Ryan Meyer is a Vigilante going by the name of The Nightshade.


He is a very serious and angry individual. He harbors great anger due to a troubled childhood.


Young Life

He grew up in a poor family with an abusive father. His dad would never help him with school, but would be angry whenever Ryan had poor grades. Ryan grew up loathing his parents.TBA

Becomeing The Nightshade

No one is entirely sure how it happened. Some say that Keirain Nite had a hand in it. But however it happened, he became the emmisary of the night.



His uniform consists of a bulletproof vest and mask, a black bodysuit,a black fire blanket cape, gloves and boots.


He has light blue, cresent shapped, razor sharp boomarangs that he uses to fight crime.

Dual Stun Battons

He weilds dual stun battons to help him in fights.



  • He is the batman Character in my batman parody series.
  • Almost all of the costume is practical, includeing the cape and mask.
  • He is also partially based of of the RLSH Phoenix Jones.
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