night before Christmas In order to keep the Caped Crusaders from stopping him, a new foe, the poet, traps Gotham in a new story, with only Bruce, Dick, and Barbara aware. Now they must find a way out of it.
Lost Heroes - Part 2 The Super-Powered members of the JLA begin disappearing one by one, leaving only the Caped Crusaders and Green Arrow and Speedy to find them, but find out that the Joining has returned, with the help of Hugo Strange, who transfers the League's powers into androids.
Lost Heroes - Part 2 The League begins battling their android counterparts, in order to retrieve their powers, while Batman, Robin, and Batgirl attempt to stop Hugo Strange and the Joining, as they begin their last assualt on Earth.

Season 6

In this season, Wally West, Kid Flash, and Artemis attend Freshman year with Dick and Barbara, making them two more main characters. They also get an additional member to the bat family, Bathound. This season sees the end of Ethan Bennets time as Clayface.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Wally West/Kid Flash, Artemis Queen

Title Information
When Aliens become Bats When Bruce goes missing, Robin and Batgirl go to Superman, and he poses as Batman. Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter shapeshifts into Bruce, while the others look for the real Bruce.
The Fast and the Furious When Artemis is captured by Gorrila Grodd, the speedsters go to the Caped Crusaders, for help, tracking him down. Artemis and Wally transfer to Gotham High.
Young and in Love On Valentine's Day, Dick and Wally plan for thier dinners with Barbara and Artemis, but they must also stop Joker's surprise for Harley. Meanwhile, Dick, Barbara, and Alfred convince Bruce to date.

Man or Machine

Dick and Barbara find an injured, Victor Stone, who has been turned into a human-cyborg, and find out that Lex Luthor is after him.
A Bat in Love Bruce starts dating a woman named Talia, but on thier first date, the League of Assassin's attack, causing Dick and Barbara to end thier date early.
The Dummy's Dummy The group faces new enemies, Arnold Wesker, who has a split personality, and puts his other personality into a dummy, Scarface.
The End of Clayface When WayneTech finally makes a cure for Clayface, Basil refuses, so before being cured, Ethan must help Batman stop him.
The Bathound Part 1 While walking home from school, Dick finds a stray dog and takes him home. Bruce decides to train the dog, but is interrupted, when Joker plans to drug the city waterline. Now they must count on Bathound to track him down.
The Bathound Part 2 The group gets captured by the Joker, including Bathound, and hooks them up to a machine to infect their minds, but Ace free's himself and it's up to him, to save Gotham.
A Bat Family and a Super Family When Brainiac attacks Gotham, Batman and Superman go after him, while Robin and Batgirl team up with Superboy and Supergirl to fend off Brainiac's army. Meanwhile, Krypto and Bathound take down his ship.
Abracadabra When his daughter accidently puts a curse on Bruce, John Zatara must find the billionaire, before he gets hurt, or worse.
Knights of 1966 II A new enemy of the Caped Crusaders, Tempest Fugit, turns all of Gotham into it's 1966 incarnation, and must stop Tempest and get back to their own reality, but Tempest has hired the 1966 incarnations of their foes to stop them.
Grundy for Real 50 yrs after being killed and disposed of in a slaughter swamp, Cyrus Gold is resurrected as Soloman Grundy, out for revenge on his murderers.
The Daughter of an Assassin Bruce finds out that Talia is Ras Al Ghul's daughter and is captured by the League of Assassins.
Beginning of the Batman Part 1 Alfred tells Dick and Barbara, about Bruce's journey around the world, and how he became Batman. 
Beginning of the Batman Part 2 Alfred tells Dick and Barbara, about Bruce's journey around the world, and how he became Batman.

Season 7

Until Batman can find her missing father, Zatanna Zatara lives with the Wayne's, but after Barbara breaks up with Dick, he starts a relationship with Zatanna. Zatanna becomes one of the main characters, for only this season, and is also the last season, for Wally and Artemis as main characters.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Wally West/Kid Flash, Artemis Queen, Zatanna Zatara

Title Information
Just Like Magic

Before getting captured, John Zatara sends his daughter to his old friend Bruce's, where she and Dick quickley connect. Meanwhile, the Caped Crusaders suspect the shadow demon that took John, has something to do with Ras Al Ghul.

