Season 2 of The Batman is focusing on Bruce Wayne some time after the events of Season 1 and is tied to Season 1 as "Year One". The Season will feature some new villains and will continue Batman's journey and his battle against corruption and super villains. Season 2 is based on "Batman: Prey" and "Batman: The Man who Laughs" while also taking inspirations from "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Batman (1989)".  


  • Brant Daugherty - Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Ben Mckenzie - Commissioner James Gordon 
  • Sean Pertwee - Alfred Pennyworth
  • Jessica Lucas - Selina Kyle / Catwoman 
  • ​​Martin Wallström - Jack Napier / The Joker
  • Colin Donnell - Harvey Dent
  • Courtney B. Vance - Lucius Fox
  • BD Wong - Hugo Strange
  • Sophia Bush - Vicki Vale
  • Geoff Pierson - Rupert Thorne
  • John Dooman - Carmine Falcone 
  • Marie Avgeropoulos - Det. Ellen Yin


  • 1) TBA

When Selina Kyle rubs Hamilton Hill, Batman tries to convince her to give back what she stole while also sharing some intimate moments with her. James Gordon is informed that soon he'll have a new partner. A new District Attorney is elected named Harvey Dent. 

  • 2) The Umbrella

The Penguin closes a deal with GothCorp's CEO Ferris Boyle and gets a new and advanced Umbrella which could be used as a deadly weapon. Batman decides to hack into the GothCorp's Computer in order to sabotage the Umbrella, however he finds out that it will be harder then he thought. Harvey consults with the Council members about Batman. 

  • 3) TBA 

Batman starts to investigate Lew Moxon, someone connected to Joe Chill and Carmine Falcone. Gordon tries to adjust his role as the Commissioner firing some corrupted officers. Batman investigates another rub by Jack Napier. 

  • 4) TBA

When Victor Fries admits that he won't be able to save his wife Nora, he steals a suit from Wayne Enterprises' lab and becomes Mr. Freeze. Bruce tries to face Freeze and finds himself again seeking for Selina Kyle's help.

  • 5) TBA

Batman investigates a casino which is runed by Jack Napier and Salvatore Valestra. The Penguin expands his crime operations and Det. Ellen Yin from Metropolis arrives in Gotham becoming Jim Gordon's new partner instead of Bullock. Meanwhile, Hugo Strange, a brilliant scientist, seems to be obsessed with Batman.

  • 6) TBA

Hugo Strange tries to convince the new Mayor of Gotham, Wilson Klass, to hunt Batman while Strange is trying to discover all of Batman's secrets. Meanwhile, Alfred discovers that Bruce was poisoned on a Wayne Enterprises' charity ball and the two tries to discover who could be behind that.

  • 7) TBA

Ellen Yin quickly decides that Batman puts Gotham in danger, and unlike the guy from Metropolis, he is not a hero, while James Gordon refuses to help the GCPD to arrest the Batman, Ellen and Arthur Reeves tries their best to bring the Outlaw to Justice. During an interview at the TV, James Gordon argues with Hugo Strange about Batman.

  • 8) TBA

Bruce Wayne is informed that Hugo Strange attends to a dinner with Klass Bruce attends there as well. Hugo Strange this time argues with Klass' daughter, Catherine. Cort and some other officers are investigating a weapon that Batman left behind and wants to send it to Strange but James Gordon refuses and keeps it as his Office. Hugo Strange manipulates to council and the Media against Batman while the Media also reports about the Appearance of a new vigilante: Catwoman, who finally managed to get the spot light she wanted so bad. Harvey Dent is targeted by Falcone while cleaning Gotham from few of the most corrupted council members, impressing Bruce.

  • 9) TBA

Catherine Klass reluctantly goes to a dinner with Hugo Strange. After Catherine leaves the dinner because of Strange's obsess with Batman, he threats her. Cort allows to Strange to hypnotize him manipulating him into believing that he could be an improved version of Batman. He starts to hunt Criminals and kidnaps Catherine. Oswald Cobbelpot tries to purchase Strange's research about Batman and tries to partner him. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne searches some files from Robinson Stane's time as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and seems to be attracted to Selina Kyle. Harvey Dent is attacked by Jack Napier and the Red Hood gang and the Reporter Vicki Vale also seems to have a thing for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Ellen Yin and Arthur Reeves meets Hugo Strange and consults with him about how to finally bring Batman to Justice.

