The Penguin is the main antagonist of the Batman film reboot Shadow of the Bat. He is a crimelord who owns the popular Gotham City nightclub called the Iceberg Lounge. And before Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham he became a powerful shareholder in Wayne Enterprises, and has assumed control of the company though which he engages in corrupt arms dealings, though he masquerades as a philanthropist. He is a a former associate of Bruce Wayne as their wealthy families were in the same social circles. His family being immigrants from England.  He is also fincancing the campaign of Hamilton Hill, a politician running for mayor of Gotham City and thus have the political sphere in his pocket as well, and thus has him declare The Batman to be an outlaw.  All of this inbid being to control all of Gotham. Amongst all this however he tries to start a romance with a woman name Violet and is tempted to take the path of redemption.

At the end of the film he manages to injure Batman with several shots from his umbrella machine gun, putting him at a disadvantage when they engage in a fist fight where he releases a bayonet-like blade from his umbrella. (as he had run out of bullets) Penguin being a practioner of judo manages to have the advantage because of Batman dealings with his injuries.

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