From Love to Tragedy The Caped Crusaders, and Zatanna,  must stop Penguin. While battling the criminal, Robin chooses Batgirl, out of Gotham's Citizens, who would've been killed, if it weren't for Batman. Barbara decides to break up with Dick.
From Tragedy to Love When not dealing with the Joker, Dick tries to get Zatanna's mind off her father, but it leads to them kissing.
Battle from Within The Scarecrow traps the Caped Crusaders in thier own minds, where they face their deepest and darkest fears, Bruce's, an evil Batman, Dick's, a powerful Tony Zucco, and Barbara's, being alone. Now it's up to Kid Flash, Artemis, and Zatanna to save them.
The Beast of Gotham Dick and Barbara find out a green colored orphan, Garfield Logan, can transform into animals, and finds out that he can speak with Bathound.
Witch of Ravenwood When a young Girl's magic abilities get out of control, the group must find her.
When the Circus comes to Gotham When a circus comes to Gotham, the manager asks for Dicks help, but it brings back painful memories, but when the Joker invades the circus, Dick and Barbara must go undercover.
Harvey One, Joker Two Two-Face captures the Joker and re-enacts the explosion, with Joker in his place.
The Batmite: Magic Crusader A magical imp from another dimension causes trouble for his idol, Batman.
World of Wisdom Bruce is visited by his old master, who knows Bruce's secret, and out to stop the League of Assasins.
Red When Superman is infected with Red Kryptonite, Batman and Robin must stop him.
The Plays the Thing Scarface returns and strings up Batman, Comm. Gordon, and the Mayor like dummies, and it's up to the others to save him. Meanwhile, when Dick seems less interested in her, Zatanna breaks up with him and he and Barbara get back together. Wally and Artemis go back to central city.
Shazam! While seventh graders are on a class trip to Dick and Barbara's school, the find out that a boy named Billy Batson has the power to transform into a superhero, Captain Marvel, and must help him defeat Black Adam.
End of the Batman Part 1 As Barbara leaves for a sumer exchange program, Batman and Robin must face two villains, Wrath and Scorn, who help keep Batman from catching criminals, but just as they realize that the villains are their new friends, Wrath and Scorn find out the Dynamic Duo are also their new friends.
End of the Batman Part 2 Wrath and Scorn battle Batman and Robin in the Batcave.

Season 8

Dick and Barbara enter their junior year of High school, as Wally and Artemis are no longer on the show.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Ace/Bathound

Title Information
World's Finest Part 1 When they cannot defeat thier own enemies, Joker, Lex, and Cheetah switch enemies. Cheetah faces Superman, Lex faces Batman, and Joker faces Wonder Woman, while Joker's Hyena's go after Bathound and Krypto.
World Finest Part 2 Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have been defeated by their enemies, but must step up their game in order to stop them.
Poisoned Identity Poison Ivy mind controls Batman to reveal his secret identity to the world, leaving it to Batgirl and Alfred to find a cure, while Robin and Bathound track down Batman and Ivy.
Play Ball To a raise money for charity, the Justice League and the Teen Titans face-off in a game of powers baseball.
Stray in the City When Bathound gets lost in Gotham, Dick and Barbara go to Garfield , now calling himself Beast Boy, so he can track down Bathound, who's being attacked by Joker's Hyenas.
Big, Strong, and Ugly Bane and Killer Croc compete for the strongest criminal in Gotham, and Batman uses his Batbot, creating an all out brawl between the three.
The Batcave of Solitude Hugo Strange and Lex Luthor team up, and switch the Dark Knight's and the Man of Steel's bodies. Now Batman must teach Superman, how to use his gadgets, while Superman teaches Batman how to control his powers.
Crippled Dick feels useless after breaking his leg during battle with Bane, but must find a way to get back into action, when Batman and Batgirl are kidnapped.
Titan Camp Dick, Barbara, Ace, Artemis, Wally, Zatanna, Mia, Megan, Conner, Kara, Krypto, Garfield, Raven, Donna, and the rest of the Teen Titans join together for camping, but are interrupted, when they find out that Lex and Joker are up to something.
Bon Voyage Dick and Barbara take a field trip on a cruise, where Students start disappearing. They find out that Manta has returned, and they team up with Aqualad to stop him.
The Riddle of Gotham With Barbara visiting Paris, Batman, Robin, and Bathound must deal with the Riddler, when he sets out for revenge on Batman, by kidnapping Bruce Wayne, and threatening to kill him if Batman doesn't show.
The New Girl Zatanna starts training Raven in the magic arts, but it leads to Raven being taken over by her father, so Zatanna goes to the Dynamic Duo for help. Meanwhile, with Barbara still in Paris, the new girl in school flirts with Dick.
Worlds of Different Ages Klarion creates two dimensions, one for adults and one for kids, and the only one who can travel between the two is Billy Batson, switching between Billy and Cap. Marvel.
A New Ice Age Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze team up to put Gotham in a new ice age, and put their enemies on ice.
Return of the Anti's As Barbara returns from Paris, Wrath and Scorn return, with a new ally, Scarce, to go up against Batgirl.
Death of Kal-El All of Superman's greatest enemies team-up to defeat him and succeed, when Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice saving his teamates, but Batman suspects otherwise.
Death of Kal-El Superman wakes up on a desert planet, with a red sun, but when he finds Vandal Savage, he figures he is on Earth, over a thousand years in the future and finds out Savage is responsible for the end of the human race.
Death of Kal-El Superman and Savage must work together to get a power source for Vandal's time machine, to send Superman back to the past to send stop him from destroying all of humanity.