  • 10) TBA

After Cort framed Batman and adopted the identity of "Night-Scourge", Batman is hunted by the GCPD. By using his detecting skills, Batman understands that Strange probably framed him. Strange and Ellen Yin nearly discovers Batman's secret identity. When Night-Scourge knocks Batman from Strange's penthouse, he starts to get nightmares where he is targeted by the killer of his Parents. Seeking to save himself, Batman seeks for help from James Gordon, Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle.

  • 11) Prey

Bruce re considers his career as Batman. Oswald, The Riddler and the Red Hood gang meets Hugo Strange and tries to get from him the information about Batman. Batman meets James Gordon and Harvey Dent and they are ready to confront Strange and Night-Scourge and save Catherine. Selina Kyle kisses Bruce while Bruce also enjoys with Vicki, Carmine Falcone sends Victor Zsaz to get the info about Batman from Strange and Harvey Dent is becoming the symbol of hope in Gotham.

  • 12) TBA

Kirk Langstorm, a Doctor from Wayne Enterprises, starts to develop a new mysterious serum behind the back of the board of directors. Batman confronts Arthur Reeves, Bruce continues to get flashbacks from his time out of Gotham and continues to have feelings for Selina Kyle.

  • 13) TBA

Batman discovers that Jack Napier is going to rub Wayne Chemicals and decides to stop him and investigate what Valestra wants from the Chemicals plazas. Harvey Dent gets support and Thorne tries to push him out. Batman, Gordon and Dent are minimizing the crime in Gotham and Bruce continues to get flashbacks.

  • 14) Crane

Jonathan Crane arrives in Gotham, and adopts the identity the Scarecrow and starts to terrorize Gotham City. Batman teams up with James Gordon, Ellen Yin and Harvey Dent in order to stop the Scarecrow. Jack Napier becomes a stronger member on the Crime Family and seeks to use the Red Hood gang and use his identity "Red Hood One" in order to take control. 

  • 15) Deadshot

 A mysterious Assassin attacks James Gordon on his Office. After the assassin fails, Bruce finds out that the assassin is Floyd Lawton also known as Deadshot, One of the most wanted assassins in the world. 

  • 16) TBA

Harvey Dent continues to be symbol of hope in Gotham. Batman suspects that Jack Napier is "Red Hood One" and Falcone and the Penguin are closing deals while Rupert Thorne is manipulating the council with Arthur Reeves.

  • 17) TBA

Bruce grows closer to Selina Kyle and shares a kiss with her. Bruce tries to talk with Selina about her actions and she tries to manipulate him into joining him. Bruce and Harvey Dent also becomes good friends while Harvey Dent is working with Batman. Falcone and Jack Napier still fails to end Dent's trials against them.

  • 18) TBA

Bruce gives Vicki Vale an interview and she suspects that he is Batman and Bruce fails to convince her that he is just a playboy. Batman battles the Red Hood gang who rubbed ACE Chemicals and discovers that a member of the board of directors of Wayne Enterprises is a member on the gang. Batman still tries to find the identity of Red Hood One.

  • 19) TBA

When the Red Hood gang rubs ACE Chemicals, Batman finally discovers that it was Jack Napier who was Red Hood One all this time. When Batman fails to stop Napier from falling to the Chemicals, the Assassin is assumed to be dead, and Batman believes that he finally managed to end the Gang. However Napier is revealed to be alive; his hair turned green, his skin white, and his lips red. He adopts the identity the Joker, becomes the biggest force on the Underworld after Falcone agreed to do a deal with him and gives him control on the Organizations.

  • 20) TBA

The Joker is terrorizing Gotham and becomes obsessed with Batman. While the GCPD fails to bring the Joker to justice. Batman, Harvey Dent and James Gordon consults about how they would stop The Joker and Batman find himself working with Selina Kyle and Ellen Yin.

  • 21) TBA

The Joker continues to terrorize Gotham and this time he targets Harvey Dent. Batman should stop the Joker before he would completely break down Gotham.

Season Finale.

Key Scenes

  • Bruce Wayne meets Amanda Waller and Maxwell Lord at the end of the Season
  • Ellen Yin is talking about Metropolis and Superman during Deadshot
  • Bruce Wayne is reading through his father's journal
  • Detective John Jones is mentioned by James Gordon
  • The Joker is laughing on Arkham Asylum.
  • Star City and Central City are also mentioned
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