The Dark Knight Rises shows the life of the young Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman.


  •  Bruce Wayne (Ian Somerhardler)
  • Harvey Dent (Robert Buckley)
  • Carl Dent (John Glover)
  • Julie Madison (Amanda Seyfield)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Pierce Cleese)
  • Ethan Bennett (Andrew Stewart Jones)


Season 1 (2001)

1. "Pilot"-Alfred bails soon to be 15-year-old Bruce Wayne from a London police station, after Bruce has gotten himself into another fight. Alfred informs Bruce that the trustees from his family's company need to see him, and though he'd rather stay where he is, Bruce nods when Alfred tells him he has no choice. After having a nightmare about his parents' murder, Bruce wakes up in his private jet and turns on the TV to see every show talking about him, including one hosted by Vicki Vale. Meanwhile, Alfred reads a book on troubled teens. Arriving in Gotham City; Bruce ponders why anyone would live in a city like this, as he points out running his company does not seem to be "part of the plan". After being mobbed by reporters, the two finally arrive at Wayne Manor where, after snapping at Alfred for bothering him because he got emotional from seeing his family portrait, Bruce heads out. With Alfred at his side, driving the Rolls Royce, they arrive at the area now known as Crime Alley. Bruce visits the very place where his parents were killed, where he opens up to Alfred, saying that it was his fault, all because he had to see Zorro, described by him as "a silly movie about a 'hero' who wears a costume and fights crime". Suddenly, thugs appear, and despite Alfred's pleas, Bruce fights the thugs. Using martial arts that he has learned, Bruce fights, disarms, and defeats the thugs. Bruce and Alfred drop the thugs off at Gotham PD, but their report is almost ignored until Bruce is recognized by a 13-year-old fan - Barbara Gordon. The two have a conversation, and Barbara introduces her father, someone Bruce already knows from when he was six: Detective James Gordon. Ignoring the board with notes and arrows pointing towards Dent Corp, he asks Gordon who killed his parents.[8] Gordon shows Bruce the file on his parents, which is now a cold case because the killer was never caught. When asked about the thugs or even his family's company, all Bruce says is that he's leaving soon, because he wants nothing to do with Gotham City. As Bruce leaves, Gordon asks about Carl Dent, whom he's meeting the next day. While he nods, ↵he notices if Gordon's words are a warning. Meeting Dent the next day, Bruce asks about the ↵investigation, and Dent notes the police commissioner is a close ↵personal friend. As Bruce is about to sign, because of the sight of ↵Alfred and an old friend called Lucius Fox,↵ he explains that he will look over the papers at his home. Now an ↵intern, Fox reveals his father's "accidental" death, while Dent needs the papers signed first thing in the morning, for his 18th birthday is only two days away. Knowing the danger Bruce is now in, Alfred suggests a lawyer, and Bruce thinks of another old friend - Harvey Dent. Right in the middle of a costume party, Harvey welcomes Bruce back and says he will look at the papers. Bruce decides to stay at the party, even though he hates costumes, because he spots a stunning woman wearing a tiger costume: Selina Kyle. Bruce is pulled away from Harvey, who wants him to meet his sister. While waiting, Bruce talks to an attractive girl wearing an angel costume. When Selina and Harvey come into the room, Bruce learns the angel is Susan, Harvey's sister. Because Selina says she is "saving" Bruce from where he is, Susan leaves. Bruce becomes angry at Selina, so she leaves too. Before he can do anything, Bruce is informed by Alfred that Gordon called for him at Wayne Chemical. Arriving there, and noticing the green pool of hazardous chemicals, Gordon and Bruce, only to learn neither one called the other. It's a trap! The access hatch closes and locks, and water rushes in.