Season 9

The JLA must face themselves, from another dimension. This season begins the opposite of the JLA, the Legion Of Doom. Meanwhile, Dick and Barbara enter their final year of highschool. This season consist of the least episodes.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Ace/Bathound

Title Information
Crisis on Two-Earths Part 1: Arrival of Owlman Bruce is replaced by his double, Owl Man from another universe, and causes chaos in Gotham, so Batgirl, Robin, and Bathound try to figure out why.
Crisis on Two-Earths Part 2: Journey to Earth-2 Batman finds himself in Owlman's universe, where he finds out all the heroes on Earth-1 are villains on Earth-2 and all the villains on Earth-1, are heroes on Earth-2. Now he must team up with Joker's Earth-2 self, the Jester.
Crisis on Two-Earths Part 3: Return to Earth-1 Batman returns home, where he finds Gotham in chaos, and is shocked to see that the JLA is after him and finds out Owlman has escaped and is posing as him and has locked up the other crusaders, keeping them from revealing the truth. Owlman brings all his allies, from Earth-2.
Crisis on Two-Earths Part 4: War of Two Worlds The Earth-1 and 2 heroes must team up in a war against the Earth 1 and 2 villains.
Recovery Gotham continues recovering from the events of the War of Two Worlds, including the Caped Crusaders.
Haunted School Wally and Artemis come to visit, but must help Dick and Barbara solve a mystery, when people claim a college in Gotham is haunted, but find out that Scarecrow is behind it. This episode is based on WB's Scooby-Doo.
Beyond the Stroke of Death The Caped Crusaders must stop an assasin, Deathstroke, who just doesn't seem to be able to die.
Night of Promises As Wally and Artemis join Dick and Barbara for their Prom, Dick and Wally decide to "leave Prom as boys, and come back as men," but Artemis isn't sure if she and Wally are ready. Meanwhile, Batman, Green Arrow, Speedy, and the Flash get trapped in a world of mirrors.
S.A.T. With graduation a month away, Dick and Barbara prepare for their S.A.T.'s, but must deal with Hugo Strange when he plant's bombs, filled with his zombie virus.
Choices After kidnapping Bruce, Two-Face recaps his friend ship with Bruce, as Harvey Dent, and must decide between destroying Bruce, or destroying Two-Face. Meanwhile, Dick and Barbara must decide a college to go to, when they agree to attend the same college.
Resistance The Caped Crusaders wake up on a dystopian Earth, ruled by the Joker, and are unaware of the last 24 Hrs. Now they must find the JLA and figure out what happened.
Graduation During Dick and Barbara's graduation, a new team of the JLA's worst enemies, the Legion of Doom, interrupt and Batman calls in the JLA to battle the LD.

