The Order of St Dumas was a sacred religeous order in the mountains of Nepal. It honored the St. Dumas. The Order was led by a cheif called the Azrael or the Dark Angel. The Order was a rival to The League of Shadows, led by Ra's al Ghul, the Demon.

Jean-Paul Valley

When the new Azrael, Jean-Paul Valley heard about Ra's in Gotham City he decided to investigate. Valley came to Gotham nine years after the rise of the Batman. Valley came to kill Ra's but when he saw all the crime in the city he decided to fight crime, in his own way. Valley killed a gang of thugs to save a woman. She was terrified and ran away. When the Nightwing heard about Valley's attacks he interrogated him. Valley tried to kill this Nightwing but Nightwing didn't fight to kill so he asked him about Ra's. Nightwing said that Ra's Al Ghul was dead. The Azrael realized that Nightwing was a protector of the city that he was good. He helped the Nightwing. When he thought he could trust him he asked him to join the order. Nightwing declined and Valley decided he wasn't worthy. Valley decided to kill Nightwing but he put up a fight. He was eventually killed by Damian Wayne, a former member of the League of Shadows. While dying, Valley stated a prophecy: When the angel has died, a new hope will rise, the son of his father shall lead us, and no army we see shall defeat us. He was buried in the Gotham Cemetary.

Michael Lane

Michael Lane was a citizen of Gotham City. When Jean-Paul Valley died, the Azrael suit came to him. He found the body of Valley and took of the hood. When he learned who he was he traveled to Nepal and said that a "Boy Killer" had killed Azrael and that he was there to help them take revenge. Lane led the Order to the Shadows and set out to kill Damian. They came in to the League of Shadows Base and slaughtered Dusan al Ghul, Ra's brother. They then disappeared and haven't been seen or heard from since.

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