Arkham Asylum

The Great Wall is a story in which Bruce Wayne experiences what it is like to be in Arkham Asylum. This story was written by Sport Shouting


When Hugo Strange leaves Arkham warden Quincy Sharp an anonymous message with proof that Bruce Wayne is Batman, Harvey Bullock leads a big unit of GCPD cops to Wayne Manor and incarcerates him without a trial. Wayne is thrown into Arkham Asylum, but they do not tell any of the inmates that he is Batman for their own sanity.

Bruce meets his cellmate, Trent Smith, who is in Arkham for repeatedly sexually assaulting people. When Smith tries to attack him, Bruce breaks both of his arms and he is moved to a new cellblock. Despite having no cellmate, he is across from Joker

Joker repeatedly taunts Bruce for weeks before Bruce finally breaks when Joker mentions his parents. Laughed at, Aaron Cash beats Joker down with a baton before Bruce forces him to stop when he is knocked out. Cash then fights Bruce in front of the prisoners and Bruce wins. 

Outside of the Asylum,The Creeper, Zatanna and Nightwing ally to protect Gotham.

Back in the Asylum, The Riddler realizes Bruce's fighting style is strikingly similar to Batman's. He does some digging with his cellmate, Electrocutioner and they hypothesize that he is Batman. 

To lure him in for payback, the two fake a fight and Bruce comes to break it up. Instead, they grab him and torture him in their cells. But, Commissioner Gordon comes with Jimmy Briggs saying that Strange's evidence was false and he was Batman.

Confused, Bruce speaks to Alfred , who reveals he had Barbara make fake evidence against Jimmy Briggs to have Bruce saved 1 year after his incarceration in Arkham...


  • Harvey Bullock at Wayne Manor
  • Bruce's train to Arkham
  • Bruce's cellmate, Trent Smith
  • Joker taunting Bruce
  • Riddler thinks Bruce is Batman
  • Gordon releases Bruce
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