Season 10

Dick and Barbara begin college. This is the final season with Dick as Robin.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Ace/Bathound

Title Information
College Hassle Dick and Barbara find out that their Science Professor, is realy Basil Karlo, Clayface.
Too Many Video games The Caped Crusaders find themselves sucked into Dick's new Video game.
Attack of the Terrible Trio As Dick joins the football team, a group of bullied highschoolers use Kirk Langstrom or Man-Bat's serum to turn themselves into animals
Touchdown Dick suspects one of his teamates is using small doses of Bane Venom to win. At the end, Dick realizes that with his responsibilities as Robin, he can't focus on football, and quits the team.
Rock n Roll After going to concert, Dick and Barbara, along with Gotham's teenagers, start stealing and dumping their loot at a Junkyard. Bruce finds out that the music has a hypnotic tone, created by Hugo Strange.
Night of Knights When Batgirl and Bathound are transported into midevil times, Batman and Robin  must find a way to bring her back, before she is killed by a large dragon.
Childs Play Batman is turned into eight year old and Bathound is turned into a puppy, by Morgan, so they, Dick, and Barbara must find him and stop him, with Zatanna's help.
April Fools On April Fool's Day, Joker and Harley play dangerous pranks on Gotham.
Rise of Apocalypse As Darkseid and Apocalypse near Earth, the Justice League gather to hold off the army he has sent, but thinking Apocalypse is a meteor, the President gives orders to nuke it.
Rise of Apocalypse Batman, Robin, and Superman must battle Darkseid, Barbara and Lois must stop the President from trying to nuke Apocalypse, and the rest of the JLA must stop his army on Earth.
Time to Leave the Nest Dick begins his final mission as Robin, for the Caped Crusaders to defeat Joker and Harley, because in the end, he decides to leave the team, to become his own hero.
Beyond In the Season 10 finale, in an alternate future, the new Batman, Terry McGennis, must save Commisioner Barbara Gordon from a group of Jokerz, but is interrupted by one of his greatest enemies, Blight.

Season 11

In this season, since Dick has given up Robin, he is now Nightwing and somone new wil take up the mantle of Robin, Tim Drake. Not only will the JLA be turned into kids, many alternate forms of Batmen, good and bad, will battle.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, and Ace/Bathound

Title Information
Rise of Nightwing Dick returns to Gotham as Nightwing, to track down Slade and to see his allies and girlfriend.
The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh Batman is teleported to a distant planet, that also has it's own Batman. Due to the unearthly elements of Zur-En-Arrh, Earth's Batman gains superpowers, similar to Superman.
In Darkest Knight To get help stopping Sinestro, Hal Jordan gives Batman a Green Lantern ring to help him.
Kid Stuff The League must stop the Legion of Doom from getting a powerful device, that Joker accidently uses to turn every single Justice Leager into 12 yr old kids, including Krypto, Batgirl, Bathound, and Nightwing.
JLA in Reverse Until the team can find a way to return to normal, the JLA must deal with being children.
Fun and Games Being 12 and hanging out with Dick and Barbara, being his age, Bruce likes being a child, but is not happy with himself liking it, knowing every second he's a child he still needs to focus. Meanwhile, they must stop Joker and Harley.
Gotham's Strongest As the JLA is still searching for ways to return to adults, Bane and Killer Croc compete to see who's stronger, destroying every thing in their path, so the Caped Crusaders must stop them.
Justice League of Kids The Legion of Doom attacks the Watchtowerl, so the JLA Kids must stop them.
Adult Stuff In order to return to normal, the JLA must infiltrate the Hall of Doom, to retrieve the same device that turned them into kids in the first place.
Reinforcements from the Future In order to stop Brainiac, the JLA get help from the Legion of Superheroes, a team of superpowered beings from the future.
Return of Robin Batman saves a young boy, Tim Drake, who knows the crusader's identities, from Two-Face, but soon later Batman and Batgirl get captured themselves.
Return of Robin Alfred tells Tim about the first Robin and how he became Nightwing. In order to save the caped crusaders, Tim must become one himself, by dawning Dick's old Robin suit, becoming the second Boy Wonder.
Knight of the Batmen In a world where Bruce lives a normal life, for a billionaire, he is attacked by alternate evil Batmen, Joker, and, but is saved by the regular Batman and alternate good Batmen.
Knight of the Batmen When all the alternate Batmen are wiped from existance, normal Bruce must dawn a Batsuit of his own and travel back in time to find the alternate good past Batmen, needed for the battle against the bad Batmen.
Knight of the Batmen A battle begins between all the alternate good Batmen and all the alternate bad Batmen.

Season 12

As new heroes and villains arrive, Tim officially starts his journey as Robin.