2."Homecoming"-Working together, Gordon and Bruce find a tunnel 20 feet overhead, and using acrobatics, Bruce gets himself and Gordon to safety. Both agree that someone wants them dead. Nearby, Dent watches. The next morning, Bruce and Gordon meet with Fox and his mother, talking about his late father, whom they described him as "nervous" just before he died. As Fox says he will check around, Bruce meets with Harvey, who demands that he does not sign the papers. While this happens, Harvey gets two phone calls from his sister and his father, with him playing both sides. All of a sudden, Harvey's mood swings and he tells Bruce to sign the papers. Bruce changes the subject and asks about Susan, and Harvey tells him the location of where she works. As they leave, two sedans come up behind the Rolls and open fire. A chase begins, and ends at where Susan works: the Gotham City Youth Shelter. Meeting Susan, Bruce apologizes and asks for a date, successfully getting back on her good side. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce creates a ruse to explain why he did not turn in the papers yet. Just then, Gordon calls and tells him what Fox found: weekly shipments of hazardous waste. Bruce wants to meet, but Gordon tells Bruce to stay. Bruce gets an idea, alarming Alfred. Later, Bruce arrives at Wayne Chemical, dressed all in black, and follows Gordon, Rupert Montoya and Harvey Bullock. Suddenly, the three encounter the bad guys. Bruce helps, but stays out of sight the whole time. After defeating the last guy (with a banana peel), he and Alfred leave, with Bruce commenting that he may have found something he's good at. Bruce and Alfred meet with Gordon, learning the chemicals were drugs, and later hear that the head bad guy hanged himself. Later, Bruce is greeted by a surprise birthday party with Harvey and Susan, Selina, Billie and Lucius Fox, Jim and Barbara Gordon, Bullock, and Montoya. It's midnight, and Bruce Wayne is 16! Harvey destroys the papers Bruce was told to sign, as he now owns WayneCorp. Carl comes to the party, and tells Bruce that his stock might take a beating if word gets out about the drugs. He gives him a book, "Business for Beginners", and after he leaves, Bruce tells everyone that he has a lot to learn and he's staying in Gotham.

3."Black Lightning"-While Bruce is reviving many friendships in his senior year at Hamilton Hill High, Lucius is visited by his nephew, Jefferson Pierce (Michael B.Jordan), who is in Gotham for the weekend. Lucius is unaware that Pierce is actually a steel-wielding crime fighter known as Black Lightning, and Pierce uncovers a crime when a Red Fists group conspires to steal information. Meanwhile, Bruce begins to experience flashbacks on the night of his parents' deaths and begins to suspect Carl Dent knows something about it. Pierce stops the Red Fists with help from Lucius and Gordon. Gordon allows Black Lightning to leave the scene while he and Lucius promise to keep his secret. In flashbacks, Thomas and Martha Wayne were threatened by mobster Salvatore Valestra. Against Thomas' wishes, Martha asked Carl for help in protecting them against Valestra. Pierce manages to defeat the Red Fists, led by Rupert Thorne's son Randall Thorne, when they try to steal information from Dent Corp. A mysterious storm happens in Gotham, and Dent Corp accidentally releases a mysterious chemical into Gotham despite Carl's best attempts to stop it.

4."Ageless"-Gordon with the help of Lucius, investigate the lab explosion at Dent Corp. Bruce and Julie find a baby with no parents and take him back to Wayne Manor. However, when the baby, Evan, ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in less than a day, it becomes clear he is aging at a rapid rate and they turn to Harvey for help. Carl wants Gordon and Fox to stop investigating him which is why he goes to District Attorney Janice Porter for help. Knowing that Porter embodies an ends-justify-the-means attitude towards her work, Carl legally obtains evidence against Rupert Thorne after visiting his childhood friend Carmine Falcone for information on him. Carl gives Porter a recording of Falcone reciting all of Thorne's crimes, including a list of five shell companies owned by him. Carl tells Porter hat the companies' books have enough RICO violations to put Thorne behind bars and offers this evidence in exchange for her dropping the investigation against Dent Corp, assuring her that the lab explosion was an accident. Porter agrees to it and later on pulls strings to get Gordon and Fox to stop investigating. She then tells Commissioner Grorgan, Gordon's superior, that her her office "uncovered" new evidence against Thorne, who will face indictment for several counts of money laundering, among others. Harvey becomes suspicious of Carl's plans.

