Renée Montoya, also known as The Question, is a superheroine that has appeared in various media. In fanon media created by 900bv, she appears in the comic Objections! and the video game Batman: Altor's Demise.

Batman: Altor's Demise

In Batman: Altor's Demise she appears as a member of The Force of Altor and assists the player in the side mission Unwise.

Batman VS

The Question

The Question, as she appears in Batman VS.

In Batman VS, The Question fights on the side of good.

Finishing Moves (Killing)

  • Vaporized: The Questions equips her vaporization gun and shoots the opponent, vaporizing them.
  • Lethal Combo: The Question delivers a quick, powerful combo and then ends with a roundhouse kick that decapitates the opponent.




  • TBA

Video Games

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