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Season 3 of The Batman is focusing on Bruce Wayne some time after the events of Season 1 and Season 2. The Season will start when Batman is investigating a serial killer who murdered Salvatore Valestra, Buz Bronski and Chucky Sol and will team up again with James Gordon and Harvey Dent. This Season will be tied and delve into the DCTV Universe alongside the 3rd Season of The Man of Tomorrow, Arrow and more. This Season is based on World's Finest, Justice League #1 (May 1987), Action Comics #598 (March 1988), Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman: The Long Halloween. Season 3 is considered to be one of the biggest seasons of the Series.


  • Brant Daugherty - Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Ben Mckenzie - Commissioner James Gordon 
  • Sean Pertwee - Alfred Pennyworth
  • Jessica Lucas - Selina Kyle / Catwoman 
  • ​​Martin Wallström - Jack Napier / The Joker
  • Colin Donnell - Harvey Dent / Two Face
  • Corey Michael Smith - Edward Nygma / Riddler
  • TBA - Andrea Beamont / Phantasm
  • Courtney B. Vance - Lucius Fox
  • Sophia Bush - Vicki Vale
  • Geoff Pierson - Rupert Thorne
  • TBA - The Penguin
  • John Dooman - Carmine Falcone 
  • Marie Avgeropoulos - Det. Ellen Yin
  • TBA - Salvatore Valestra
  • TBA - Buz Bronski
  • TBA - Chucky Sol
  • Ian Harding - Clark Kent / Superman
  • Adrianne Palicki - Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Matt Lanter - Green Lantern / Hal Jordan
  • Grant Gustin - Barry Allen / The Flash
  • Liam Mcintyre - Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  • David Harewood - Martian Manhunter
  • Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen / Green Arrow


  • 1) TBA

Chuckie Sol is murdered by the mysterious "Phantasm" and Arthur Reeves and Ellen Yin are blaming Batman. During a party, Bruce Wayne is offered by Carmine Falcone to join a corrupted deal of the Underworld. Bruce refuses and leaves the Party with Selina Kyle. Bruce saves Harvey Dent from the bullies of the Underworld. When Bruce, as Batman, investigates Falcone's penthouse, but finds Catwoman investigating as well. Then, he meets James Gordon and Harvey Dent and the three puts a goal to end Falcone's crime family. Bruce's old love, Andrea Besmont, returns to Gotham City.

  • 2) TBA

On a party, Bruce is shocked that Andrea returned. Andrea is now dating Arthur Reeves. Batman, Gordon and Dent discuss the murder of Johnny Vitty. when Batman sees Catwoman, She leads Batman to a warehouse where Falcone htided some things. Batman is framed by the Phantasm's operations, with Yin targeting him and the next target is seems to be either Valestra or Buz Bronski.

  • 3) TBA

Harvey Dent's right hand man finds an evidence which frames that Bruce is connected to the crime family. Batman still tries to find the murder's identity, who kills Falcone's son Mario. Bruce finds a photo of Andrea's father and confronts her that her father worked with the Underworld.

  • 4) TBA

The Phantasm continues the murders, and this time Buz Bronski is the target. Arthur Reeves, Andrea's boyfriend, insists that Batman is the murderer while Gordon tries to fight him. Dent's right hand man suspects that the Waynes are connected to the Falcones, while the Phantasm now targeting the Maroni family members.

  • 5) TBA

Batman continues to escape from the GCPD, while Carmine Falcone confronts the GCPD and refuses to remove the bounty. Bruce tries to get close to Andrea. Salvatore Valestra fears that he is the next target of the Phantasm.

  • 6) TBA

After Falcone's sister is murdered by the Phantasm, Falcone doubles the bounty on Batman's head and teams up with Valestra and Maroni. Bruce still tries to make peace with Beamont who refuses, Arthur Reeves continues the attack on Batman who is after the Phantasm. Valestra decides to approach The Joker for help.

  • 7) TBA

The Joker agrees to help Sal Valestra, and after the Phantasm breaks to Valestra's apartment, The Joker uncovers him and discovers that he is not Batman. Batman battles the Phantasm and nearly uncovers him. Reeves leads an huge chase after Batman, who is saved by Beamont and the two kisses. Dent and Gordon manages to remove the bounty on Batman, and The Joker kills Arthur.

  • 8) TBA

After Falcone's daughter is murdered, Batman decides to chase after Andrea's father and stop him. Dent decides to confront Maroni about why they are chased by the Phantasm, and The Joker manages to discover the Phantasm's identity and plans to drive Batman and Dent insane.

  • 9) TBA

Batman and Joker's fight starts, and the Joker starts with the phycological war after discovering the Phantasm's identity. Batman investigates Reeves in the hospital and discovers he betrayed Beamont and gave him to the Mafia. Andrea tracks down The Joker and she is revealed as the Phantasm.

  • 10) TBA