5."Principles"-Because of Carl's manipulation of the justice system, Rupert Thorne is under indictment. Ethan, who is a reporter for the school newspaper, learns of a series of electronic store robberies and wants to investigate himself. Ethan infiltrates the gang where he meets Thorne's son Randall. Ethan's undercover work starts to cause serious repercussions. Bruce manages to save Ethan in the end, however, he no longer wishes to be friends with him due to Ethan putting himself at risk in the first place. Meanwhile, Harvey tells Lucius and Gordon that Carl was the one who got Porter to go after Thorne and tells them about a project that Carl was working on that was thought to be extinct. Harvey tells Gordon that he thinks Carl is not only responsible for the death of Bruce's parents but also for the decline of Gotham City and corruption within, but they may also be trying to kill him this whole time. Gordon confirms what Harvey believes and advises to not tell Bruce yet. Julie tries to cope with the events of last week involving Evan.

6."Toxic"-Two girls from Bruce's school are found dead outside Dent Manor, and have no obvious cause of death. The Gotham district attorney, Delbert Billings (Steve Weber) pressures Gordon to arrest Harvey in suspicion of committing the murders. However, Bruce's own investigation reveals some shocking information about a connection between Carl and the girls. Bruce,with help from Lucius, discover that the two girls were never shot, but were stabbed; the M.E's report was supposed to go to the detectives, but Billings intercepted it. Bruce then re-examined the tape to discover it was faked--the key point was the static interference that happened before the showing of him killing the girls. Bruce realized all along Billings was the one who framed Harvey for murder. Leo investigated Billings' background to inform Bruce the ring Billings always wear has the power to create illusions. Bruce noticing he has to stop Billings before Harvey is brought to Blackgate. Bruce set up a meeting with him, Billings, Harvey, Gordon, and Lucius. Bruce tells everyone what he found about and has proof Billings framed Harvey. Gordon tries to arrest Billings, yet Bruce realizes the Billings who they were cornering was an illusion. Bruce and the others eventually chase and capture the real Billings with the help of Detective Arnold Flass spear tackling him to the ground. By the end, Harvey's name is clear and Billings is brought to Blackgate; however, unbeknownst to the correction officers, he is in possession of his ring.

7."Emergence"-Bruce finds his father's journal, which reveals stunning information about Carl and the company. A scientist (Lisa Goldstein) witnesses a secret project Rupert Thorne and another doctor (Sebastian Roché) is doing, and steals the information that is central to make it work, so Thorne brings his son Randall and the Red Dragons to hunt down the scientist. Fearing for her life, she seeks help and shelter to one person whom she knows: Alfred.

8."The Fastest Man Alive"-As Gotham City prepares a huge police ball, Carl organizes the event as Harvey, Gordon, Alfred, Susan, and Commissioner Grogan are among the guests. A sassy assassin (Danneel Harris) comes to ruin it as a fail attempt shocks everyone. When Bruce discovers this, he tries to find her, but soon meets a vigilante (Kyle Gallager), who can go fast in the speed of light. The two forms an unlikely alliance as a overpowered scientist (Dominic Keating) uses the weather against the city. Meanwhile, Selina believes people are framing her for the attempted assassination when Carl suspects it upon learning that Selina could be Carmine Falcone's daughter.

