The Batman is an October 2013 superhero film directed by
Batman (1989) Title
Bryan Singer. Despite originally not wanting the job, Singer Accepted it for $50 miliion, and over the next 3 years, he got over 60 million.

It stars Matt Bomer as Bruce Wyne/Batman, John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth, and Piper Perabo as Viki Vale. The villain, Hugo Strange is played by Stanley Tucci. Other characters include Jackie Earl Harley as Victor Zsasz, Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon, and Daniel Craig as mob boss Fances Johnahughe.


The film opens with a stormy night and a subtitle "7 years ago". a lightning strike lights a ware house on fire, as a dozen men run  out with stacks of money. the credits roll, and bats fly from the title 'The Batman." it is shown the bats come from a cave unger Wayne Manor. lights shine one, and Bruce wayne admires his handiwork. Alfred states his wories about Bruce becoming a vigilante. Bruce then tels him, "I made a promise". ther is a flash back to his parents death afterwords.

In a rant By Frances Johnahughe reveals the burnt-down warehouse lost him a quarter of his fortune. Not to mention this new 'giant bat'. Johnahughe sates he want the bat dead, whatever he is.

Rest of plot coming soon!


the film got many good reviews, as well ss a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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