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, Ace/Bathound, and Tim Drake/Robin

Title Information
Test In order to officially become Robin, Tim must pass a series of test set up by Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing and if he doesn't pass, he doesn't become the new boy wonder
Strange New World (2) While Batman handles a situation with Hugo Strange, Nightwing and Batgirl flashback to Season 3's Strange New World, but from the real point of view.
Who is the Batman? Strange finally learns Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne, so villains offer to pay him for the secret. Now the caped crusaders must stop him.
Wild Animals The Terrible Trio returns and turns Kirk back into Man-Bat, and plans to turn everyone in Gotham into animals.
Bruce Gone For the third time in the series, Bruce has mysteriously disappeared. While Nightwing and Batgirl check out Ras al Ghul, Tim stays to defend Gotham, but when he can't do it alone, he gets help from Superman.
Demon The Dynamic Duo help Jason Blood, also known as Etrigan the Demon Man, defeat Klarion the Witch Boy.
Requiem of the Fastest Man Alive A month after the Flash's death, Jay, Wally, and Batman start seeing what seem like ghosts of Barry, but Batman starts thinking otherwise.
Return of the Grundy Robin must save Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing, when Soloman Grundy returns for revenge on the Caped Crusaders.
Spoiler Alert Batman and Robin get help from new heroine, Spoiler, to stop new criminal Cluemaster.
Brown Tim finds out his new classmate, Stephanie Brown, is Spoiler and tries to stop her from crimefighting, but ends up getting both of them caught, by Cluemaster and she reveals she is Cluemaster's daughter.
Hostage Tim and Steph's school is taken hostage by Two-Face.
The Reach Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle, is attacked by aliens, known as the reach.
Secret of the Scarab The group finds out that Blue Beetle's scarab was created by the reach and that there are many more and is attacked by Black Beetle
Rescue Robin and Spoiler must sneak on to a Reach ship, abducting teenagers, while Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl help Blue Beetle fend off Black Beetle.
Invasion After sending the JLA to another planet, the Reach start there invasion on Earth.
Invasion As the JLA are finally on there way back to Earth, the younger heroes must defend Earth.

Season 13

Main Characters - Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Tim Drake/Robin, Stephanie Brown/ Spoiler, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth, and Ace/Bathound 

Title Information
Siege of Brainiac Brainiac returns for revenge on the JLA and invades Earth, shrinking cities for his collection, starting with Gotham and Metropolis, getting stronger and stronger, powering a powerful crystal, using lantern rings of each corps.
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Odym After freeing the lanterns, the JLA must travel to each lantern world to use their powers to take back the power Brainiac stole, starting with Odym, home of the Blue Lanterns, but find out that Brainiac's bots are attacking their power battery.
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Zamaron Next, the JLA must travel to Zamaron to gain help from Star Sapphire, but the Sapphire Warriors think they are intruders, sent by Brainiac
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Nok Third, they travel to Nok, home of the Indigo Warriors, but find out that their passion has been effected by Brainiac's machine, replacing it with rage.
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Qward  Now they must travel to Qward, home of the Green Lantern's worst enemies, the Sinestro Corp.
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Okaara Next they must travel to Okaara, hom of the only Orange Lantern, Larfleeze.
Travel to the Lantern Worlds: Ysmault Finally, they must go to Ysmault, home of rage, the Red Lanterns.
War of the Lanterns While trying to recreate Brainiac's device, to re-enlarge their cities, the evil lanterns come to retrieve their power batteries, and they are all joined by the leaders of the White and Black, or Life and Death, Lanterns starting a war between them, while the JLA must battle a large Superman.
The Spoiled Robin Tim and Stephanie go out on a date, but are interrupted by the Penguin. Dick and Barbara get engaged.
The Caped Crusaders of Zur-En-Arrh When invasion starts on Zur-En-Arrh, Batman (Zur-En-Arrh) calls down the Caped Crusaders of Earth, knowing they would gain powers coming to his planet, and they find out he has been joined by a Batgirl and Robin of his own.
Scattered The Caped Crusaders teleportation home, from Zur-En-Arrh, is messed up by Lex Luthor, scattering them on different planets.
Run Mirror Man places bombs on Flash and Kid Flash, that will explode if they stop moving, so Nightwing and Batgirl must find Wally and disarm his bomb, while Batman and Robin must find Flash and disarm his bomb.
Superpets Ace, Krypto, and Streaky must save Batman and Superman from Joker's Hyena's and Isis, Catwoman's cat.
Sidekicks Alone While Dick, Barbara, and Bruce attend Artemis and Wally's wedding, Robin and Spoiler plan to be out patrolling alone, but are attacked by Bane.
The Teen Titans Vs. The Justice League When the Legion of Doom mind controls the JLA o destroy Earth, but the Teen Titans have other plans for them.
The Teen Titans Vs. The Justice League The Teen Titans continue to battle their superiors.