9."Talisman"-The search for the blue crystal sparks a war between Carl Dent and Rupert Thorne and the people of Gotham City falls right in the middle. Bruce must learn the true origins of the crystal before all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Harvey's life is in danger resulting to a life-altering decision to murder Thorne's son Randall. When Randall enters his limousine, Harvey is waiting for him. As the two sit in the back seat, Randall is tricked into revealing that his father learned about Project Avalon from Carl's secretary. When Harvey flips the coin, it lands in Randall's favor. However, Harvey circumvents this by also judging Randall's driver. When it lands bad heads, Harvey buckles in and shoots the chauffeur in the back of the head, resulting in a car crash that leaves Randall dead. Julie learns her mother may still be alive; and Ethan tracks down an old friend for a story on the Red Fists.

10."Excalibur"-As the battle for the control of the crystal begins, Carl Dent attempts to finally stop Rupert Thorne (Tom Wilkinson) and the Red Fists by reviving Project Avalon again and the outcome won't be pretty. While, Hamilton Hill High is putting a Spring Fling dance and Bruce, Leo, and Julie are among the others desperate to find a date. Bruce makes Thorne disappear in a flash of light upon handing over to him the crystal. Alfred tells Bruce of his decision to take a sabbatical which Bruce gladly accepts. Harvey tells his father that he plans to leave for Rome due to having enough of the anarchy he brought into his and Susan's lives. Harvey begs Susan to come with him only for his sister to refuse due to wanting to stay by her father's side. As Harvey leaves, a masked gunman wearing a red hood arrives and demands that the Dents hand over all their money. When Harvey tries to intervene, the gunman shoots Carl.

Season 2 (2002-2003)

1."Suspect"-After being shot, Carl is taken to the hospital by Harvey and Susan, who are then joined by Bruce, Alfred, Julie, and Ethan. Detective Gordon gains a description of the shooter from Harvey and Susan and calls them in for a lineup, but none of the men in the lineup are the shooter. Harvey and Susan confirm to Gordon that nothing was stolen when Gordon suspects it, proving that the man in the red hood tried to kill Carl. Meanwhile, the Gotham City underworld is about to tear itself apart since Rupert Thorne's absence, a new crime lord known simply as the Black Mask tries to reorganize the crime underworld. In order to do that, he sends his personal solider,The Huntress, to eliminate his enemies including Carl. Gordon manages to protect Carl from the Huntress. Bruce and Ethan reconcile upon Bruce seeing Ethan being there for Harvey. When the Huntress is unmasked to be Helena Bertinelli, Helena is interrogated by Grogan and denies Black Mask sending a man in a red hood to kill Carl.

2."Benumbed"-Bruce and Ethan decide to take Harvey for a night on the town to get him over his recent depression, where Bruce meets the beautiful Harleen Quinzell. After sleeping with her, he discovers that she drugged him as a part of a psychology project, and he may or may not have commited some serious crimes while under the influence. Meanwhile, Susan confides in an unlikely ally, Selina. Carl wakes up from his coma and tries to remember who shot him.

3."Degree"-After being shot and beginning to heal his injuries, Harvey undergoes some intense therapy, and soon crosses path with a fellow patient, Damian Maverick (Jason Dourhing). However, what he is unaware of is that he has been infected by the serum from the lab explosion and hones the ability to endure anything that comes at him. Harvey becomes jealous when Carl becomes fond of him. Meanwhile, Detectives Gordon and Flass tries to stop an elusive and dangerous street gang; Bruce is assigned to see counseling upon Carl getting shot; Harvey decides to not go to Rome yet until he finds the shooter.

4."Happenstance"-Bruce faces Carl in a major confrontation when Carl accuses Bruce of being the one who shot him, but something unexpected sends Bruce to get a couple of thugs; soon, he crosses path with a vigilante from Freeland known as Black Lightning, who is after the same thugs for other reasons. Not knowing what's his agenda as well as his connection to Lucius, Bruce is left in a standstill as well as the vigilante not knowing what is the true connection of their same obstacle. Hamilton Hill High gets a new principal named Terrace Reynolds (Richard Gant), who does not approve of Harvey Dent having a relationship with his students, like Ethan. Reynolds was the headmaster at Excelsior Preparatory School where Harvey and Oliver Queen attended. Reynolds revealed to Harvey that Carl had him fired in order to avoid Harvey being expelled upon coming to class drunk.

