"I have tried to be the hero my son deserved, but in the end I was never the one he needed..."

-Thomas Wayne to Jack Napier


After the Big Bang created the universe, several different universes were created in the aftershock, Earth -17 was one of those universes, alternate to the mainstream reality (Earth-1 or, after the New 52 Earth Prime) in which Thomes Wayne never died, but instead spent twenty years raising his son to avenge the death of his wife Martha Hurt-Wayne at the hands of an unspecified mugger, until his son died of heart failure. Making Thomas Himself have to take up the responsibility of training, he used his vast riches to train in martial arts, stategy, mechanics, and criminology.


As originally planned, Thomas became a vigilante, and excessively investigated. Only to find that the man who killed Martha, Joe Chill, had died of lung cancer six years ago. He ended up in jail when the police learned that he had originally planned to kill and brutally beat a criminal, as he lay in his cell, a bat burst through the window, inspiring him to escape and not only avenge Martha's death, but start a war on crime.

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