The Joker

Once the Red Hood, and accident caused him to become the criminal The Joker.

Character Type


Special Moves

Joker Shot-The Joker shoots his opponent

Laughing Gas-The Joker throws a gas bomb at his opponent

Joker Knife-The Joker leaps onto his opponet, and stabs them in the face

Super Moves

Level 1-Gas Bomb-The Joker throws several gas bombs at his opponent

Level 2-Acid Flower-The Joker shoots acid at his opponent, making them temporeraly blind

Level 3-The Bombs-The Joker detonates several preset bombs, destroying the area around him.

Finishing Moves

Smile!-The Joker grabs his enemy, shoots him in the head, and then takes a knife, and cuts a smile on his face. Then he melts their face with acid


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