Female Joker

Joanne Kerr, also known as The Joker, is the antihero in the upcoming Female Joker Movie. She will be played by Erin Richards.


Joanna Kerr is a nightclub owner in Gotham City, who owes "protection" money to the ruling crime lord Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask. She defies Roman much to the worry of her partner Tigress, who knows that Roman has been known to implement violence to get what he wants. Joanna refuses to back down, and goes as far as to throw Roman's thugs out of her nightclub.

After closing up, thugs break in and hold Joanna and Tigress at gunpoint. Roman enters the scene, and decides to make an example of the two women. He shoots Tigress dead in front of Joanna, and proceeds to carve up Joanna's mouth with a knife, telling her to "smile". He proceeds to throw a chemical compound in her face, before then ordering his thugs to shoot Joanna, which they do.

Joanna is found alive by police and taken to Gotham Central Hospital, where she is treated for her injuries. Joanna goes into the bathroom of her hospital room and attempts to commit suicide, but is found and subsequently transferred to Arkham Asylum.

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