This is the 4th film in the Nolan Batman series. It follows the storyline of Dr. Harleen Quinzel freeing the Joker and going on a rampage around Gotham City. Batman and Robin must bring them to Arkham before a crime boss named Waylon Jones aids them in slowly taking over the city and turning it into a madhouse.


Heath Ledger: The Joker/ Jack Napier

Ellen Page: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/ Harley Quinn

Samuel L. Jackson: Waylon Jones/ Killer Croc

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Nightwing/ John Blake

David Hernie: Robin/ Tim Drake

Christian Bale: Batman/ Bruce Wayne

Michael Caine: Alfred Pennyworth

Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon


Jack Napier!

Yes your...honor?

Do you take charge for the murder of Rachel Dawes, Jacob Anvil, Brian Bolet, Tobias Rite, Marian Crail, Leonardo Sarento Capricoard and James Derange?

I-I pledge guilty your honor.

Mister Gallow do you have anything to say?

No your honor.

Miss Quinzel?

Your honor, I'd like to ask if there is anyway out of this? What about Arkham?


Yes, Arkham.


3 Months Later

(Batman: Tell me why you killed the Drakes!

Red Hood: I-I don't!

Batman: Answer me!

Red Hood: Please I'm sorry!

Batman: Tell it to the judge!

  • The Red Hood slips from from Batman's grasp and hits the side of the factory, then falls to his "death."*

Batman: No! Wait!

  • The Red Hood is seen falling and hits a landing where his mask is ripped to reveal a smile shaped scar from the end of his lips to the bottom of his ear, and on the other side of his face a bloody gash in the same spot which was caused by him hitting the side of the landing.*)

Harley Quinn: Mister J?

Joker: Ye-Yes Doc?

Harley Quinn: Whats wrong?

Joker: Ya know...

Harley: Im going to go check on Mr. Crane now K?

Joker: *Smiles*

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