The Opposants
Leader Infinity
Alignment Evil
Members See Members

The Opposants are one of the antagonistic factions in Altor City, led by Infinity. They are the primary antagonist group in Objections! and are noted for their subtlety and opposition to all other factions, including other evil ones.


The Opposants was originally formed by Infinity after his 2nd escape from Elkenstol Prison. He seeked out other noted villains in the city, almost summoning them into his new group. The first, and perhaps most notable, member of the group was Hangman who was known for his quick and quiet crimes, which Infinity loved. After finding more members, they set out on gathering the nerve toxin Apoco to create defence soldiers. These experiments led to the creation of two large henchman, Paxer and Kepmar, who were originally brothers.


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