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The Caped Crusader

The Caped Crusader Poster 1

Directed by
Zeon Adams
Written by
Zeon Adams
Published by
Warner Brothers

"You know who I am. The Batman."
―John Blake to Gordon.

The Caped Crusader is an animated series created by Warner Brothers. It takes place after the events of the Dark Knight Rises. John Blake, after much thought, dawns the cape and cowl, assisted by the returned Alfred. For a while, peace reigns in Gotham, albeit with Commissionar Gordon wondering who the new vigilante really is. However, a young boy arrives at Wayne Manor, claiming to be Damian Wayne, son of the Batman. Ra's Al-Ghoul's magnum Opus, the Court of Owls, make their power play for control of Gotham. And Bruce Wayne himself returns, but not as Batman.

It's a new era. But possibly not a good one.


Voice Actors

Voice Actor Character
Neil Patrick Harris John Blake/Batman
Alexander Martella Damian Wayne/Robin
Jim Piddock Alfred Pennyworth
Bruce Greenwood Bruce Wayne
Anne Hathaway Selina Kyle
John DiMaggio The Creeper
Bruce Timm

Talons/The Court of Owls

Jason Isaacs Ra's Al Ghul
Kelly Hu Talia Al Ghul
Matt Damon The Patriot
Uncredited Voice Actors

Everyone Else




Season 1

Title Number Summary
Meet Damian Wayne 1 The Court of Owls decides to take down Batman, while John battles The Patriot. Meanwhile, Damian Wayen arrives at the mansion.
Knife Trick 2 John reluctnantly lets Damian become "Robin", while Bruce, overseas, hears about the Court of Owls. He and Selina make plans to return to Gotham.
House of Wayne 3 John investigates a man used as a human dart board, while the Court of Owls unleashes it's Talon on Bruce Wayne. The secrets of Alan Wayne revealed!
Demon Star 4 Talia's fate revealed, as well as the history of the Court of Owls! Meanwhile, in Florence, Bruce Wayne and Selina are attacked by the Talon!
The Labrynth 5 Captured by the Court, John engages in a titanic battle of wills, hoping to defeat the Court's mind games.
Through the Glass 6 The final throwdown between John Blake and the Talon. Night of the Owls begins here!
Night of the Owls 7 The Court of Owls unleashes it's revived Talons upon Gotham, to claim the city. Can a recovering John Blake, along with Damian Wayne, save Gotham City?
Assault on Wayne Manor 8 Night of the Owls continues! A large group of Talons target Wayne Manor, and John busts out some new toys to deal with them. Meanwhile, Damian defends a descendant of a Revolutionary War hero from a Talon.
Reinforcements 9 Night of the Owls continues! Can Batman drive the Talons out of the Batcave? Plus, the return of Talia... but she's here to help?!
Face the Court 10 Night of the Owls continues! John Blake discovers the Talons' weakness, and sets out to save other victims of the Court. Meanwhile, Talia reunites with her son, Damian.
Going Down in Flames 11 John Blake knows the identity of the Court's members, and it's time to take the fight to them! Plus, who is the Insider?
Down the Rabbit Hole 12 The League of Shadows wages war on the Court, while Batman investigates the one missing link in the whole buisness! The epic finale of the Night of the Owls!
Batman and Robin 13 The explosive conclusion to the Court of Owls! Damian Wayne and John Blake team up at last to defeat the real master of the Court of Owls! Followed by an event so earth-shattering it will change the series forever: the return of Bruce Wayne!

Season 2

Title Number Summary
The Insider 14 Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham, but how will he reveal himself to John Blake? Introducing the man called The Insider.
Face the Face 15 The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, but does he want to be caught? Plus, the fate of Harvey Dent revealed!
The Red Hood 16 There's a new vigilante in Gotham, and he wants blood! Who is the Red Hood, and what is his connection to the original Batman?
Battle for the Cowl, Part 1 17 The Red Hood targets Batman, while Damian struggles against his murderous urges.
Battle for the Cowl, Part 2 18 Who is the man who calls himself Jason Todd? Is he truly the heir to the Batman? And what is The Insider's ultimate goal?
Battle for the Cowl, Part 3 19 Finale to "Battle for the Cowl"! Jason Todd and John Blake fight for the finish in Jason's mock Batcave, and the winner will emerge the next Batman!
Mear Immortality 20 Is Ras Al Ghoul mortal? The fate of Jason Todd revealed!


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