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The Dark Knight Legacy
The Dark Knight Legacy
is a TV Series about Robin John Blake, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle after the battle with Bane in Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises movie.
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Actors Character
Joseph Gordon Levitt John Blake/Nightwing
Emily Browning Barbara Gordon
Christian Bale Bruce Wayne
Anne Hathaway Selina Kyle
Gary Oldman Commissioner Gordon
Johnny Depp Riddler
Cillian Murphy Scarecrow
Nicholas Cage Thomas Elliot
Scott McClure Joker


The Dark Knight Legacy Trailer

The Dark Knight Legacy

The Dark Knight Legacy

Scars of Pain Trailer

Scars of Pain Trailer

Scars of Pain Trailer


Season 1

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"A New Start" ExtremeSSJ4 July 29, 2012 101
The city of Gotham saw as its hero saved the day costing him his life. The Batman saved the city of Gotham from the destruction of Bane and Thalia Al Ghul. The Batman may be dead but not Bruce Wayne, now that everyone believes he's gone he'll start his new life along with his new love interest, Selina Kyle.
"Batman Day" ExtremeSSJ4 August 1, 2012 102
One year has passed since the death of the hero of Gotham, Batman. Now thousands of citizens visit their funeral including someone who was passed down the cape by someone, that someone is Nightwing.
"The Question Mark" ExtremeSSJ4 August 3, 2012 103
Nightwing decides to investigate who is the person making the Green Question Marks and decides to find a few clues. He may even have some action while investigating...
"Discoveries" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 104
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 105
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 106
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 107
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 108
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 109
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"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 110
Coming soon...

TV Specials

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Scars of Pain" ExtremeSSJ4 September, 2012 101
The story of Bane and Talia al Ghul during their time at the worst prison on Earth and how they helped each other during their time in the prison.




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