5."Open"-Carl returns to Dent Corp for the first time since his accident, but when he is introduce new ventures for his company. An opportunistic activist speaking for all those infected by the lab explosion, Jason King (Rick Fox), is using his charismatic personality by harboring his meta-human ability of persuasion to get amnesty for the infected; and he'll do anything to get it. One of Bruce, Ethan, and Julie's friends, Mitch (Bryan Greenberg) is taking a key interest about the situation. Meanwhile, Principal Reynolds introduces Bruce's friends to a new student named Vicki Vale and orders them to show her around Hamilton Hill High. Bruce and Vicki take a liking to each other while Vicki joins the school newspaper with Ethan.

6."Watcher In The Woods"-While out jogging, Julie hears a gunshot and rushes to find her schoolmates injured from a gun shot fired by the man in the red hood. Following the incident, Harvey founds a vigilante group called the Crows, to protect Hamilton Hill High students. Vicki and Ethan receive a letter from "the Red Hood", taking responsibility for the shootings, and detailing his intentions to target sinners. Bruce fears that the Red Hood might go after the man who killed his parents which is why he goes to Gordon, demanding that he re-open the investigation into his parents' deaths. Carl, seeing the Red Hood's attacks as an opportunity for an unknown venture he is planning, convinces Harvey to utilize the Red Hood's main weapons for the Red Circle. Inspired by this, the Crows makes a video calling out the Red Hood, vowing to kill him.

7."The Town That Dreaded Sundown"-Harvey's viral video results in negative repercussions, as Principal Reynolds demands he disband the Crows. Though Harvey refuses, the Crows disbands regardless due to the basketball team being suspended but later reassembles with Susan's help. Harvey runs into trouble when he vandalizes the Red Fists' territory. Susan finds out that her brother intends to murder the Red Hood and convinces him to discard his gun even though Harvey confesses to having killed Rupert Thorne's son. Vicki receives a letter from the Red Hood, revealing that her speech from the jubilee ball inspired his actions and gives her a cipher that only she could solve. Meanwhile, Gordon agrees to investigate the Wayne murders despite the objections of Flass and his superiors. Because of Gordon's refusal, Captain Peter Paulings sends Henshaw and several corrupt cops to assault Gordon. Flass helps save Gordon and warns him to leave the Wayne Murders as a cold case, however, Gordon refuses which is why he stalks Henshaw, beats him, and leaves handcuffed in his underwear as a warning to stay away from his daughter Barbara. When Bruce is on a date with Vicki, the Red Hood calls her.

8."Smoke"-After Selina is arrested, Bruce is confronted by Carmine Falcone, who tells him that if he gets his daughter out of trouble, he will tell him who killed his parents and the motive for it. Bruce reluctantly complies to it which is why he and Detective Flass, who has been assigned by Falcone, work together to break Selina out of prison. While there, Bruce becomes surprised by Carl speaking to Pauling about transferring Selina to Level Two in Arkham Asylum. Grateful that his daughter is free, Falcone reveals to Bruce that Joe Chill gunned down his parents. The Red Hood reveals to Vicki that he knows her brother is adopted and threatens to kill him unless she publishes a mugshot of her mother when she was in the Red Fists. Vicki reluctantly complies to it.

9."Will"-Bruce's investigation gets him in trouble with Pauling, and soon becomes Gordon's problem at work. Bruce soon escapes police custody after finding out that Gordon has found his parents' killer. Harvey tries to figure out what Level Two is and Carl recruits some of Harvey's Crows as a phase for an unknown plan.

10."Exodus"-After learning that his parents' killer is apparently dead, Bruce decides that there is nothing left for him in Gotham and intends to leave once again. Selina gets into some serious trouble with her father's mob, Harvey loses his patience with Susan, and Bruce comes face to face with the man responsible for his parents' death.

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