Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepott is the secondary antagonist in the sixth Nolan Batman film. He is played by Irish actor Brendan Gleeson.

Early Life

Oswald Cobblepott was born into one of the oldest families in Gotham. He was spoiled as a child, getting everything he desired. When he was a child his parents always made him bring an umbrella where ever he went. Oswald's parents died when he was only thirty years old. He lived alone for many years.

Unconfirmed Sighting of the Batman

There were nine uncomfirmed sightings of the Batman between the death of Harvey Dent and the uprising of Bane. One of them involved Cobblepott. When Cobblepott tried to reform the mob the first time he failed. Batman came in and arrested all of them and they were put in Blackgate Pentiniary.

The Caped Crusaders and Final Imprisonment

When Bane came took over Gotham City, Oswald was still in Blackgate. Bane gave a speech in front of the prison  and then freed all of the prisoners. Oswald was among the freed. He was pulled out of his cell by Waylon Jones. A member of the old mob. He ran away and hid until all of the other prisoners had been locked up again. He went to his house and broke in a window. He lived there for ten years. When he saw no one taking over the City at the moment. He decided to strike. He formed the mob again. Nightwing tried to disassemble the mob but it was too big this time. He needed help. When Hush came to Gotham the mob stayed quiet. When he was gone they went back to buissness. Eventually Nightwing and Robin found their base and took him to Blackgate for good.

Physical Appearence

Oswald has very pale skin, a pointy nose and salt and pepper hair pulled into a ponytail as well as one of his eyes replaced with a glass one. He usually wears a suit and a hat as well as carrying an umbrellagun, a weapon he stole from the Spy Museum and he made it function properly.

Behind the Scenes

  • Brendan Gleeson's nose isn't actually very pointy so the makeup artists used prosthetics to give it the right shape.
  • One of his eyes is a glass eye. Gleeson also played "Mad-Eye Moody" in Harry Potter, who had a fake eye.


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