Season 14

This season sees the beginning of Catwoman's new life of crimefighting and Tim's final battles as Robin.

Main Characters -  Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Grayson/Batgirl, Tim Drake/Robin-Red Robin, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, and Ace/Bathound 

Title Information
Attack of the Anti-Crusaders Near Dick and Barbara's Wedding, Wrath, Scorn, and Scarce return for revenge and interrupt the wedding.
Return of the Ultimate Criminal Mastermind While Dick and Barbara are on their honeymoon, D.A.V.E returns for revenge on Batman, so he steals Booster Golds time machine and sends three duplicates of him through time, to kill the younger Bruce, Dick, and Barbara, so Batman goes to save himself, Robin goes to save Dick, and Spoiler goes to save Barbara.
Turn of the Cat After getting out of Arkham, Catwoman claims to have changed, but Batman isn't convinced, but he must trust her, when they're both captured by Joker.
Trustworthy After discovering Bruce's secret, Selina asks Bruce out, but their date is interrupted by Penguin. Selina decides to to tell Bruce that she knows his secret, until he tells her.
Divided When a nuclear reaction splits Batman into three emotional personas, the Caped Crusaders get help from Jason Rusch, also known as Firestorm.
Battle of the Imps Batman and Superman must help Batmite defeat Mr. Mxyzptlk.
Truth, Justice, and the Kryptonian Way Batman and Superman must go back in time to Krypton, when Brainiac does so to kill Kal-El as a baby.
Swap Ras Al Ghul switches his and Batman's bodies and plans to take out the Caped Crusaders.
Truth Bruce decides to tell Selina his secret, but is interrupted by Two-Face.
Engaged Now that Bruce finally knows that Selina is good, he proposes, but to change his mind, Spellbinder returns and mind controls her to attack the Caped Crusaders.
Father Issues Cluemaster returns for revenge on Batman and the Caped Crusaders, blaming them for turning his daughter on him.
Christmas Again and Again This Christmas is the first Barbara and Dick will spend married, and Bruce and Selina will spend as as a couple, but Mxyzptlk has other plans, trapping Bruce in a time loop, making him repeat the day over and over again.
Back in their Day Jay and Hawkman recap the first time the JSA came together.
Animals Klarion turns the heroes into the animals of their names, turning Batman and Batgirl into bats, Catwoman into a cat, Robin into a robin, and Nightwing into an Eagle.
Be-Wedded Before getting to their wedding, Batman and Catwoman must stop Mr. Freeze.
Time for Robin II to Fly the Coop Like Dick before him, Tim has left Batman's side as Robin, and becomes Red Robin, when he finds out his mother might be alive.
Final Battle of Batman and Joker In this scheme, Joker has finally poisoned everyone, except Batman, in Gotham with his joker gas, including the other Caped Crusaders, Spoiler, Nightwing, and Catwoman. Batman knows now that Joker must be stopped in one last battle between the two. Selina becomes preganant.

Season 15

9 months after the last season, Bruce and Selina have had their baby, a boy named Damien, but since Bruce has a family, he has passed the mantle of Batman to Dick, who now defends Gotham, with the Caped Crusaders worst enemy gone.

Main Characters - Dick Grayson/Batman, Barbara Grayson/Batgirl-Oracle, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler-Batgirl, Bruce Wayne, Selina Wayne, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, and Ace/Bathound

Title Information
Passing the Torch As Selina prepares to give birth to her and Bruce's new child, Bruce has a big decision to make. Right after the birth of new Damian Wayne, Bruce decides that now that he has a family, he passes the mantle of Batman to Dick.
A New Dark Knight As Dick starts his new responsibility as the second Batman, Harley enlist the enemies of Batman to help her get revenge for Joker.

