The Batman Trilogy is a new series of Batman films Directed by Darren Aronofsky and Produced by J.J Abrams.John Williams.


  1.  Batman Begins-
  2. Batman Beyond-
  3. Gotham Knights-Court of Owls
  4. Triumpht-Lock-Up and Lady Shiva,
  5. Vengence-Killer Croc
  6. Batman and Robin-Mr Freeze
  7. Worlds greatest Detective-Mad Hatter,Riddler
  8. The Dark Knight-Scarface
  9. The Dark Knight Leagacy-Red Hood,Victor Zsazas and Caleder Man
  10. The Caped Crusader-Two Face,
  11. Nightwing-Posion Ivy,Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  12. Birds of Prey-Harrley Quinn
  13. The Dark Knight Returns-The Joker
  14. The League of Shadows-The League of Shadows
  15. Gotham Guardian -Joker,Scarecrow and Two-Face
  16. Gotham Downfall-Bane,Deadshot,Hush
  17. Gotham Uprising-Black Mask,Hush and Firefly
  18. Fallen Hero-Hugo Strange and Clayface
  19. Fallen City-Mr Freeze,Man Bat


Armie Harmmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman:Billionare Playboy Phalantipist who became The superhero Batman

TV Series

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