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The Dark Knight Humanity is a current television series set a year after the events of The Dark Knight Rise (directed by Christopher Nolan)

"It's been a year since the terroist Bane nearly destroyed Gotham City. Since that time, the citizens of Gotham have been working together, trying to reconstruct their city piece by piece...However, something lurks in the sewers. A new foe threatens to consume Gotham in a storm of chaos and death. Will anyone rise up to the challenge? Gotham has no more heroes, The Batman is dead...right? Wrong.

John Blake, having trained for a solid year, finally returns to gotham to become it's new watchful protector, it's new silent guardian. Taking up the mantle as the second Batman, John must face a threat greater than he's ever known. With the help of his renegade love interest, Cassie Cain, will Blake be able to the rise up to the challenge? Or will he perish in the ashes of the burning Gotham City...?"


Actors Character
Joseph Gordon Levitt Robin John Blake/Batman II
Olivia Wilde Cassie Cain/Batgirl
Christian Bale Bruce Wayne
Anne Hathaway Selina Kyle
Gary Oldman Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon
Sam Worthington Waylan Jones/Killer Croc
Kevin Durand Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy
Doug Jones Dr. Robert Kirkland "Kirk" Langstrom/Man-Bat
Michale Caine Alfred J. Pennyworth
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox

Season 1: Mutation

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"TBA" Bladewood TBA 101
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 102
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"The Question Mark" Bladewood TBA 103
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 104
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 105
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 106
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 107
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 108
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 109
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"TBA" Bladewood TBA 110
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