The Dark Knight is a 2013 television series that airs on Cartoon Network. The series is animated, and is rated TV-PG-LV. It is aired at 8pm, as a result of its content. The Dark Knight is a sequel to Beware the Batman (which is a real TV-PG show that will air soon on Cartoon Network). Although that they air back-to-back. 

The Dark Knight
Airs on
Cartoon Network
Airs at time
TV-PG (some)

TV-PG-L ('Learn Not to Swear, Kids') TV-PG-V (most episodes)

TV-PG-LV (total)
10 (season 1) 6 (shorts)
First aired
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Last aired
17 December (season 1)


The only confirmed is John DiMaggio as Batman.


Prod no. Title CN Broadcast no. [adut swim] Broadcast no. Notes
101 The Dark Knight, Part I The Dark Knight S2E01 First episode
101 The Dark Knight, Part II The Dark Knight S2E02 Second part of telefilm
101 The Dark Knight, Part III The Dark Knight S2E03 Third part
101 The Dark Knight's Demise (Part IIII) The Dark Knight S2E04 Fourth and final part
102  The Little Kid, a.k.a. Why You Little... S1E01a S1E02a First "proper" episode
102 Getting On My Nerves S1E01b S1E02b None
103 The Short Showcase S1E02 S1E01 Shorts
104 Driven to Suicide (or when edited, The 'Lollysick's Story) S1E03a S1E03a Heavily edited when on CN
105 I Struggle, By Bruce Wayne S1E03b S1E03b For some reason without end credits
106 That's Not Funny S1E04 S2E05 Two-part

The [adult swim] broadcasts are strangely putting two-part and four-part episodes in Season Two.


On Cartoon Network, they are heavily censored.

  • Guns are changed with lasers
    • In That's Not Funny, a whole scene is cut to pieces.
      • The transcript is has follows (italics for censored scenes): Firing at Batman Junior, the Joker said "Time to dieFire that gun, Charlie!" Charlie fired at Batman Jr. "Who are you, anyway?" Joker asked Charlie. "I don't know, just fire! It's like Nictoons; we keep on being stupid for years and never stop," answered Charlie. "Yeah, I guess. Haha!" laughed The Joker. They fired for five more minutes. The end credits of part one roll.
  • Suicide references are cut, aswell as death
    • Driven to Suicide heavily censored including
      • The title was changed to A Lollysick's Story
      • The lollystick's suicide was cut
        • The transcript is as follows (italics are used for censored scenes): "You little putze!" shouted the police. They caught up so easily. It cuts to court. "This so-called 'pizza man' was commiting 'homicide!" 'said Officer Chicabomb Bob.' "The worst excuse," Lollysick muttered.   "Shut up, you foul-mouthed pig-floating crook-minded putze-looking''' 'pizza man'!" screamed Chicabomb Bob. "But I just robbed a pizza place," he replied. "Well, still a crime. But minor," said Judge Poopoo. "Eight weeks in jail. One day of community service." "NEVER!!" screamed Lollysick. He rushed out of the room. Judge Poopoo turned into Mecha-Turd. The little eye followed them. "Get 'em!" shouted Chicabomb Bob and Mecha-Turd. They ran after him, until they got up to hill. "Ya' goin' ta' jail, punk!" shouted Chicabomb Bob. "Yeah, you little putze!" shouted another officer, named 'Don't Have A Proper Name Guy'. "No!" screamed Lollysick. "Look, you have to go to jail. You did a crime. Plus, eight weeks? That's the least we've done!" said Don't Have A Proper Name Guy. He continued, "Some people have spent their whole lifetime here. Thats rickety-right! Yesiree. Ya' lucky, Lollysick." Lollysick muttered something. "What?" asked Chicabomb Bob. "I said "I'm gonna' commit suicide', you putze!" he answered.  "No, you can't! That's.... also against the law," said Mecha-Turd, trying to stop him. "I must!" screamed Lollysick, "My name is Lollysick J. Hoggonbottom..." he announced. "Ha, Hoggonbottom. He he," laughed Don't Have A Proper Name Guy. "...and I must do what I must do. Give me my car. I'm gonna' jump off this cliff," he said. "He's gotta' do..." said Chicabomb Bob, getting Lollysick's car, "...what he has to do." He got in is car. "Bye, bye, Earth!" he cried, with tears down this eyes. "So sad," said the police, including Chicabomb Bob, Don't Have A Proper Name Guy, and Mecha-Turd. He did it. He did suicide. He was dead forever. "What a waste for a beautifal car!" moaned Don't Have A Proper Name Guy, looking down. The end credits roll.
      • Lollysick's "Why suicide is a cool idea, maybe homicide would be awesome. But I like suicide better. It has a better story" line is cut to just "It has a better story."
      • Mecha-Turd's close-ups to the chest were all cut to just "Mecha-", not "Mecha-Turd 3601".
    • In I Struggle, By Bruce Wayne, the death and kill (and 'rip your head off') references were cut, along with "putze" and "for God's sake".
  • Language is cut
    • "God's sake!" is changed to "Sake!"
    • "What the Hell?" is changed to either "What the heck?" or "What the H.E. Double Hockeysticks?"


There will be a telefilm named The Dark Knight and airs back-to-back as a four-part episode. 

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