The Batman Cinematic Universe is a Cinematic Universe about Batman directed by The Nolan Brother,it will star Jim Strugess as Batman.Jonathan Nolan stated that filmin began 2011 and the first film will be realesed for 2014.


Bruce Wayne/Batman

Jim Sturgess will portray the billionaire playboy philanthropist by day and Hero by night Strugess won to Sam Worthington,DJ Catrona and Ryan Gosling.

Dick Grayson/Robin

Logan Lerman will portray the Boy Wonder,He won to Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

Josh Hutcherson will Portray the second Boy Wonder.Not many actors applied for the role.Hood would still be changed by Ra"s al ghul but would then become one of batmans addvisaries

Tim Drake/Red Robin

Jake Short will portray the third robin.

Stephine Brown/Spoiler

Chloe Grace Mortez will prtray one of batmans female sidekick and will have a realationship with Tim.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Alexandra Daddrio will portray Barbara Gordon and will have a realationship with Dick.

Alfred Pennyworth

Michael Cain will repise his role.

Lucius Fox

Eddie Murphy will play Fox.Nolan said he would not mind having a young Fox.Morgan Freeman and runner up Denzel Washington both laughed during his role in filming.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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