The Crusade
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Diedrich Bader

Opening Theme

"Crusader's Return"

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Running Time

22 minutes


Original Run

December 23, 2012


The Crusade is animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. The series is set in its own continuity, though it is inspired by the comic The Dark Knight Returns.


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Bruce Wayne ended his life as Batman for the past 10 years after an unknown incident, instead living a lonely life with his butler Alfred. Gotham has entered a period of prosperity, though the gap between the rich and poor has skyrocketed, resulting in those in poverty living in a rundown region called the Slums. The Slums is home to criminals and mobsters, as well as a few of Batman's old enemies. One enemy forces Bruce back into the action. Bruce decides to don the cowl once again, in order to return justice to the city. 


Character First Appearance Info
Bruce Wayne/Batman Return Bruce Wayne has removed the cowl of Batman and has not fought crime for 10 years, instead opting for a quiet life inside Wayne Manor. However, he soon learns that Gotham is once again in disrepair, and he must retake the mantle of Batman in order to return justice to Gotham.
Alfred Pennyworth Return Alfred is Bruce's loyal butler and guardian, and has been since the death of Bruce's parents. Alfred is Bruce's only companion in his ten years of absence, and is more than happy to lend a hand in his return to crime fighting.
Commissioner Nigel Winters Return Nigel Winters is a veteran in the Gotham police force, and believes that there is no room for a vigilante in Gotham. Capturing Batman is a top priority for him.
Sgt. James Gordon Reactions Unlike Winters, Gordon believes that Batman's return to the city is for the best. New to the city, Gordon struggles to adapt to the rundown city.
Lucius Fox Slumdogs Following Bruce Wayne's return to public life, Lucius is hired to run Wayne Enterprises. Lucius is a master with electronics, and often designs gadgets for Bruce to use.
Vicki Vale Return Vicki Vale is a television news reporter for the GCN, as well as Bruce's love interest. Vicki's determined attitude often lands her in trouble.


Character First Appearance Info
Rupert Thorne Reactions Rupert Thorne is the top mob boss in the Slums. The main antagonist of Season 1, Thorne attempts to get rid of the Batman while gaining control over all of Gotham's underworld.
Joker Chaos After being in an on-and-off coma for ten years, the Joker is awakened when Batman's return is announced. Joker's goal is to plunge Gotham into total chaos, and continue his feud with Batman.
Harley Quinn Chaos Harley Quinn is Joker's second in command and before that, she was his doctor during his coma. She loves the Joker despite his constant abuse, and she will do anything for him.
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