When Burton was kicked out of the Batman films from McDonalds selling Batman Returns toys, Burton was chosen to to look for a director, who was Joel Schumacher. Secretly, Joel generously gave him the role of screenplay with some others, and the Batman Forever script was finished in 1993. With the casting and production needing to be finished, Joel depicted what Burton would have decided for each role in casting and they finished all the production needs by 1994, where filming started and finished next year in 1995, and it was released that very year in cinemas called Batman Forever.


Michael Keaton as Batman

Marlon Wayans as Robin

Rene Russo as Chase Meridian

Billy Dee Williams as Two Face

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

Pat Hingle as Commissioner Gordon

Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth

Brad Dourif as The Scarecrow

Tommy Lee Jones as Christopher Dent

Scarecrow's Flashback

The Scarecrow was left to a ruthless grandma who lived out in the wild places where scarecrows lived and scared you off. Every night she would make him walk past them, into the church and back again. One day, his grandma got so angry she left him. Jonathan was left walking and walking, and one day he found a wonderful looking pit. He decided to live there until one day, people found him and brought him to the mainland into an orphanage.

Harvey Dent's Flashback

Harvey did have anger problems as in childhood, he only had an evil stepfather who was terrible and mean. One night, he threatened to kill Harvey, running around chasing him with a gun. Harvey managed to call the police and they arrived, putting Christopher in prison and Harvey into an orphanage with Jonathan Crane.

The Riddler's Flashback

The Riddler, who was completely smart, really annoyed his family so much that his Father would throw his school papers in the bin and Edward got lower grades. Having to go down a couple of years, he had to stay with his parents for a long time and they grew apart. His Father didn't mean to be mean, but when they died when he was only 14, Edward had no uncles or aunts who wanted him, and he was taken into the orphanage and met Jonathan and Harvey.


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