The Knight Of Shadows

The Knight of Shadows is a superhero film directed by Josh Wheddon and Produced by Christopher nolan. The sequel to The Knight of Gotham and The Knight of Fear respectively, the film has all positive reviews its consider as the greatest superhero film of all time and critics have claim it to be the greatest movie of all time . Rotten tomatoes rate a 100 percent 10/10 one critic said im speechless it surpasses the The Dark Knight tenfold im just wow. The film Came out july 28th 2026 . it grossed over 800,000,000 is the u.s. alone and oversees an amazing 850,000,000 . A sequel The Return of the Dark Knight just announced a week after the movie's released Christopher Nolan will direct it this time because Josh Wheedon went to direct Iron Man Vengeance. the film comes out july 20th 2028.

It has been 4 months since Black Mask reing of terror to take over Gotham and Scarecrow intention to destroy Gotham. Blask Mask and Scarecrow were both incarcerated in Arkham Asylum by Batman and Robin. Following in the story in Bludhaven a bunch a murders have been reported with no suspect in sight but when the murders have been commited a card has been there with a Joker insignia saying HAHAHA im coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Present day Gotham Bruce Wayne is in the batcave investigating how Dr. Crane before turning Scarecrow had a letter and said he Rises but who could this be Alfred , Master Bruce who knows but if this evil comes and rises to destroy Gotham you and Master Grayson will be the one to stop them . I know Alfred but im afraid this time im afriad me and Dick won't be able to stop them what if this could be greater than Crane, You will Master Wayne . Over in Wayne Enterprises Lucius and the other board members are dicussing of a missing element of fusion,This is bad Lucius told everyone if this element gets on the wrong hands the element could be combine with a reactor bomb and cause a atomic bomb destroying everything , board member Reese said we can't tell anyone about this not even Bruce Wayne becuase if we do he can start panacking a fired all of us of why we lost the element, Lucius disagrees saying everything will be just fine Bruce is a good man im going to tell him don't worry just get ready for Bruce's birthday in 1 week from Friday.


IM RAS AL GHUL the leader of THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS immortal of the immortals and we will DESTROY GOTHAM AND ITS PEOPLE nobody will stop us not even BATMAN or his SIDEKICK, My daugther Talia is now on her way to Gotham to activate the reactor and with the element of fusion we got from Dr.Crane our mission is complete Gotham will be in ashes .

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