(This takes place in the Ace Chemicals building)

 "Batman! I am not a criminal!" The Red Hood yelled at Batman. "Then explain why you're running from me." Batman firmly replied. The Red Hood runs and trips and falls over a railing and Batman stands and reaches for The Red Hood. "Come on!" Batman yelled. "THERE HE IS!" A policeman yelled. After saying that,he shoots the railing and Batman accidently lets go of The Red Hood and he falls into a vat of chemicals. After Batman leaves in sorrow,The Red Hood washes up in the Gotham Sewers and wakes up. "Where am I?" The Red Hood askes himself. The Red Hood exits the sewers and runs into Crime Alley and finds a mirror in a trash can and sees his disfigured,Joker-like face. "AHHH!" The Red Hood screamed in fear. And that day,he vowed to rid Gotham of crime instead of making deals with them.

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