Welcome back

Tim returns to Gotham, unable to find his mom and decides not to return to Robin and will stay Red Robin. Meanwhile, a new criminal takes over Selina's old persona, Catwoman.
Relationships On Valentine's day, both Dick and Barbara and Bruce and Selina end up at the same Bed and Breakfast, but it might not be so bad, when an evil banshee rises for revenge. Meanwhile, Tim and Steph continue to try to reconcil their relationship.
Baby Issues When Two-Face kidnaps baby Damien, the Wayne's and Caped Crusaders must hope that Superdog and Batdog can track him.
Malfunction Stephanie starts suspecting that her teamates have been replaced with robots, but there seems to be much more than that.
The Late Mr. Kent When Clark "dies" in a  set up car accident, Batman must help Superman find the attempted murderer, while trying to find a way for Clark to reveal he's ok, without exposing his secret.
The Justice Guild of America The JLA is teleported to a dimension and meet the Justice Guild of America, and their young pal Raymond, that Hal recognizes as heroes from comics he read as a kid, but Hawkman discovers something more about the JGA.
The Justice Guild of America Hawkman and Green Lantern continue to investigate the truth about the JGA and find out that Raymond is behind everything.
What Goes Up, Must Come Down Batman, Batgirl, Spoiler, and Red Robin must face an enemy that can control gravity.
Forest When Poison Ivy turns Gotham into a forest, the group gets help from Beast Boy to stop her.
Slowdown When Flash and Kid Flash suddenly lose their speed, they go to Batman to find the cause and to help them regain their powers.
Beyond II

Back in the alternate future of Batman Beyond, Terry faces off against Shriek and Inque.

Seperated Batman, Red Robin, Batgirl, and Spoiler each wake up in their own pocket dimension and must find a way to contact Bruce and get home.
Mean and Green Killer Croc infects a group of thugs, turning them into alligators and uses them to battle the heroes.
Forever Changing While dealing with Poison Ivy, who is going to spread her mind spores through a parade float balloon, Barbara decides maybe it's time for her to pass the mantle of Batgirl to Spoiler.
One On Damian's first Birthday, Batman and the new Batgirl, now Stephanie, must 
Eternal Once again, Batman and Batgirl must help Etrigan defeat Klarion
I Am Legion The new Batman helps the JLA battle the LD.
I Am Legion When Dick is captured by the LD, Bruce dawns his Batsuit one last time to save him.

Season 16

In the final season of Gotham Crusaders, fourteen years after the last season, the son of the Joker and Harley Quinn rises to destroy the new Batman, but Dick gets help from the now deceased Bruce and Selina Wayne's son, Damien, becoming the new Robin.

Main Character Dick Grayson/Batman, Damian Wayne/Robin, Barbara Grayson/Oracle, Stephanie Drake/BatgirlTim Drake/ Red Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, and Ace/Bathound

Title Information
Son of the Clown Prince of Crime 14 yrs. after the previous season, Bruce has trained Damian has taught Damian everything he knows, but Damian isn't reluctant to become a Caped Crusader, but at the opening of the Batman muesum, the son of the Joker arises, and tragedy strikes the Wayne's once again.
A New Dawn Following from the previous episode, Batman is in persuit of Joker Jr, but finds out that not only did Joker have a son, but that the Joker and Harley are still alive. When Batman and Batgirl are captured by the Joker family, Damian must become the next Boy Wonder.
Moving On As most of Gotham, the Bat-Family, and the JLA continues to mourn the death of the Wayne's, the Bat-family keeps seeing their ghosts, but Dick thinks that somone is behind everything, but Damian wants to believe that his parents are calling to him.
Traitor Superman calls in the Caped Crusaders to the Watchtower, when he believes their is a traitor among the other members of the JLA.
A Matter of Time When Bat-Mite is upset of Bruce's death, he uses his powers to go back in time, to make it where Bruce and Selina did not get married, and the Dynamic Duo has to stop him, when Damian starts being erased from existance.
Vendetta Joker Jr. returns to kill The Caped Crusaders and avenge his father.                      
Taking Over In place of Bruce, Dick becomes the new owner of Wayne Ind, but When Red Tornado wakes up after a month of repairs, after being damaged in battle, he finds that Wayne Ind. has taken over the Gotham, but he finds out more is happening.
Hostage While Damian's class is taking a trip to Wayne Ind, an old friend of Dick and Barbara's, takes them hostage, claiming that he was infected with one of Wayne Ind's expiriments, and threatens to kill the students, if he doesn't get a cure.
Finale of the Terrible Trio The Terrible Trio returns to defeat the new Caped Crusaders and turn Gotham into their Animal Empire.
Beyond III For the third time in the alternate future of Batman Beyond, Terry finds out that that he is the genetic son of Bruce, and is looking for answers of how he truly came to be.
Anniversary While Dick and Barbara have left for Hawaii for their wedding anniversary, Red Robin, Robin, and Batgirl must deal with Killer Croc.
Blind When Dr. Light blinds Batman, Dick must trust Bathound to lead him into battle to help his allies defeat Dr. Light.
Immortal Ras Al Ghul and the League of Assassins return to defeat the new Caped Crusaders.

