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21-23 Minutes

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DC Comics

Warner Bros. Animation

MOI Animation Inc.


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The CW


The Caped Crusador is an animated TV Series about the DC Comics character, Batman/Bruce Wayne. The series is created by me, BashinBrutus and I hope to make a real animted TV show. I chose animation over live action for certain reasons. I have planned out 10 seasons, 13 episodes a season, a season special episode after each season. Episodes would run for 21-23 minutes, except for the series premiere and series finale which would run for 40-42 minutes. I have also taken realistic approach to the series, which changes some characters and the surrounding enviroment. I would like MOI Animation Inc. and Warner Brothers Animation to animate the show. The shows episodes will animate comic books that have yet been animated, for example, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Killing Joke and more. The show would also re-animate comic books such as Year One. The show would also feature numerous characters, from the Joker to Detective Harvey Bullock, including origins from every villian and numerous support characters.


The series oversees the life of Bruce Wayne, from just before he was born to his death. The mystery of his parent's killer also haunts Bruce thoughout the series, as he tries to solve his parent's case. Thoughout the series, there are numberous Batmans, Robins, and Batgirls. The series also features numerous villians from the Joker to other villians such as Hush and their origins. The Gotham City Police Department also plays a role in the series.


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