The Penguin (Knight of Gotham)

Full Name

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot


The Penguin, Oz Cobblepot, Oswald Chesterfield.







28 years Old




1' 89


50 kg

Eye Color(s)


Hair Color


Professional Information


The Joker Mr. Freeze Great White Shark

Personal Information

Marital Status



Cobblepot Family


Bachlur of science in ornithology

Abilities & Tools


Genius-Level intellect Inventor Skilled in hand-to-hand combat


Penguin's Umbrella Hand Pistol


" Greetings, My name is Oswald Cobblepot. But everyone know me in the name of THE PENGUIN."

- The Penguin to Carmine "The Roman" Falcone

The Penguin is a Gotham City Crime Boss who fancies himself a "gentleman of crime". Before he become The Penguin, He was Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. A young boy with low body temperature, and with hands is Like Penguin. He was thin and tall man with Blue eyes and White skin. Oswald was bullied as a child for his skin color, Hands, way of walking and his eyes. His mother, Esther, owned a bird shop, the birds of which Cobblepot lavished with attention and that served as his only friends growing up. His love of birds would eventually lead him to study ornithology in college only to find out that he knew more about birds than most of his professors did. Cobblepot pursues his criminal career with wearing formal attire such as a top hat, monocle, and tuxedo, especially of the "white-tie-and-tails" design. He also use an umbrella to Cover an shotgun and and a Blade on it. Finally He become a Businessman that illegaly Imports. He become a Drug Dealer, Arm Dealer and Gun Dealer. Then he become a Connector between some Mob Bosses on Gotham. Seemingly tiring of the criminal lifestyle, Penguin went "legit" and opened an upscale nightclub, "The Iceberg Lounge". the Iceberg Lounge had an Arctic theme with an artificial lake in the middle of the main room, with an iceberg and real seals in it. Many of Gotham's criminals could be seen drinking here. Penguin also had a back entrance which he used for his illegal meetings. It is now a floating casino and hotel just outside Gotham, designed like a sparkling iceberg. A secret backroom was the meeting place for some of Gotham's Villians. After the Fall of Falcone, his empire was empty. Cobblepot use that moment and taken the Leadership of Falcone's Empire. Also The Penguin had a girlfriend named Express, An International Famous Moder who Falls in Love with Cobblepot.

"Ah, the illustrious Mr. Wayne. Look at you now. Whatever would your friends say? You've been an exceptionally congenial host -- but I must ask you to back off."

- The Penguin to Bruce Wayne

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