Battle of the Birds

Robin and Red Robin must save their allies from Penguin.
Phosphorus When Firefly accidently absorbs a white fire-like energy, he's reborn as Phosphorus.
Puppetmaster Bathound must save the Caped Crusaders, when a new enemy turns the the Caped Crusaders into puppets.
Royal The Royal Flush Gang returns, with Ace's powers growing stronger, leaving it to Batman to stop her.
Beyond IV In the last episode of the alternate future of Batman Beyond, Terry faces the thought to be dead Joker, who is really that timeline's Tim Drake.
Legacy of the Batman On the Series Finale, All of Batman's enemies team-up, in one last attempt to destroy the Caped Crusaders once and for all. Damian doubts that he's right for the cowl.
Legacy of the Batman With his allies down, Batman battles Joker Jr. one last time, in his greatest battle. Meanwhile, the Legacy of Batman is recaped, from Bruce's beginning, to Dick's challenges, as Robin, Nightwing, and Batman, and ultimately, Damian would soon live up to the legacy his father created, as the rightful air to the cowl, becoming  the third Batman.


Videogame Series

Game Information
The Batman: Gotham Crusaders The Videogame In order to get to Joker, Batman must go through all his enemies first.
The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 2: Rise of the Joining When the JLA is captured by the Joining, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl must save them.
The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 3: League of Assassins The Caped Crusaders must battle Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins.
The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 4: Invasion of the Reach When the Reach returns to invade Earth, The Caped Crusaders must team up with the JLA to stop the aliens.
The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 5: Legacy of Batman The Caped Crusader, Batman (Dick Grayson), Robin (Damian Wayne), and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), must stop their most dangerous enemies, including the son of the Joker.

LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders The Video Game

Game Information
LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders The Video Game Batman, Robin, and Batgirl must stop all their worst enemies, if they want to get to Joker and stop him from gasing Gotham.
LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 2 Return of the Joining The Joining returns, and captures the Justice League, leaving it to the Caped Crusaders and Nightwing to save them and defeat the Joining once and for all.
LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 3 Legion of Doom
LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 4 Across the Batverse
LEGO The Batman: Gotham Crusaders 5 The Legacy of the Batman


The Justice League (Films)

Title Information
The Justice League When aliens invade Earth, seven of Earth's mightiest heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and the Flash must stop them.
The Justice League 2: Legion of Doom To defeat the Justice League, the JLA's worst enemies form a league of their own, becoming the Legion of Doom.
The Justice League 3: Rise of Amazo After recovering from brain overload, Dr. Hugo Strange starts a project that the Joining were going to use to defeat the JLA, an android, called Amazo, who has every single ability of each JLA Member.
The Justice League 4: Seige of Starro A large sea star-like alien, named Starro, has taken control of some of the JLA and a lot of Earth's population, in an attempt to rule the galaxy, but Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman still remain to stop him
The Justice League 5: The Final War Batman, Batgirl, and Robin (Dick, Stephanie, and Damian) must help the Justice League, when the Legion of Doom gets hold of files that Bruce made, in case any of the team turned bad, showing all their weaknesses.

Spin-Off Series

Title Information
The Teen Titans Sometime during the Gotham Crusaders series, Dick left for Jump City and ended up on a team of teen heroes.
 The Batman Beyond: Gotham Crusader In a future alternate to Gotham Crusaders, a 17 yr old juvinile delenquete, Terry McGennis, becomes Bruce's successor and teh new Dark Knight.
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