Jason Skolimski is a serial killer who targets young, attractive, successful women. The victim stays with Skolimski in his apartment for days, weeks, even months, and forces them to act like they were in a romantic relationship. Eventually, when they do something to displease him, Skolimski kills them in a hidden torture room filled with S&M gear in his apartment. When killing them, he takes a photo of them standing bound and puts it in a case with photos of the others he has killed. When dumping the bodies, he leaves behind a hand-made drawing of a broken heart. The GCPD keeps very quiet about the case, not even telling the press about his killings, and usually let the cases slip by because whenever Skolimski finds out his murders are being investigated, he goes after the loved ones of the detectives handling them. Detective Jim Corrigan gets James Gordon and Harvey Bullock to take over the case, upon realizing that James' girlfriend, Lee, will be the next target of Skolimski's killing spree.[1]

Nicknamed "Jason Lennon", he met Julie Madison in physical therapy at the Gotham Hospital being shot in the leg. Jason provoked her to stop playing the victim and to make an extra effort. He told her that he had lost his parents in a fire and he was receiving treatment for injuries received when he tried to save them. Jason and Julie eventually grew close and started to spend time together which made Bruce date Vesper due to deciding to move on.

Gordon, Bullock, Julie, Bruce and Ethan discover the origin of Skolimski. He was born to a terrible mother Constance Van Groot, but fine father Jacob Skolimski. Skolimski murders his mother and has his father cover her rotting corpse in her bedroom. Jacob attempts to commit suicide as Gordon & Bullock arrive, but his attempted death was foiled. WIth all the facts, it was revealed that Jason started his spree with a woman named Julie Kimbel, who was a nurse. Skolimski had a disfigured cheek when young, and he was cured by Kimbel. Jason then continued his rampage by killing more women (about a dozen, no less) such as Bruce's flame Vesper Fairchild (who was unaware at the time that Jason was with Julie and wanted to cheat on Bruce to make him jealous since Bruce had feelings for Julie).

Bruce ended up snapping into his dark side in the end and ends up killing Jason while facing him on the rooftop of his penthouse.

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