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Created By

Christopher Nolan


Manu Bennett
Mark Wahlberg






Running Time

45 Minutes

Production Company(s)

Warner Bros Television
DC Comics


Original Channel

The CW


The League of Shadows is an television series based on the popular DC vigilante Batman, this will be a spinoff of the Nolan Trilogy. While Christopher Nolan has said that The Dark Knight Rises would conclude the trilogy, Nolan now has renewed interest on the trilogy, and established a contract with Time Warner's Bro. While the complete details of the contract is unknown, it is rumored to be including multiple television series. A second trilogy following the previous one has been confirmed. It has been confirmed that this will wipe out the previous CW series, and rumored that CW will air a new Arrow series, with the same actors. It is planned for season one to actually only have 6-8 episodes. The first aired on June 8, 2015. With episodes airing each week Monday at 9PM Eastern Standard Time.

The League of Shadows is meant to focus on something new, while many other things are focusing on the heroes, the League of Shadows is going to be focusing on the organization the League of Shadows, hence the name. From a recent interview with Nolan, he has disclosed that is will follow the events of TDKR, and after those events, including other League activities. Many fans had previously believed that the League had suffered a sever blow from the event of TDKR, but while the League definitely has suffered, Nolan said that it would be simply unrealistic for the League to be affected too deeply or even collapse simply from that one event, thought the League would need a new leader, with both Bane, and Talia Al Ghul presumed dead.

Cast and Characters

Season 1

  • Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Mark Wahlberg as Andrew Juarez
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Bradley Cooper


  • Micheal Rowe as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot

Guest Stars

  • Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Robin John Blake/Nightwing
  • Mathew McConaughey as Joker


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The first episode received critical acclaim with a 71% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. While audiences across the world liked the episode, and the way it was presented, what people really complained about is how in this episode you actually have to watch TDKR to understand a lot of the content, but other than that the audience generally liked it. Another complaint was not actually about the episode, but the fact that to make this series not confuse audiences, the CW actually stopped production of the Arrow, and the Flash, two shows people enjoyed a lot.

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