The fifth wave of the New 52 is the relaunch of the entire Bat division, surrounding the aftermath of Death of the Family...


Talon Vol. 2

Written by Scott Snyder and illutrated by Greg Capullo

Talon is now Batman's covert ops team- Featuring Red Hood, Blackfeather (Damian Wayne), Oracle (Stephanie Brown), and the Bat, an artificial intellegence based of teh combined brain patterns of Tim Drake and Man-Bat.

Harley Quinn Vol. 1

Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Ivan Reis

Dr. Harleen Quinzel has finally regained control...or has she really? the enigmatic psychiatrist is determined to prove herself to Gotham- but how can she when no one trusts a clown?

Batman Vol. 3

Written by Geoff Johns and scott Synder and illustarted by CAFU

Batman has suffered more then ever before, and Bruce wayen has renounced the cowl- but who is the new Batman? And why has Bruce Wayne so abruptly given up on the symbol of the Bat? Can a controversial crossover with teh new Harley Quinn ongoing shed light on this mytery?

Nightwing Vol. ?

Written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by CAFU

Dick Grayson's memory has been stolen...all he can remember id that he's Nightwing and he certiantly shouldn't be in Metropolis! And what does Wally West know about this?

Batgirl Vol. ?

Written by gail Simone and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda

In wake of Barbara Gordon's turn, will Selina Kyle accpet her calling as teh new Batgirl? And why is poison Ivy auditioning for the role?


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